Life in the trenches

it is a war type of story


2. The next day in the trenches

It was exhausting doing my daily routine.I cleaned my muddy,horrible,dirty black boots with some rain water i had in bucket and a sponge that i found on the ground after that I fell asleep.

I got woken up by the sound of a whistling kettle,i sat down had a nice hot mug of tea then i talked to my mates which I had only know two days since i have been out here after my cup of tea it was time for my job to start which was to send a message to all of the soldiers that were out on battle.

How I wished I was at home with my family but I had to do this to save lives but any way this was my limelight I had a chance to shine to help the people off my country, the Captain of my troop told me I could go out and shoot to save my friends life but then I started to get flash backs from when my friend got killed from a screaming bomb I could see it and hear it loud and clear


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