Cyber Louis

Rae is a shy girl who is constantly bullied at school and tortured by her family. She has one person to talk to whenever she feels sad or lonely, they met on a website which is completely anonymous. But what happens when she finds out that person is Louis Tomlinson? Even worse what happens when he is one of the people who bully her? (15+)


5. Chapter 5


I wasn’t in the mood for anyone’s mind games today, I pretty much zoned out through first and second lesson. Lunch time appeared and I went and sat at my usual spot by myself, I rested my head on the table with my hands over my head. I wish I knew how he was, if he was even alive. I felt someone beside me, I looked up to see Kyle sitting there. To my other side I saw Simon and in front Louis.

“Hey Rae” Louis smiled at me.

“Hey” I looked down.

“What happened to your face?” Kyle asked.

I shrugged “Fell over” I lied swiftly.

“That looks like a nasty fall, you should really watch yourself” Simon tilted his head.

“Yeah thanks for the advice, I’ve got to go” I stood up, Simon pushed me back down.

“So you’re going to keep me here against my will?” I asked agitated.

“No, you want to sit with us” he said coldly.

I rolled my eyes not muttering a word.

“Why are you rude to me all the time?” Louis asked.

I looked up at him in disbelief “Is that a joke?” I asked stunned.

“Does my face look like I’m joking?” he glared at me.

“I’m sorry I’m not good when people are horrible to me” I said spitefully.

“You think I’m horrible to you?” he asked.

I nodded “Ever since you came to this damn school the bullying got worse, the stupid rumours started”.

“What rumours?”

“Err like the one where I’m obsessed with you? Or the one where I stalk you? Or that one where I apparently stole all of your clothes to sell them because I’m poor”.

“I wasn’t the one who made those up” he shrugged.

“No but you went along with them didn’t you? I’ve never done anything to you, to any of you” I looked at them all.

“Yes you have” Kyle butted in.

“What?” I asked.

“You’re horrible to my girl” Kyle butted in.

I smiled, he knows full well that’s not the reason. He once came on to me at a party, I refused him. But he kept kissing me, touching me. In the end I ended up kicking him so hard screaming at him. He swore to me that he would make me sorry for ever refusing him, and I’ll give it to him he certainly kept to his word.

“Mia? I’m the horrible one? I know you guys are full of jokes today but I really don’t have time for this” I stormed off to somewhere else.

They fill their heads with wild fantasy’s to make it look like what they do is okay. But it’s not, no form of bullying is okay. What the fuck is up with Louis? He is never horrible to me? He’s never been the one to make up something, or start something. But he is always the one who end’s it, who join’s in making it a hundred times worse. Because of course he is Louis Tomlinson the famous one, he has such a big impact on people’s opinions at this school and he doesn’t even realise it.

My phone buzzed, I looked at it to see a message from my Louis I smiled opening the message.

I hate it at my fucking school, people act like they know me when they don’t – Mysteryboy.

Ha, tell me about it. I’m just a joke to them all, someone they can play with when they want to have some fun – Girlanon.

I wish we went to the same school :( - Mysteryboy.

Me too, I could have someone there who actually likes me – Girlanon.

How can they not like you? You’re amazing – Mysteryboy.

I’m not… They don’t like me because they don’t know me, they let their selves see what they want to. Some poor girl who never washes her clothes, who goes around taking drugs getting high with her dad – Girlanon.

Fucking assholes – Mysteryboy.

I know - Girlanon.

Louis’s POV

I kicked the table in frustration, who does she think she is? I’m horrible to her? I do nothing to her, yeah sure I talk to her sometimes it’s not my fault she thinks I’m doing it spitefully. I don’t agree with how the others treat her, but how can I stop them? I’m ament to be the bad one, the one who everyone listens to and looks up to. So what would they do if I went against everything they said or do?

I looked over at her sitting on a different table, she was probably texting someone. She’s the type of girl who acts like they have no-one and when someone starts to care she throws it back in their face. I can’t be dealing with someone like that, I gave her a look of pity. She really doesn’t help herself, wearing the exact same clothes day in day out. I would buy her some but if I ever offered she’d laugh in my face. She’s a pretty girl, but she hides it very well. It would take someone a long time to fully see her beauty and the potential she has. I shook my head I need to stop looking at her, I looked away and carried on messaging Bob or should I say Rae.

Ignore them, they aren’t worth it trust me – Mysteryboy.

No they certainly are not worth it, I wish I knew how Reiss was :( - Girlanon.

I wish I could tell her that I would find out for her, I have that type of power where I could do it. But she doesn’t know who I am, how would she react if she found out I was Louis Tomlinson? God she could be one of those girls who hate One Direction. But maybe that won’t matter, because what we have is incredible. I’ve never been able to talk to someone for that length of time, I want nothing more than to meet her, touch her, kiss her. She may not see me as a love potential, but I am definitely falling in love with her. She worries that I may not like her because of what she looks like, but looks don’t matter to me. I can’t see her as some ugly girl, I see her as a beautiful young girl who is very troubled. We could help each other, I wish I could come to her school and beat the crap out of those bastards. How can people treat her like that? She is a nice girl why can’t people see that?

I looked over at Rae sitting by herself, imagine if that was my Rae and I sat back and let it happen. I would never forgive myself, nobody deserves that kind of abuse. Am I being a hypocrite? Just because I don’t give out the insults as much as everyone else I let it happen, I do nothing.

“Dude why are you looking at that charity case?” Kyle laughed.

“Don’t call her that” I shook my head.

“Oh someone’s in love with the school’s psycho” Simon laughed.

I rolled my eyes “I’m not in love with her, I feel sorry for her”.

“Why? She brings it on herself” Kyle snorted.

“How?” I asked tilting my head.

“She is horrible, she goes around acting like she’s all that”.

“No she doesn’t?”

“Trust me bro, you don’t know half of it. You weren’t here before us, she deserves what she gets” Kyle exclaimed.

I sighed not saying anything else.

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