The Day It All Began... Or Ended

This is basically about a dream I had. I don't care who reads this, so yeah.
It's about Transformers. Anywho, Enjoy it if you're reading!


1. How It Really Started

Transformers-Bumblebee's POV

We were being chased.
Chased up a mountain to be exact. Around me, I was in the company of Optimus Prime, Arcee, Smokescreen and Jazz. There were few of us left, since the Decepticons were invading Earth and had taken most of the other Autobots and either killed them or imprisoned them. Probably both.
Anyways, as we drove, I could hear their laughs behind us. They were a crazy lot, these decepticons. They loved a good fight and were always ready to land a punch. The other autobots and I had different things on our minds though. We were shaken by the loss of our autobot comrades. We also worried for our human friends.((Who just so happened to be named Hannah, Katy and someone I know from school named Sebastian.)) I was most worried for Hannah, since I was her guardian. Sebastian though, he had recently been acting strange, like sitting on the countertop in the bathroom and talking to his reflection in the mirror. I couldn't blame him. He was kinda strange, in his own quiet way. He got dragged into this because he just so happened to be with Hannah when I first met her.
Well that story can be told later. So we were being chased by none other than Knockout, Breakdown, Heatwave and Hawkclaw. Heatwave and Hawkclaw were different in their own way, since Megatron recruited them from the dead shell of Cybertron. They were put in stasis so that if any autobot went back to Cybertron, they would terminate them. They called themselves sisters, but I thought otherwise. Though, they did have the same taste in torture.
They were gaining on us, fast. I was at the back of the pack, and was the most liable to be captured, so I spun on my wheels, now driving backwards. I transformed and lunged at the first con that was there. My fingers wrapped around Knockout's right fender, making him growl and transform as well. We tumbled past the three remaining cons as they drove swiftly past. We stopped and I hopped to my feet, readying my cannons. Knockout found his footing and smirked at me, pulling out his electrical spear.
"What's this?" Knockout said smugly. "I thought the mighty Bumblebee loved a good chase!"
I shrugged.
"Yeah, I do," I said. "But now I want to kick your tailpipe." Knockout laughed at my words.
"I'm still not used to you being able to talk! I kind of like it! So I can finally hear you scream as I rip your spark out." I bent my knees and jumped, firing as he came after me, swiping with his spear. My foot found his shoulder and I pushed hard, throwing him into the ground. He tumbled out of the way as I came back down at him again. I started to fire at him again and he dodged them, blocking them with his spear and advancing towards me. I was driven back to the edge of the road, where I would fall hundreds of feet to my imminent doom. Knockout seized this chance when I was distracted by not falling to attack again. He swung the spear and I lost my footing, yelling as I fell over the edge.

