Life in the trenches

it is a war type of story


1. The day i got to the trenches

It was the 1st September 1939 when I started to fight and now im stuck here.

What I noticed when I first arrived here was the noise,We never have any peace and quiet here,as I marched nearer to the front lines it got louder and louder,when I got closer to it I couldn’t hear myself think at first, it was just a distant boom of the big guns, but as we approached our post the noise became deafening.My whole body shook with the rumble of the explosions, when it shook the ground it was making my stomach tremble and my fingers shake. Then there were the stuttering sounds of rifles, rapid, rattle and the booming of the monstrous anger of the guns, like  millions of keys rattling,this was all going on inside my head. There were also screams of agony and whistling shells inside my head too. I could also see a lot of decomposing bodies where i was stood it wasn't pretty but i had to live with it because i will be here for a long time.

But I heard my sergeant screaming and I was going up on No man’s land I can see dead bodies and dirty muskets and I could see muddy craters and as I went into the German trench everyone was dead and I heard my sergeant scream “Gas Gas quick boys “ and my friend stood in front of me saying help.

I could see bag pipes,I could hear them playing,I saw the blood from the wounded people, I could smell the rotting bodies,I could also smell the earth,I could smell death everywhere,I load my gun with bullets, I could see horrible shells that had grass in them, my stomach was trembling with fear,as I turned around I heard my name being called by my best friend, i saw him get shot,so I ran over to him bent down,held him in my arms,I promised him before he took his last breath that i would tell his family that he loved them and i would take care of them not matter what,if i made it back that is, I touched the big craters that where made by the bombs that where getting dropped from bomber planes,but I was scared of what was going to happen to me while I was here.






































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