The Boyfriend Games ( One direction fanic )

Simon Cowell decided to make the boys their own bachelor about 2000 girl wanted to be in the compeition but only 20 got in. Alex Carter is a normal 18 year old girl with a dream about becoming mrs Horan . follow the story through tears drama and ofcourse, love.


14. chapter 15



    Alex's p.o.v


  So we have been in the house for almost 2 weeks and i serously dont know how i feel abou the house i mean i love to live here away from my annoying sister . But i do hate it i miss my family some girls here have serious problems . Me and Alexa are really close . I think that Ashley is a little bit jealous because i hang out with alexa it is like me Ashley , Gabby and alexa . Okay nothing more about that but there is just one thing ( hehe) . 


Gabby our hairdresser and Harry is a lot closer . I dont even know if harry is intrested in the other girls anymore they are like so pissed of at gabby ther be like ' She is not even in the fucking ( sorry for the language :p ) competition !' i personally think that it is cute almost like a " Forbidden romance " . Wow my dad didnt joke when he said i read to much . 


I cant wait til the next cermony . We had so much fun on the afterparty we talked no drama no fight no cameras just us . Even Cameron was nicer . Okay people i did not say that she was nice but NICER okay ! . 


-------------------------------------------------------- <3 -------  <3 --------<3 --------------------------------------------------------------


Ashleys p.o.v


I am a little bit mad i am serious all she does is talk with alexa and gabby i feel so out of the group like she dont even want to talk to me . I dont know what i am gonna do i mean Alexa and Gabby are some really nice girls they really are and pretty to . But i mean come on Alex is my best friend . I lost a lot of close friends and i dont want to go through especially since it is Alexs she is just a special friend that cares . 


I really like Zayn hmmmm.............

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