Cyber Louis

Rae is a shy girl who is constantly bullied at school and tortured by her family. She has one person to talk to whenever she feels sad or lonely, they met on a website which is completely anonymous. But what happens when she finds out that person is Louis Tomlinson? Even worse what happens when he is one of the people who bully her? (15+)


4. Chapter 4


In the morning I went straight to Reiss’s room to wake him up, he had to be at school early today. I nudged him but he didn’t wake, horror struck through me as I pushed him harder.

“Reiss” I shouted.

He didn’t reply panic replaced the horror in my body as I searched his room. I jumped down the stairs, I found my dad in the same spot he was in last night.

“Dad” I cried.

He didn’t wake, he was probably passed out from last night. I growled as I kicked the sofa in frustration, I heard mum in the kitchen.

“Mum” I shouted.

She looked at me stunned, her face turning red with anger.

“I’m sorry, but it’s Reiss he needs help please help me” I whined.

She tilted her head before pushing me hard into the wall.

“What did I say about speaking” she screamed. “You never listen to me” she cried.

“Mum please it’s Reiss” I shrieked.

She slapped me across the face making me wince, I realised she wasn’t going to help me. Of course she wouldn’t she doesn’t care about us, she should have aborted us for fuck sake. I returned back to Reiss, I tried waking him up again. I looked down at my phone, he was the only person I had.

LOUIS PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! – Girlanon.

What’s wrong!? – Mysteryboy.

I don’t know Reiss won’t wake up. My mum’s in but I can’t fucking speak to her, and my dad’s passed out please I need you – Girlanon.

Try talking to your mum? – Mysteryboy.

I have she slapped me… - Girlanon.

Bitch. Okay okay, ring an ambulance now! – Mysteryboy.

I dialled 999 my hands shaking, I focused on my breathing.

“Hello what’s your emergency?” a woman asked.

“It’s my brother he won’t wake up, I don’t know what to do” I cried.

“Okay calm, I will put you through to the hospital” she said before directing me.

“Hello ma’am what seems to be the problem?” a man asked.

“My brother won’t wake up, I need help”.

“Okay, we’ll trace your call, don’t worry we will be there as soon as possible”.

What’s happening? – Mysteryboy.

The ambulance is on its way, I can’t lose him Louis! – Girlanon.

I sunk down to the floor tears falling from my eyes, I held Reiss’s hand tightly.

Calm down Rae, everything will be okay – Mysteryboy.

Yeah but what if it’s not? He’s all I have – Girlanon.

Don’t think like that! You’re not going to lose him – Mysteryboy.

I’m not trained to think like that, I’m always prepared for the worst – Girlanon.

I heard someone knock on the door it must be them.

Talk later, ambulance here – Girlanon.

I walked down the stairs opening the door for them, my mum stayed in the kitchen out of the way. I directed them to his room, they examined him checking his pulse. Luckily he was still breathing, they made the decision to take him to the hospital.

“Can I come with you?” I asked one of the men.

“I’m sorry you need to be 18” he frowned. “He does however need an adult, where’s your mum or dad?” he asked.

“Yeah it’s complicated with my family, neither of them are able to come with you. Please let me come, I’m 17 almost 18”.

“We really need one of your parent’s where are they?”

I pointed to the kitchen where my mum was, he nodded before going to her.

“Ma’am we need to take your son to the hospital, we need an adult with him is it possible for you to come?” he asked nicely.

She sighed “For fuck sake Rae” she shouted.

“I’m sorry mum, they won’t let me go instead I’m too young”. I spoke to the man “Don’t take her personally she’s not very well”.

He nodded “We hopefully won’t be there long” he smiled.

“Okay” she nodded following him, she glared at me before going out the door.

I sat on the floor leaning against the wall, the sad part is I will never be able to know what’s wrong with him. I can’t talk to her in case she will go off on one and he won’t speak to me. To be honest he’s probably too young to understand.

They wouldn’t let me go with him :( - Girlanon.

You’re kidding? Who’s with him? – Mysteryboy.

My mum, but she’s angry with me because of it. I’m scared for when she comes home – Girlanon.

Don’t put up with her crap, if she ever hits you again come to me – Mysteryboy.

How can I? I know nothing about you, I mean I know your name but that’s it – Girlanon.

Rae, I care about you so much if anything happened because of this anonymous bullshit I would never forgive myself – Mysteryboy.

I know, but we need to give it time. The world isn’t ready for us to meet yet – Girlanon.

I don’t know how much longer I can wait – Mysteryboy.

I know, I promise we will meet soon. Just give it a bit more time, I want to sort my life out before we do – Girlanon.

I don’t care about the bullying or your family, you have nothing to be embarrassed about – Mysteryboy.

Yes I do, I sit back and let it happen I bring it on myself – Girlanon.

No, never think that – Mysteryboy.

I can’t help it, all my life I’ve been told there’s something wrong with me. Sooner or later I started to believe it and it’s hard to change my mind – Girlanon.

You are amazing, beautiful, kind, caring, I could go on – Mysteryboy.

Beautiful really? You don’t even know what I look like – Girlanon.

Someone with your personality has to be beautiful – Mysteryboy.

I blushed reading my phone, is this boy serious? I know I want to pro-long our meeting, but I have a bad feeling. I can tell he’s going to be disappointed when he meets me, I’m not the perfect girl he thinks I am.

I need to go school, I can’t just sit here and wait. I’ll talk to you later bye – Girlanon.

Bye my Rae – Mysteryboy.

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