(Not Famous One Direction FanFic) True Love? Or Not?

Miley was always a nerd, if thats what you want to call it. She always wears some glasses that were nerd glasses like the ones from the 3-D movies. Always sitting in the back not getting noticed at all, except by Harry Styles. He was the only person in the school not calling her 'Nerd' or 'brace-face' or even 'four eyes'. One day Harry asks Miley if they can be friends. She says yes. The problem is that Harry wants to be more than friends, but Miley doesn`t like him. She likes the most popular guy in school, Travis. Harry introduces her to his friends. Suddenly her whole world changes. She starts to get recognized by all five of them. In all her classes at least one of them was there. Now, when Harry has moved on to another girl, Miley crushes on Harry. Will Harry go for Miley instead? Will Travis get in the way of Harry and Miley`s relationship? Read more to find out. -btws i was just picking out names at random for Miley and Travis. lol


2. Can We Be Friends?

Harry POV

"Yeah anything!" Miley says flipping her bangs out of her eyes. "Erm..." I start. I really just wanted to ask her out. So badly. "Can we.... be friends?" I ask, not knowing what just came out of my mouth. God! That`s not what I meant to ask! Stupid mouth! "Yeah!" Miley smiles, showing her braces, which I knew she had but never saw. "Great! Wanna join me at lunch? Table 12" I say and head to my locker, I look behind me to see her heading to her locker as well. As sson as I get to my locker, Alison is there. "Hey Harry! Wanna catch a movie tonight?" She asks, flashing her too perfect teeth at me. "I can`t Alli. Besides, you should go out with Travis, he likes you."I tell her and tell the honest truth. "Really! Gawh! Thank you Harry! Thank you!" She says and heads to Travis. I can see little miss Miley look at Travis, honestly I don`t know why she likes him and not me. Yes I have a crush on Miley! Get over it. Niall comes over. "Hey mate! Lunch time!" He says rubbing his hands together. "Wait. I asked Miley to come to our table today!" I say, heading to Miley. "Hey! Ready for lunch?" She asks, walking past me and to Niall. Niall and Miley are joined at the hip. Is it bad that I`m almost jealous of Niall. Or really envious. We get our lunch and head to the lunch table. Niall and I sit on either side of Miley. Who by this point is being super shy. Because she is the 'nerd' pf our school. "Hey! Why is the nerd at our table?" Zayn asks, sitting down. Miley`s face crumbles, it kills me. Then it livens ahain. "Very nice Zayn! I hate you! Don`t understand why you like my sister. But I have to deal with you. Might as well get used to it."She groans. "Yup! Perrie and I are in love!"Zayn says right as Perrie comes over. "Hey sissi!" She says sitting next to Zayn. "Hey!" Miley waves. Liam and Louis come over with their girlfriends and sit down. "AHHH! IT`S SMILEY MILEY!" El almost screams. "Shut up Ellie!" Miley says. At least it`s not just five people that are nice to her it`s eight. YAY! I think. Lunch quickly ends and as I head to class I start to move on from Miley to Kellie. She`s a really nice girl and I should stop worrying about trying to get that one girl. She doesn`t like me that way and that`s that. "Hey Kellie! Wanna go out Friday? Maybe skating?" I ask Kellie. "Yeah! I`d love that! Here`s my number I`ll meet you at the skating rink." She says then walks off to her next class after handing me a tiny slip of paper with her name on it. 'YES!" I think as I walk to my next class. I could feel someone`s eyes on me but I don`t care. I have a date for Friday night! This is a good thing right? Right! School goes by quickly and I race to my car. I was just about to start the engine when I saw Miley crying. I had to see what was wrong. I got out and went over to her. She was sitting on the grass in a corner crying hard. What the hell happened to her? I need to know. If I don`t I`ll hate myself for just leaving her here. I sat down next to her and hugged her tight.

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