Left Me In The Dark...How could you?!

Niall and his childhood best friend Lilly had been friends forever until, Lilly moved to the US when she was 15.Niall was heart broken,Lilly bring his crush and he thought he loved her.Soon Niall had not totally forgotten about LIlly,but she was at the back of his mind.At the age of 16 NIall goes on the X-Factor.Meen while Lilly became a singer on YouTube and she thought it would be a chance to on the X-Factor.When she is sitting back stage pracitcing her song and her guitar,Lilly saw Niall and his mum talking.Seeing him back stage brings back happy momeries of them as children.Lilly had thought about talking to him but does say anything.Niall had caught a glimes of her on stage performing an making it thouh but was to scared she wouldnt remember him or even care about him anymore.When Niall becaome apart of One Direction and Lilly goes on to be a solo artist.alonng the way now 17 Lilly had a LIttle sister Leah,Leah was turning 15 and was a big fan of One Direction.For her sisters 15 birthday Lilly had gotta her concert tickets to one of their concerts.They sat in the front row and had a great view of the boys.Liam had been walking on the stage high fiving some fans and saw Lilly,He had remembered her from all the stories Niall had told about her.Liam began to think Nialls birthday is in two days,Liam wanted Lilly and Niall to meet up again.At the end of the show Liam jumped down to the seats and went passed the guards and over to Lilly and Leah.So how they got to go back stage.Niall right away remembered Lilly and frooze...

Lilly remembered why she had moved from Ireland.It wasnt from anything about her mum and dad,She wanted to leave the pain Niall had caused her.At 13 Niall and Lilly were at a school party and Lilly was all alone when Niall had left her their when the power went out.She had been left in the dark all alone...Niall her best friend lefted her,Why?Was all Lilly thought about asking Niall.Many other horrible thing had happened to Lilly when Niall lefted her in the school gym.She chooses to let it go for now,but when Niall bronhs everything back up,what will happen?


2. Shopping For The Concert

Leah came down stairs wearing a long sleeved uk flag and some old ripped skinny jeans.I had on my shirt that say 'fuck you' on it and skinny jeans.We walked out to the car,"Hey,Why are you wearing a shirt that says fuck you?"Leah asked putting her seat belt on.I chuckled a little before answering."Because it's funny."And with that we didn't talk for half the car ride.Soon Leah turned the radio up to play One Direction Truly Madly Deeply.She was singing and dancing in her seat,I couldn't help but laugh."Hey Lilly,Sing with me I know you want too"I looked over at Leah and started singing."There ya go!"We sang along to the song until it ended.Soon another One Direction song came on.Live While We're Young."Oh my tits!!"Leah yelled."What the hell,Leah?"I laughed turning the song up and rollong the wingows down.I had a feeling Leah would do something stupid.Soon we pulled into the parking lot of the mall.We walked in still singing One Direction.There was a crowd of people standing there,I didn't pay it to much attention.Until I saw Leah make her way into the crowd, followed her and saw that it was Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik.Oh my god.I love Little Mix."Lilly?"Leah looked at me."Yes?''I answered,still shocked."Am I dreaming?"She looked over at Zayn then me."Nope"I heard a deep voice say.Me and Leah turned around and say a tall boy standing there.I looked up and it was Harry Styles."Oh shit!You're Harry Styles!"Leah said grabbing my arm.I couldn't say anything at all.

"Yes I am"Harry smiled.I turned around and Zayn and Perrie where still trying to get though te crowd.I looked around to make sure none of the other boys from the band where there.I did not want to run into Niall here."Could you please move"I heard a small voice say,I turned and say it was Perrie trying to get though.I moved back for her,She smiled and waved."Well,I have to go"Harry said walking back over to Zayn and Perrie.Leah looked at me and I almost fell to the ground."Freaking Harry Styles was....was right infront of me!"Leah shouted,covering her mouth right after.We both fangirled for a little before heading to a few shops.


I walked back to Zayn and Perrie after 'talking' to those two girls.Something about the one girl that just stood there reminded me of someone.I'll just ask Zayn if he knows.When I caught up with them we got back in the van and headed back to the flat.Zayn sat in the back with Perrie,Leaving me and Jade to sit in the front together.I didn't mind sitting with Jade,It's I don't know her all that well.I got in the drivers side and started the car."Hey,Zayn did you see th two girls I was talking to?"I asked pulling out of the parking lot. could see him in the review mirror and Perrie didn't look to happy."Yes I did,Why?"Zayn answered looking at me."Oh,It's just one of them reminded me of someone,That's it.''I started to drive a bit fasted,I told Niall I would get him some food.So I need to hurry.I soon got to a fast food place,got Niall's food and some other things for the boys and went bacl to the flat.

