Cyber Louis

Rae is a shy girl who is constantly bullied at school and tortured by her family. She has one person to talk to whenever she feels sad or lonely, they met on a website which is completely anonymous. But what happens when she finds out that person is Louis Tomlinson? Even worse what happens when he is one of the people who bully her? (15+)


9. Chapter 9


I woke up spread across a patch of grass, my head was pounding. I looked around Kyle was sitting there on my phone. I groaned as I sat up rubbing the grass from me.

Kyle laughed “Who’s this Girlanon?”

My eyes shot open, I stumbled over grabbing my phone.

“Who says you can look through my phone?” I shouted.

“Alright calm down jeez”.

“I’m sorry I just don’t like people going through my stuff” I shrugged.

“Is she the reason you pushed away 10 girls last night?”

“What you were counting?”

“Yeah, my best friend is a major player, who sleeps with half the school. Suddenly he's pushing away girls” he looked at me confused.

Best friend? Lol “I’m just not into that sort of stuff anymore”.

“Okay fine, but keeping stuff from me isn’t cool”.

“I’m not keeping anything from you?” other than everything.

“Who is Girlanon?”

“She’s just a girl I met online”.

“Is that all?” he tilted his head.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well for some girl you met online, you seem to be getting really touchy whenever I mention her” he shrugged.

“Just leave it okay” I said agitated.

“Consider it left” he smiled.

I rolled my eyes looking down at my phone to see if she had messaged me back. I frowned when I realised I had no messages from her, I’m really starting to worry.

“You alright?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah” I nodded.

I went into his house washing my face, I put on a jumper and met Kyle outside. We walked to school together neither of us speaking as we were too hung over. We parted ways as we went to our first lesson. I didn’t pay attention through any of the lesson, my mind was on Rae. Why hasn’t she messaged me?

Throughout the day I pretty much ignored everyone, I wasn’t in the mood for attempted jokes. I jumped as my leg vibrated, I pulled my phone out my pocket my heart jumping from it’s chest.

My Lou, I am so fucking sorry I never replied last night. Things have gotten very complicated at home, I don’t really want to go in too much detail now. I hope everything is okay with you and you aren’t in any trouble or did anything stupid – Girlanon.

What the fuck has happened? I have been worried sick Rae :( I didn’t do anything stupid, well it could have been worse. I tried to keep out of trouble, I really did – Mysteryboy.

I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me, what did you do? – Girlanon.

I sighed realising she was ignoring the important question I kept asking, what has happened to her.

Rae don’t ignore me what happened? And nothing really I got drunk with people I don’t care about. Many girls threw their selves at me but I pushed them all away – Mysteryboy.

I really don’t want to talk about it Lou, and I’m proud of you – Girlanon.

Please tell me? – Mysteryboy.

Rae’s POV

I began to cry reading through my messages from him, could I really tell him that my mum knocked me out? That my dad beat me causing me to bleed. I know he would be proud that for once I stuck up for myself, on whole yesterday went really well considering. But how can I lie to him? The one person who would do anything for me.

I stuck up for myself yesterday, I got into a fight at school and at home. My body is literally covered in cuts and bruises. My mum and dad really scare me, they showed me a whole new side to them I really didn’t like. But I suppose I deserved it, I did hold my mum up against the wall… - Girlanon.

Is it wrong for me to say I’m proud? You held your mum up against the wall? Please tell me she forgave you instantly… I wish you weren’t hurting and I could make everything better, I hate thinking of you in pain – Mysteryboy.

I’m just counting down the days until I finally meet you and everything has meaning again – Girlanon.

When are we going to meet Rae? I can’t wait any longer – Mysteryboy.

Soon I promise please give me a little bit more time – Girlanon.

I know he says that he doesn’t care about all of my baggage. But how can I meet him when I look like I’ve been beaten, dragged through bushes and dumped in the bin.

Do you not want to meet me? :( - Mysteryboy.

More than anything, it’s all I think about trust me – Girlanon.

Good, did you get to visit your brother? – Mysteryboy.

Until now I have completely forgotten about him, he could be laying there needing me and I’m here. All because of my stupid big mouth argh.

No I never got the chance my mum stopped me – Girlanon.

You never got the chance? There’s something you’re not telling me… - Mysteryboy.

I passed out yesterday… The beating was worse than usual, I’m okay now please don’t worry about me. I don’t know how I can visit him when I look like this they are bound to say something – Girlanon.

THE BITCH KNOCKED YOU OUT? I can always visit him for you? – Mysteryboy.

Yeah… Are you sure? I feel like that would be asking way too much – Girlanon.

Rae it’s the least I can do, I promise everything will be okay. What hospital is he at? – Mysteryboy.

Mid East hospital do you live near it? – Girlanon.

Yeah actually it’s my local hospital, I’ll go now – Mysteryboy.

What about school? – Girlanon.

School can wait, everything’s going to be okay Rae. I will message you later when I know more – Mysteryboy.

Make sure you ask for Tess, she will take you to him. Tell her you’re a friend of mine – Girlanon.

Will do - Mysteryboy

He had no idea how much I wanted to hug him right now, to kiss him. I was falling in love with this complete stranger who in the past few months has earned a place in my heart. It makes me happy knowing he lives near me, what if he goes to the same school as me?

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