Cyber Louis

Rae is a shy girl who is constantly bullied at school and tortured by her family. She has one person to talk to whenever she feels sad or lonely, they met on a website which is completely anonymous. But what happens when she finds out that person is Louis Tomlinson? Even worse what happens when he is one of the people who bully her? (15+)


38. Chapter 35

The adrenaline was still pumping through my body as they dragged us to the head’s office. He looked at me disapprovingly not bothering to look at Louis, I guess it was my fault.

“Who do you think’s going to pay for this?” he shouted.

I shrugged.

“I will” Louis butted in.

“Good man, Rae I am so disappointed in you. I thought better of you, but I guess I was wrong” he sighed.

I looked at him creasing my eyebrows “Well I guess I’m not the girl you thought I was” I said harshly.

“Clearly not, what do you have to say for yourself?” he asked.

“Fuck you” I half shouted.

He shook his head “I really don’t know what’s brought this on”.

“You don’t know? Because I think you do, do you know how long I have been bullied at this stupid school? How every time I try and say something no one gives a shit?”

“What are you talking about?”

“A few months ago I came to you in desperation, I didn’t know what was going on. I told you about the bullying I told you what they did and what did you do? Nothing” I growled.

“I don’t remember” he shrugged.

“Of course you don’t, you fucked up big time. So did all of you, so if you honestly think you’re going to make me pay for some fucking windows, I swear to god I will bring you down with me” I glared at him.

He shuffled in his seat uncomfortable “There’s no need for that Rae, I’m sure we can come up with something”.

“Of course we can” I rolled my eyes.

“But I think it’s best if you don’t come back here” he frowned.

“Fine by me” I smiled.

“As for you Louis do you promise not to do it again?” he asked.

“I promise nothing” Louis said coldly.

“You can’t get away with talking to me like that” he shook his head.

“Oh what are you gonna do?” Louis lent forward a smile playing at his lips.

“I’m going to have let you go too”.

“Okay” he smiled. “Let’s go Rae” he held out his hand.     

I laughed taking his hand, we were stopped by my dad as soon as we got outside.

“And where do you think you two are going?” he shouted.

I stared at him stunned “I don’t know”.

“Well I know, you are coming home with me and he goes back to his” he ordered.

I looked at Louis and frowned.

“No fucking way” Louis shouted.

“Don’t use that fucking tone with me, remember who the adult here is” my dad glared at him.

“Yeah I think you should think about that when you next beat your daughter” Louis said spitefully.

I was mentally punching Louis for him to shut the fuck up.

“She told you that did she? It’s lies”.

“No you are a fucking liar” Louis shouted.

My dad grabbed my arm pulling me away from him, he glared at Louis.

“Stay away from us especially her, we have no time for people like you”.

“People like me? You can try and try to keep me away from her but it isn’t happening” Louis smiled.

My dad laughed “We’ll see about that” he pulled me away pushing me in the car.

I messaged Louis I needed him to shut the fuck up.

I will meet you later I promise, but leave it be okay? – Girlanon.

I can’t Rae, I don’t want you anywhere near him! – Mysteryboy.

I will be careful I promise I will see you later don’t message me back until I message you – Girlanon.

I waved at him as my dad drove me home, I didn’t dare speak to him I dreaded what he would do once we were home.

Louis’s POV

Simon came running out as soon as the car drove off, he looked at me.

“What the fuck Lou?”

“What the fuck did I say? Don’t talk to me” I shouted.

“Do you not realise what you are doing? It’s fucking Rae, the poor girl?” he looked at me as if I were insane.

I shoved him against the wall “People like you make me sick, poor girl? She is the best person I have ever known, I will not allow a piece of shit like you to talk about her like that."

“You’ve lost your mind” he shook his head.

I pushed him harder “And you will lose a tooth if you say one more thing.”

He nodded shutting up, everyone gathered around us awaiting a fight. But I was tired of fighting, I am done.

“Where’s Rae?” Kyle laughed. “Dumped you already?”

“You better shut your mouth” I growled.

“You don’t belong here anymore Louis, why are you still here?” he tilted his head.

“Do you know what” I began to shout. “Fuck you all, each and every one of you.”

“Louis…” a girl began to say.

“Shut up” I roared. “None of you have any right to speak to me, not after what you did to Rae.”

“What we did? How about you all so innocent? You bullied her too, it wasn’t just us.”

“No” I shouted.

“Yes Louis, what you did to her was way worse. You could have stopped us, put an end to her suffering. But you didn’t, you just watched her” he began to laugh.

I screamed knocking him to the floor “I hate you, you son of a bitch.”

“Louis” Simon pushed me off him. “Don’t listen to him, get out of here” he ordered.

Tears streamed down my face, I looked at him. Kyle stood up staggering towards me, a blow to my face causing me to fall. One of the girls screamed, others cried. I closed my eyes as he kicked me hard in the stomach.

“Come on pretty boy fight” he spat.

I stayed where I was not giving him any satisfaction, I started to laugh. I needed to get out of here, Rae needs me. Simon held out his hand helping me up, I brushed myself wincing as I touched my stomach. I wiped my mouth to rid myself of any blood.

“In years to come, you will be all alone with no-one who cares. And I? I will be with the most amazing girl, the girl you wish you had” I smiled walking away from Kyle.

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