I woke up in what seemed to be a cave. Every couple of seconds, I would hear gunfire and sirens and human screams. I grunted and got up, looking around. It was so dark, and I found out that it was already night when I peered out of the cave opening. I stood and looked out over the Earth as it stood in flames. A wave of dread hit me and I slouched, knowing that I wouldn't be able to help until we managed to take out the decepticons. If we ever could pull it off.
I perked when I heard something from behind me. I turned, eyes wide and adjusting to the dark. I made out a figure in the dark and I raised my cannons.
"Who're you?" I growled, ready to attack if it was a con.
"Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you." A familiar voice said through the darkness. He approached me and suddenly I felt small again. He was taller than me, and as I examined him further. He was an autobot, and his vehicle form was a helicopter.
"I was watching you fight Knockout." He said. "You fell, and I caught you before you hit the ground. Thankfully Knockout didn't notice." I lowered my cannons and sighed, leaning against a wall.
"Are we still near to where you found me?" I asked.
"Yeah, just about two klicks. I wouldn't go out though, the cons are everywhere." I looked out again.
"What's your name?" I asked, suddenly curious.
"Blades." He smiled. "I don't think I know yours either."
"Bumblebee." I said. After a while, we suddenly got quiet and waited until daytime. We set out, following the same mountainous road from before. I kept seeing scorch marks and pieces of metal as we advanced. The surprisingly quiet hum of Blades' rudders reassured me that I wasn't alone, if we were to be ambushed.((I think the rudder noise sounded like my fan.))
Suddenly, something sounded to my right and I peered over. The con warship was hovering above a town. I helplessly washed as a beam of light came from the ship and destroyed to town. The beam of light emitted a shock wave that hit Blades and I and we both were slammed into the cliff side. I transformed and so did Blades. We regained out footing, and prepared to keep going, but for some strange reason, I couldn't transform into a car again. I looked at Blades and he was having the same problem. We continued on foot, but we were running. We kept following the road, seeing more and more metal shards and scorch marks. Then, in the distance, we could hear a battle being fought. We picked up the pace, and came to a large opening surrounded by dead bodies. Bodies of con and bots alike, heads and arms, legs and extinguished sparks all in piles. Surrounding the piles were the four decepticons that had been chasing the autobots, their weapons trained on the middle of the circle. In the middle were the other autobots. Jazz, Arcee and Optimus were standing still, their cannons out, but they were down at their sides. Smokescreen, though, was on his knees, arms wrapped around his torso. Blue Energon leaked from his body, and I knew he was hurt. Optimus and Jazz were keeping him out of the cons' line of sight. Blades readied his cannons and I followed his lead.
"Let's wait..." Blades muttered quietly. "The cons haven't attacked yet..."
I nodded, having a strange urge telling me not to talk, for fear of being heard. I turned my head slightly, listening to what the cons were saying to my comrades.
"Give it up." Growled Hawkclaw. "You're obviously outnumbered. Arcee turned her head towards Hawkclaw.
"Like hell we'd ever give in to you jockeys." She hissed. "Optimus, we don't have a choice!" She said, turning towards Optimus, but he stayed quiet.
"What's wrong?" Heatwave snickered. "Scraplet got your tongue?" Her aim lowered and she fired a shot at Jazz's feet. The autobot hopped back and growled. "Oops. Butterfingers."
"Take our offer, Prime." Knockout said, smirking smugly like he always did. I hated that about him. "And we promise we won't hurt the little children."
Optimus stood frighteningly still, and the whole area fell into silence. The cons were trying to make the atmosphere a bit more eerie, so they could get what they wanted. I wasn't going to let that happen though. Then, Blades made a daring move. He fired a missile at Knockout, who was sent flying back in a billow of dirt, taken by surprise. The con smashed into the cliff side and everyone down below was confused. Optimus saw us and he nodded. He, Arcee and Jazz started to attack. Blades and I moved in. Suddenly outnumbered, the three cons grabbed Knockout and they drove off. Once the faint roar of their engines had faded, I was down at Smokescreen's side. He was bent over, his arms now covered in spilled energon. I wasn't a medic, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to help him. None of us were ever very good at the medical side of combat. I looked helplessly up at Optimus, who was trying to pry Smoke's arms away from the wound to inspect it. He was having no luck.
"Optimus... What are we going to do?" I asked, a feeling of dread washed over me as he hesitated.
"I am no medic." Optimus said. "None of us are. We need to find a medic to help us. I can't let another spark extinguish if he still has a chance."
"Not to darken the mood more," Arcee turned towards them. "But Ratchet has been taken prisoner by the cons. We don't even know if he is still alive."
"Ratchet isn't the only autobot medic." Optimus said, still trying to find ways to ease Smoke's pain. "Though he may be the best, there are still more medics on earth. We just need to find them." Jazz scoffed.
"And how do you suppose we get around on this piece of rock? It's pretty large, and would take a whole day just to drive across the U.S.. Optimus, we don't have that kind of time. Smoke doesn't have that kind of time!" Optimus gave up on trying to help Smokescreen for the moment. It wasn't doing the poor kid any good.
"Well what else do you suppose we do, smartass?" Arcee growled at Jazz. Before Jazz could make a retort, I stood and glared at the two of them.
"We are in a war," I said, anger and dread boiling and curling around in my core. "We don't need more conflicts." With that, they shut up.
"Can't we find the space bridge and activate it?" Blades said hopefully. "We could go to Cybertron and find something to help us there." Optimus stood.
"We have made an oath to this planet," The Autobot commander said. "An oath that we must hold. This oath is a promise to the Earth, and to humanity. We brought the war to their planet, we caused these things to happen, and it is our responsibility to protect the race that we endangered." Blades nodded and looked up, watching more decepticons fly past the nearest city a few miles away.
"It's not safe here." He said. I frowned and stared worryingly at the billowing cloud of smoke rising from the nearest town.

