The Boyfriend Games ( One direction fanic )

Simon Cowell decided to make the boys their own bachelor about 2000 girl wanted to be in the compeition but only 20 got in. Alex Carter is a normal 18 year old girl with a dream about becoming mrs Horan . follow the story through tears drama and ofcourse, love.


13. chapter 14

   Recap : BACHELOR MAIL Ashley screamed ......

   Alexs p.o.v 


 I am so nervous tomorrow is the day of the rose cermony and i am so excited but still nervous and i just dont know if i should be calm or freak out . All the girls in the house were running like lost chickens to look for clothes for tomorrow i already picked out my clothes so i dont need to freak out tomorrow . And i am telling you i am not dressing fancy . The camera men came up to me  " Can you come for a minute you are going to have this diary moment "   O-Okay ... i hesitated for a moment but i knew exactly why he wanted me to do one of those. I follwed him into this little red room with a black loveseat sofa  i sat down and started talking


"  Yesturday i was going to colour my hair light brown since i have dark brown so there was this hairdresser Gabby she was 17 from puerto rico ( Mrs styles 2002 ) she was actually really funny and nice whe chatted and we became prett ygood friends . we chatted for a long time my hair went green . Well it isnt my failt okay a little bit whatever i look good in green hair by the way haha byee " 


i walked out of the room and back to the girls who were reading the bachelor mail we got . 

" Tomorrow 5 girls will be out from the competition but there will be another suprised ;) " 


we looked at eachother and smiled what the heck is the suprise . we all went to bed after thinking what it could be . hehe maybe we will get like an amazing unicorn lol . no but i really want one so that me and my unicorn boo can fly to the rainbow and maybe find a leprechaun at the end . 


I fell asleep counting sheeps i came up to 999 hehe i am crazy i know but that is just me . Ashley havent talked to me a lot but i think she found another friend and i need to remind myself to kick her ass tomorrow lol . 


-------------------- NEXT MORNING ---------

All of the girls had woke up and after we showered we started to dress it was 1h til the rose cermony and i could litterly feel the butterflies in my stomach  . 


i wore this  -------->   ( )   chech it out it is important!


------------- AT THE ROSE CERMONY -----


- Hello girls welcome to thew first rose cermony today 5 girls will be out and a suprise will be in ......

- Yeey all the girls cheered . 

 - Okay girls i will not play with your feeling now the suprise is that a new girl named Alexa Cali , 17 from USA  we all cheered

 "maybe she is my long lost twin hehe alexa " i tought . 

- Hello girls harry said


- Hii we said and waved . 


- So girls for some of you the journey will continue and for some of you it will be the end  . Niall will give roses  .


- Hey girls , okay lets start . 


- Alex !

i walked to niall and he hugged me and gave me a rose omg i am so relieved now lets just hope that Ashley will make it ..


- Ariana


- Jenny


- Caroline 


- Jesy 


- Lianna


- Amy


- Cassie


- Cameron


- Victoria 


and last but not least Ashley 


that means means that Cecilia , Leigh-anne Britney , Athena and mackenzie are out . The boys hugged them and told the goodbye . The girls were crying . Someone who works there alread packed their bags so the girls went to the limo but out from the limo stepped a beautiful girl out and i was the first one to welcome her she was actually really nice .







A\N - Thanks for waiting til this chapter okay :p now we welcomed 


Name : Alexa Cali  

17 years old , USA brown hair hazel eyes , love to be crazy , acting , ebergetic , dont like ice cream , dont like sour candy , and will be called lexi . 


FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM : 1dupdatesandphotos or my personal , Allejedhead 


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mrs styles 2002 will be on the story sometimes in every chapter :) and the gate crashers will be there soon and did u notice that this is the longest chapter i every wrtote or however you spell it he he he :P comment please i love it Xx 

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