(Not Famous One Direction FanFic) True Love? Or Not?

Miley was always a nerd, if thats what you want to call it. She always wears some glasses that were nerd glasses like the ones from the 3-D movies. Always sitting in the back not getting noticed at all, except by Harry Styles. He was the only person in the school not calling her 'Nerd' or 'brace-face' or even 'four eyes'. One day Harry asks Miley if they can be friends. She says yes. The problem is that Harry wants to be more than friends, but Miley doesn`t like him. She likes the most popular guy in school, Travis. Harry introduces her to his friends. Suddenly her whole world changes. She starts to get recognized by all five of them. In all her classes at least one of them was there. Now, when Harry has moved on to another girl, Miley crushes on Harry. Will Harry go for Miley instead? Will Travis get in the way of Harry and Miley`s relationship? Read more to find out. -btws i was just picking out names at random for Miley and Travis. lol


3. I Like You Harry!

Mileys POV

Harry came over to me and hugged me tightly. "What`s wrong?" He says as soon as he lets go. "I-I-I can`t go home at all. I didn`t tell anyone but my mum kicked me out." I admit. Should I tell him? No. "That`s awful! Come on you can stay with me." He says. "Thank you! I like you Harry! As a friend." I lie. I know my true feelings for him, but I just keep fighting them. Harry obviously doesn`t like me like that. He likes Kellie. I stand up followed by Harry. "Come on my car is just over here." He says and takes me to his car and gets in. I hop in the passenger. " You don`t have to do this Harry, really. I was gonna ask Niall." I say, trying to get away from the guy I love. The guy I`m in love with. " It`s fine. You`ll be staying my room with me! Is that ok with you?" He asks, throwing a wink that I wouldn`t have noticed if he done it quicker. "Ha ha! Yeah it`s fine. I think I`ll make it through Styles." I just randomly decided to call him that. "Wow! Nice. Miley! Or Smiley Miley?" He questions. " That`s Eleanor`s nickname for me. No!" I demand. We get to his house. I grab my backpack only to drop it like the clutse that I am. Harry help me pick up everything, except on my way back up my head bumps into Harry`s and our lips skim over one anothers. It might only have been me but I felt sparks just by that skim. "Um... let`s go inside please." I say now nervous. We go inside and I just start on homework when Harry comes over and sits next to me. "You got homework? Haha! Sucks for you!" He says. I hit in the arm. "This is make up work for being gone last week." I tell him. Last week I picked up the flu. "Oh! Yeah! Duh!" He says lightly hitting himself in the head. "I have make up work to do." I say trying to concentrate on it. By the end of all my make up work Harry was just about slapped crossed the face. "Let`s do something! Please!" Harry begs. " What?" I ask. "MOVIE!" I swear he`s acting like a little kid and it`s very appealing. "Shut up! Fine!" I shouted. Suddenly He picked me up and set me on his lap. I love this boy under me. Ha ha that sounded wrong! Harry had put in Bambi. My favorite movie. "I think we should go to Kellie`s party tomorrow." He whispers in my ear. "Sure! Sounds fun!" I whisper back. The movie ends and I drift to sleep still on Harry who fell asleep during the movie. When will I tell him. I`m lying. Niall kicked me out, not my mum. My mum would take me back in a heart beat. I will tell him tomorrow. At school.

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