We had set off in the same direction, but staying a few klicks away from each other so that the cons wouldn't find us easily. I couldn't help but think of how worried I was about the others. We were keeping our comlinks dead so Soundwave, the decepticon Lieutenant, couldn't pick up our signals. Damn. I felt awful. I hoped that we had an actual plan. We probably didn't.

((In the actual dream, I was just driving for a looooong time. I saw like, dead things as I drove though. It was creepy. Well, it felt long. So then, the fist interesting thing happens, and now we are in Houston. What're the odds of that? Haha. No. I live in Houston. It shouldn't be confusing. ANYWAYS...))

The water was red.
Yeah, the Clear Lake was red. I cringed at the sight of it. I couldn't really explain the smell either. It smelled like shit, to be honest. I passed it, knowing we would meet up at NASA. Apparently that was a safe place to go. As I drove, I saw no one. No other cars were on the road, and the ones that were, were crashed and broken. Dead human bodies were everywhere. Blood everywhere. It was terrible.((no joke guys. This was actually in my dream. I really remember it clearly!)) This was where Hannah, Katy and Sebastian were. I felt a horrible feeling in my gut, wondering if they were one of these bodies.
I passed through the broken gates leading into the main plaza of NASA. There was half a building still standing, and where there was supposed to be another one, it was completely gone. Dark craters in the earth were showing where decepticon weapons had hit. Smoke, dust, dirt, ash and gas was littering the air, forming an unnatural fog. Blood was splattered on the ground everywhere, where human bodies lay dead. I transformed to an autobot and looked around, disgusted and terrified at the sights around me. I could hear decepticon blaster fire and human screams in the distance. Across the bloodied lake, I saw fire. Fire engulfing the buildings all around it. The dark cloud of ash and smoke turned the sky black, not even the sun poked through. What made it worse was that it was an already dark and cloudy day apart from the smoke. This horrid sight made my gut twist as this reminded me of what Cybertron looked like. Ravaged by centuries of civil war, but earth was being raided by decepticons.
I heard engines approaching, and I took my cannons out. I hid behind a half-blown building and peered around the corner. Jazz pulled up and transformed. He saw me and came over.
"Bee..." He looked at me. "Do you know if the kids..." His voice trailed off. I lowered my weapons.
"No I..." My voice shook. I didn't notice how scared I sounded until now. "I didn't see them. This town wasn't evacuated... They could be-" I stopped talking before I started to get horrible pictures in my mind. Jazz put his hand on my arm reassuringly.
"Those kids are strong, Bee." He said quietly. "They'll be okay. They have to."
After waiting for half a day, Blades and Arcee showed up. Optimus, with Smokescreen, should have arrived hours before. We were all starting to get nerve-racked. A heavy blanket of silence hung over us as we waited. Thoughts of Optimus with Smoke came into my mind, like if the cons had captured them or worse, killed them on the spot. We couldn't turn on our tracking signals or Soundwave would pinpoint our positions. We were hanging by a thread, and the cons were about to cut it.
Just then, Jazz snapped.
"I can't take this." Jazz snarled. "I have to go look for them." Arcee stopped him.
"No!" Arcee hissed. "What do you think will happen to you if they find you? We can't lose another one. Not again." Her voice cracked and Jazz stared at her.
"I-I'm sorry." Jazz stepped back and sat down, resting his head in his hands. Arcee sat down as well, and Blades and I went to go scout the area. It would be best to leave the two of them alone for a while.
"I don't like this," Blades murmured, seemingly to himself. "I don't like this at all." There was a pause.
"I don't either," I said looking at a desolated building.
Suddenly, something beeped and Blades perked. He tapped the side of his head and frowned.
"Someone's sending me a signal." Blades said, looking around. "It's not Arcee or Jazz though, and unfortunately not Optimus or Smoke." I widened my eyes and looked around on instinct.
"What does the signal say? Coordinates? A coded message?"
"Coordinates. They're close. Just over the bridge." We both looked out towards the bridge and even from here we could see the bloody lake. Blades transformed and I followed him, watching overhead.
