(Not Famous One Direction FanFic) True Love? Or Not?

Miley was always a nerd, if thats what you want to call it. She always wears some glasses that were nerd glasses like the ones from the 3-D movies. Always sitting in the back not getting noticed at all, except by Harry Styles. He was the only person in the school not calling her 'Nerd' or 'brace-face' or even 'four eyes'. One day Harry asks Miley if they can be friends. She says yes. The problem is that Harry wants to be more than friends, but Miley doesn`t like him. She likes the most popular guy in school, Travis. Harry introduces her to his friends. Suddenly her whole world changes. She starts to get recognized by all five of them. In all her classes at least one of them was there. Now, when Harry has moved on to another girl, Miley crushes on Harry. Will Harry go for Miley instead? Will Travis get in the way of Harry and Miley`s relationship? Read more to find out. -btws i was just picking out names at random for Miley and Travis. lol


1. Class

Here I am. Sitting in my usual spot in the back of the class in the corner. Barely able to see. I fumbled to find my glasses. As soon as I found them I dropped them. I look up to see that Harry has them. "Here ya go, love." He says handing them to me. "Thank you, Harry." I say putting them on. He`s the only one who notices me. Literally. Everyone calls me names except him and his friends. Now I know what you are thinking and no I don`t have a crush on Harry. I have a crush on THE most popular guy in school, Travis. But I feel like Harry and I have something different. Sparks even. The final bell rings and I gate=her my stuff only to be pushed and drop it all again. I hate high school. "Crap."I say, I don`t cuss I find it stupid. Just like almost everyone in this flipping school! I start to gather my stuff and my glasses fall off. "Ugh!" I groan and start to search for them. They get kicked around until I feel a tap on my shoulder. "You ok, Mi?" Niall asks. "I can`t find my glasses! Will you help me Ni?" I ask. "I found them and got the rest of your stuff. Here" He puts my glasses on me. Upside down. I laugh. "Thanks Ni! Real big help!" Niall is the only one of Harry`s friends that I know.  "Yup! Come on we are gonna be late for class!" He helps me up and we rush to our next class that we have together. I sit down in the back corner and he sits next to me. I put my glasses on correctly. "Niall? Why did you put my glasses on me upside down?" I ask. "'Cause it was funny!" He says pulling out his notebook and a pencil. I get my own out and start to take notes on the history of World War II. So boring. The class finally ends. "Good luck with that project with Harry this hour." Niall says, I had totally forgotten about it until now."Thanks Niall! See ya at lunch?" I ask, already knowing the answer, a big fat no. "Um, no." He chuckles and heads to class. I trudge to class, dreading that I had chosen Harry as my partner. I did all the work as he flirted with all the other girls. I swear if Harry wasn`t so nice to me I would have slapped him. I`m thinking of cussing so badly. Just to see what would happen. I get to class and see Harry saving my seat for me. I go and sit down getting a warm smile from Harry. "Hey Miley! Ready to work?" He says suddenly eager to work on the project  had almost finished. "Erm... Yeah. I guess. Why so interested in the project now?" I mummbled. "Let`s get to work." We work the entire our, he kept making jokes that made me laugh and giggle. I actually listened to him for once. "Can I ask you something Mil?" He asked. "Yeah anything!" I said. 

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