Cyber Louis

Rae is a shy girl who is constantly bullied at school and tortured by her family. She has one person to talk to whenever she feels sad or lonely, they met on a website which is completely anonymous. But what happens when she finds out that person is Louis Tomlinson? Even worse what happens when he is one of the people who bully her? (15+)


35. Chapter 32

I sat on the bed with paper in my hands, I wanted to write him a note seeing as he made me one. After I finished it I tucked it in my pocket so no one would find it. I heard my mum from downstairs, I got up off the bed running down the stairs. She looked at me her face lighting up, she pulled me into a hug. I stood there awkwardly as she wrapped her arms around me.

“Why?” I asked.

“I knew you wouldn’t go anywhere without him” she shrugged.

“He doesn’t deserve this, no way am I letting him deal with the life I had to” I shook my head.

“Oh come on it wasn’t all bad, I love you and Reiss I hope you know that”.

I looked at her my face cold “You have a fucking hard way of showing it”.

“Don’t talk to me like that”.

“I will never forgive you for hurting Reiss”.

“Well you have all the time in the world now that you’re home” she smiled. “If you even think about running away with Reiss I will bring him home”.

I sighed no matter what I said or did there was no winning with her. I left her in the kitchen to prepare dinner and sat in the living room next to my dad. He hugged me welcoming me home, I knew damn well that was bullshit he didn’t care.

We ate our dinner in silence, maybe not because we weren’t allowed but because no one wanted to speak. I was tired of fighting with them, Reiss never spoke, my mum fuck knows and don’t even get me started about my dad. I went upstairs and opened up my laptop

How are things? – Mysteryboy.

Weird – Girlanon.

How so? – Mysteryboy.

Everyone acting like they care, we’re allowed to speak now. But I’m not even going to waste my breath on them – Girlanon.

I miss you – Mysteryboy.

I miss you too, but I will see you tomorrow :) - Girlanon.

Yeah but in hiding, I don’t want to lie about my feelings for you – Mysteryboy.

You’re not lying, I know how you feel isn’t that all that matters? – Girlanon.

I suppose, but now Kyle is on my case badgering me about asking you out – Mysteryboy.

I can’t wait, turn him down in front of everyone it will be fun – Girlanon.

You better, make him grovel ;) – Mysteryboy

Ha, I wish I was with you right now – Girlanon.

I wish I was holding you in my arms – Mysteryboy.

I wish that too, I will miss seeing your face when I go to sleep – Girlanon.

Close your eyes beautiful and picture us together, we can be anywhere in the world. I don’t care where, as long as we are together – Mysteryboy.

I closed my eyes, I decided we were in Australia with the Kangaroo’s. I can imagine us sitting on a patch of grass talking about nothing important. I can picture us eating sandwiches that he had prepared for us. My eyes opened unwillingly, I instantly regretted it everything was back to normal.

I never wanted to open my eyes :( - Girlanon.

I know, but it means you can go to sleep happily right? – Mysteryboy.

I suppose but it’s still not the same, we have been apart for so long. We finally get together and this happens – Girlanon.

My Rae, there will always be obstacles in our way. But we will fight them, together because together we are invincible remember? – Mysteryboy.

I love you – Girlanon.

I will never get tired of hearing that – Mysteryboy.

And I will never get tired of saying it – Girlanon.

I’m going to go sleep now, no reason to stay awake see you tomorrow – Mysteryboy.

See you tomorrow - Girlanon.

Good night my Rae – Mysteryboy.

My Louis <3 – Girlanon.

I lay back on my bed closing my eyes, I brought myself back into my imagination and slept with a smile on my face.

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