"Soundwave would've most likely picked up that signal." Blades called down to me. "Unless he's on his lunch break, I think we can expect some cons."
"What about Arcee and Jazz?" I asked.
"They'll be backup if we seriously need it."
I agreed silently and we continued along over the bridge. Once we got to the other side, we have cannons out and ready for an ambush. We advanced further down the desolated road and there was one building sill intact. I didn't know what it was though. Then, something fast flickered past my peripheral vision. I whipped my head towards it, but it was gone as fast as it appeared. My instinct was to follow it. Blades saw me running and he followed, cursing.
I walked into a half-destroyed apartment complex. I saw something running, a human. She stopped running and turned. She was carrying food. She saw me, and the food dropped. My cannons lowered and I couldn't believe my eyes.
She was standing still, and then she ran over to me. I crouched down and she hugged my foot.
"I was looking for you." She was crying a little. "I knew you were okay. I knew you'd find me."
"I was too." I said, putting a delicate finger on her head. "Are you hurt? You're not alone, are you?" She shook her head and released the grasp on my foot.
"Katy and Sebby are with me. Ratchet has been looking after us. We're okay but Seb... He's not doing so well..." For the first time, a saw blood on her hands. I got a bad feeling in my gut and Blades suddenly trotted into the clearing where we were.
"Bee, I-" He saw Hannah and he nodded. "A human."
"Yeah." I said, watching Hannah go grab the food she dropped. "Ratchet is with them. There are three humans..." I trailed off because of a horrible thought coming into my head. Blades nodded again and looked at Hannah.
"Can you lead us to them?" She nodded. Then gestured to follow. We followed her, quietly. After a minute of weaving through destroyed apartments, we came to a large building. The side of it was blown off, but there was enough room for us to crouch under the first floor. We followed Hannah as she lead us deeper into the building. We came to a large room, the middle was cleared out, and in the corner of the room, sat two humans and an autobot. Ratchet was sitting, his head leaned forward, and Katy and Sebastian were curled up in his hand, asleep. I approached and put my hand on Ratchet's shoulder. His eyes lit up and he frowned at me.
"You surely took your time." The grumpy old autobot grunted. I lowered my eyes and he instantly picked up that something was wrong. "What is it Bumblebee?" He asked quietly. My voice wouldn't obey me, so Blades spoke up.
"We were ambushed by decepticons." He said. "We had to get away from them fast, and we found our way here. Bee, Arcee, Jazz and I all met up back at the ruins of NASA. Optimus was supposed to meet us there but he-" his voice wavered a little. "He hasn't shown for a day." Ratchet stared at Blades in fear, but also curiosity.
"Smokescreen. He was with us when I got separated from everyone. What has happened to him?" Blades' head lowered. "No... Please don't tell me that..." Blades shook his head. My voice finally obeyed me.
"He's hurt..." I said. "Bad... Optimus took Smoke with him and we haven't seen them... They're probably dead..." I fell to my knees, then sat on the floor, my head in my hands. In the entire war, I had never felt as defeated, as lost, as dreadful as this. Optimus was gone. Smoke was gone too. Arcee and Jazz were on their last legs. I was falling apart. Blades wouldn't last for much longer. Ratchet would surely die and then Hannah, Katy and Seb would die too. We will all be gone and the Earth will perish at the hand of the decepticons.
It was inevitable, really.
Hannah's touch on my foot yanked me out of my thoughts and I looked down at her. She was frowning up at me with large, watery eyes. She was baring her teeth.
"You can't give up on me now, Bee." She said, slamming her small hand on my metallic foot. "You just can't!" I leaned down by her face, and she laid her hand on my cheek. "I haven't given up, Bee. I may have lost it, yeah, but I haven't stopped hoping that this will end..." She trailed off and stared into my eyes. I returned her blue-eyed gaze and then nodded solemnly. She tapped my cheek and nodded as well. I stood up and looked at Blades, who was staring in awe at Hannah.
"I've never seen a human do that before..." I heard Blades mutter. Then, we heard a loud crash outside followed by blaster fire.