"Niall!Get your food!!"I shouted walking inside."Don't yell!Jeez."I heard Niall call out from his room,I walked in to find Niall on his laptop."Oh,Sorry mate.What ya doin'?"I ask setting the food down."Twitcam!"He answered poitnting to the webcam.I laughed sitting down next to him.I looked at the comments and many of them said 'Narry,Narry is real,Narry for ever' Silly little things like that."Hey guys!"I waved to the webcam."I got food!"I showed the bag dancing."Gimmie my food and get out."

"Ok,Ok,I'm leaving.Bye everyone love you!"I walked out of the room to seeing Leah-Anne and Jade kissing!"Oh my god!What the fuck are you doing?!"I shouted looking at everyone.Leah-Anne pulled away and looked at before saying "It's truth of dare"I looked at Zayn,who was smiling like a idiot."It didn't look like you had to did."I sat down next to Zayn."Well,Lets keep plating!Harry you're next!"Jesy laughed.I groaned at made a stupid face.

We played for a good 2 or 3 hours,Before I left to go check on Niall.He never did come out of his room.I walked in in his room to find Niall laying face down on his bed cry."Niall?Mate what's wrong?"I ran over to his bed,I was trying to get him to answer me but hr wouldn't.I ran out to get Liam,Thinking he's the only one who can get Niall to cheer up."Liam,Niall is crying and he won't answer!"I pulled on his sleeve like a little kid.Liam looked at me and got up."Ok,Let go and I'll try to talk to him."He walked into Niall's room along with me."Niall?Are you alright?"Liam softly asked.

"No."Niall muttered."Why?"I asked standing next to Liam."Because...A fan...A fan said some crap a-about Lilly,They said they go to her school.And told me I-I-I I should go kill myself and one will care."He started crying harder.I felt so bad,I hate when any of he boys get hate.But I can't do anything to stop it."Oh,Niall don't listen to them,We love you."Liam says sitting next to him.I started thinking about the two girls about the mall."Uh,Niall,I know you probably don't want to talk about her,But I might have saw her today..."I trailed off looking at the ground."She didn't talk much and her sister is a big fan..."I contunied looking up."It couldn't of been her anyways,I don't know.You'll have to tell me..."

"What do you mean?"Niall asks looking up.He blue eyes where and his noise was runny."I mean you're getting dressed and we're goin' to the mall!''I started walking out of his room."But I-"I closed the door before he finished."EVERYONE WE'RE GOING BUT TO THE MALL,SO GET READY!!"I yelled.


After about four shops I couldn't find anything I wanted to wear to the concert,On the other hand Leah had bought eight bags of clothes.I will say I do spoile her,Why woundn't I?Our parents left for a 'trip' and never came back."Leah,How many shops do you think we can go to?"I asked sitting down on a bench."A few more you still have to get a fancy outfit and we have to get your hair done!"She grabbed my wrist pulling me into a dress shop."Leah!"I laughed,We walked around for a bit before Leah called me over to a dress.I walked over to her and there was a white sleeveless dress that faded down into blue with the members of One Direction on it."Lilly!You are going to wear this!It's the best way to get Niall's attention."Leah went on and on about how I should by this dress.I gave in at about 12 minutes into her little speach."Ok,Ok,Just shut up."I grabbed the dress went to the dressing room and tried it on.It fit pretty well and I will addimit I liked the dress.

"Get your ass out of there"Leah yelled.I laughed walking out of the dressing room."Oh wow,You look amazayn!"Leah gasped.I laughed spining in a circle."Ok,We are getting tthis!"Leah pushed me back in the dressing room.I laughed taking the dress and putting my normal clothes.Walking out of the room.I saw Leah talking to a very tall boy.Shrugging it off I bought the dress and waited for Leah.I thought about texting her I was leaving to go to look around.I pulled out my phone.

"Hey gurly,I'm gonna look around a bit.Just text me when you're done with your new boyie friend.Haha"She didn't reply.But I went on anyways,Just buying random outfits.Until I got a text from Leah.

"Omfg!!He wants to go on a date!I said yes!Aaahhhh I need new dress now.He's 6 foot 8.Like omg he's tall,But I loooove it."Leah texted and texted about him.His name is Josh he has three brothers that all start with a 'J' but I forgot.He has blue eyes,dirty blonde hair and glasses.To me he soundes pretty cute.

I walked around until I got into a pet shop.There was a cute little puppy,She was all white with gray spots.I asked the worker how much she was,He said $50 but for all the things she'll need he said $80.I thought for a minute before buying the little cutie.She was so cute jumping around when I picked her up.We walked around for awhile until I found out a name for her."Aahh,Sophie!That's it."I laughed picking her up and walking in to one more shop,Before I went to go look for Leah.

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