I stole a piece

After meating her father after twenty years her world shattered in to small pieces and there is only few in this world who can help her.


1. Prologue

~~She sat in the corner of her big brown sofa, wrapped up in a cover and just staring out of the window, without watching anything. There was dust floating around in the room, which was small and untidy. A few teacups were standing on the table, filled with tea, next to the pile of unopened letters and dead flowers. Small bowl of cereal were on the window, sill where she had put it yesterday after her friend handed it to her. She hadn’t even touched them. Her clothes were coming out of her wardrobe and lying around the floor and she wasn’t able to remember the last time she took a shower. Only the mirror in the room was covered with big white sheet full of pink flowers. She didn’t care that outside of her small flat, the world went on, that she had missed all her shifts in cafe and would probably get kicked out, that she had missed the last two weeks in school and her teachers were furious with her or that one of her good friend had moved away to another city. She didn’t know or care.
It was halfway through May and most of the trees had leaves on their branches, the sun was shining and people were wearing summer clothes. This used to be her favorite time of the year, summer was coming and nature had started a new round, every single spring she felt like she had got a new start, fresh table, like she would have actually wake up first time since last October. Her friends used to laugh at her and say that she hibernated like Lulzies did, not as bad though, because they actually slept over the winter underground and came out when the temperatures were warm enough. She never thought she might have something to do with them. Not until Michael came around; even then she didn’t think that, or she didn’t want to believe it, not even after he was gone.
Suddenly the room filled up with her phone ringing and slowly she turned her face away from window and tried to figure out where the voice was coming. Not that she had any intention to answer it, that noise just gave her a headache and she wanted to get rid of it, it had been disturbing her the whole morning. But before she even got up the caller ended that call, knowing she would get more and more annoyed by every call and finally answer. She dropped her head against the sofa, closed her eyes and raised her hand to touch that one single scar that goes all the way across left side of her face. Her hand wavers and she swears to herself that she is not going to answer that call, it is the caller´s fault that she is where she is now and that the scar is running across her face. But somewhere deep inside small voice reminded her that she can’t resist him, she is too weak and he knows it as well.


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