((Then I wake up, since the loud noise was my door closing abruptly. But I'm gonna continue this how I want it to continue.))

I jerked my head towards the sound and got to my feet.
"Wait here..." I said to Hannah. She frowned and nodded. Blades and I sprinted out of the cluttered building and we followed the sounds of the fight. We readied our weapons. I charged my cannons and bent my knees, dropping low to the ground. I could hear the fight a few meters away. Blades dropped down to the ground and put both hands down on the cracked earth. He closed his eyes and I watched him intently. Suddenly a tiny shockwave rippled out wards, expanding away from Blades' hands in a circle. A small whistle emitted from Blades as the wave expanded. The wave expanded out of sight, and after a couple of seconds, Blades looked up at me.
"Four sources of movement out there." Blades said to me. I nodded. "They could be cons. Let's break their necks!" He said with a beaming grin. I looked at him quizzically, but just nodded again and followed him as he sprinted.
We found a hole in the concrete wall that surrounded the apartment buildings. We jumped through it and I was greeted by a cannon blast to the face. I stumbled back, clutching the burned metal that stung my cheek. I growled and saw three cons. No surprise there. But then I saw a figure that I had never seen in my life. He was jet black, his armor riddled with line green spots and stripes. He was tall, about as tall as Optimus. The thing that surprised me most was that he was armed with a cannon on his right hand, and a giant sword in his left.
The large blade came down on the shoulder of a con, slicing the con's arm off. Blades ran on ahead of me, blocking a blow that would have hit the sword-wielding bot. I moved in, attacking the third con that seemed to be hanging back, far away from the viscous blade. I caught the con by its neck and swung it around. I threw my weight and sent the con hurtling across the ground. It skidded to a halt and regained a standing position. It started to fire at me with its cannons, I dodged the bullets and got close enough to where I could land a solid punch. As my fist scraped against the con's face, sparks scattered in all directions. The con flew back, but then regained his footing and lunged back at me. I recoiled and the con missed, his lunge turning into a clumsy tumble on the ground. I kicked his head back, and he dropped down flat on his back. He was dazed, so I quickly ended it by firing the con's spark chamber five times. The con jolted, sputtered, then stopped moving completely.
I looked up and around, seeing Blades and the sword-wielding bot closing in on the last con. They took the con out, and it was over.
"Well that was quick." Blades said, turning to me with a smile. Then he turned to the other bot. "I like how you fight. Nice sword by the way." The other bot raised an eyebrow, but shrugged.
"Thanks I guess." He said.
"What's your name?" I asked. The black bot turned to me.
"Laserbeam." He said, attaching his large sword to his back. For the first time, I noticed that there was no symbol on his armor anywhere. No decepticon symbol, no autobot symbol. But on his breastplate there were the letters...
A look of surprise and confusion distorted my face. Moving my face hurt though, the burnt metal on my cheek was restricting the movement of my expressions. Blades stared at me questioningly, but didn't say anything.
"I don't think it's smart to linger here." Laser said, turning his head in various directions, checking to see if we were alone. Blades nodded and looked towards where we found Ratchet and the kids.
"We should go, but first we need to get our friends." Blades ran off, then called back to me and Laser. "Bee, go get Arcee and Jazz. I think we should regroup!" Then he disappeared from sight.
I peered at Laser, who was staring at me. I suddenly felt the need to say something, but I quieted myself and I transformed. I revved my engine. Laserbeam got the hint, and I watched him transform.
He was a black Lamborghini, lime green streaks and spots littered the exterior, with wheels in a bright red paint. The interior of the sleek car was blood red. I revved my engine again as an acknowledgement.
I turned and sped off at top speed. Laser followed, keeping his distance from me, a smart thing to do if we were to be attacked. We soon arrived at the ruins of the NASA buildings without seeing any other vehicons. I wondered if the ones we had just taken out were scouts, looking for the remaining autobots to pick off. Though I knew we weren't going down without a fight.
We got to an open area and we transformed, Laserbeam standing at least three heads taller than me. I looked around, wanting to call out to Jazz and Arcee, but they didn't seem to be around here. Though I thought I left them here...
"I know you figured it out." Laserbeam said from behind me. I jumped a bit at the sudden tone of his words. "I'm not an autobot. Yeah, I'll explain later. Now can you tell me what we're looking for?" I turned to him.
"Autobots." I said, trying to think of a few words. This guy intimidated me for some odd reason. The aura around just felt... Aggravated. "They're my friends... They aren't hard to spot, really... We can't use comlinks or the decepticons'll hear us." Laser nodded and walked on ahead of me. I followed reluctantly, wondering if we should split up. No, splitting up always ends in disaster. I learned that the hard way on Cybertron.
I heard the familiar beat of Blades' rudders. I turned my head to see him approach, followed by Ratchet in his SUV form. I shot a glance at Laser, but his facial expression didn't give me any kind of window to his emotions. I shook off the tingle that ran down my center cord. I scanned the area, a new habit I was picking up.
Blades landed in front of me and Laser, and Ratchet skidded to a stop. The three kids hopped out of him, all huddled together. I ran over to them and crouched down to their eye levels. Hannah patted my forehead and I held out my hand as Katy ran over to hug it. Sebastian had his arms wrapped around his waist tightly and he looked pale. His short, thin frame looking even weaker than before. I leaned in closer to him, and his gold eyes met mine. He tapped his forehead softly to mine, and we shared the connection for a few seconds until breaking apart. Hannah swiftly walked over to Seb, wrapping her arms around him to keep him on his feet. He was struggling to stand.
Laser and Blades were having a hushed conversation, and every couple of seconds Blades would scan the area. I guess it was a new habit of his as well.
Ratchet was standing still, his eyes searching the broken buildings and the cracked earth around us. I was glad to have our medic back, though he wasn't the nicest bot in the galaxy, deep down I knew he cared a lot for us. If he didn't, would any of us still be alive?
I sat down and held my hand out to the young teens. Katy climbed onto my hand and hugged one of my fingers, while Hannah helped Seb. They all sat in a small bundle in my hand. Hannah was trying not to doze off, and Seb looked asleep already. Katy, leaned up against them, was staring up at me. She gave me a small smile.
"Thanks Bee." She said. I returned her smile and she closed her eyes, falling quickly asleep right after. I looked up and saw Blades and Laserbeam finish their conversation. Blades walked over to me and sat down. Laserbeam sprinted off and jumped, transforming in mid jump. He drove off, but I could still hear the roar of his engine as he raced out of sight.

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