Left Me In The Dark...How could you?!

Niall and his childhood best friend Lilly had been friends forever until, Lilly moved to the US when she was 15.Niall was heart broken,Lilly bring his crush and he thought he loved her.Soon Niall had not totally forgotten about LIlly,but she was at the back of his mind.At the age of 16 NIall goes on the X-Factor.Meen while Lilly became a singer on YouTube and she thought it would be a chance to on the X-Factor.When she is sitting back stage pracitcing her song and her guitar,Lilly saw Niall and his mum talking.Seeing him back stage brings back happy momeries of them as children.Lilly had thought about talking to him but does say anything.Niall had caught a glimes of her on stage performing an making it thouh but was to scared she wouldnt remember him or even care about him anymore.When Niall becaome apart of One Direction and Lilly goes on to be a solo artist.alonng the way now 17 Lilly had a LIttle sister Leah,Leah was turning 15 and was a big fan of One Direction.For her sisters 15 birthday Lilly had gotta her concert tickets to one of their concerts.They sat in the front row and had a great view of the boys.Liam had been walking on the stage high fiving some fans and saw Lilly,He had remembered her from all the stories Niall had told about her.Liam began to think Nialls birthday is in two days,Liam wanted Lilly and Niall to meet up again.At the end of the show Liam jumped down to the seats and went passed the guards and over to Lilly and Leah.So how they got to go back stage.Niall right away remembered Lilly and frooze...

Lilly remembered why she had moved from Ireland.It wasnt from anything about her mum and dad,She wanted to leave the pain Niall had caused her.At 13 Niall and Lilly were at a school party and Lilly was all alone when Niall had left her their when the power went out.She had been left in the dark all alone...Niall her best friend lefted her,Why?Was all Lilly thought about asking Niall.Many other horrible thing had happened to Lilly when Niall lefted her in the school gym.She chooses to let it go for now,but when Niall bronhs everything back up,what will happen?


1. Getting Pass The Past

I'm Lilly Anderson,I'm 17 I have grey-ish green eyes a little belly medium boobs and a nice bum.I live in Miami,Florida,I moved here when I was 15.I moved from all my friends from Mullingar,Ireland.I had one friend who was more than a friend.His name is Niall,and he got on the X-Factor and put in a band called One Direction.I entered in too,and became a solo artist.My 15 year old sister is in love with One Direction.The only thing she doesnt know is that I was friends with a member of that oh so famous band.

I remember when I got to the X-Factor sudio and there where thousands of people there.After about 6 hours over waiting I was about 20 minutes away from performing,I sat back on the soft chair and played my guitar and softly sang over Bribry's Child.I looked over and saw Niall and his mum talking,I noitced he was next.I was going to wish him lucked but I couldn't move.I snapped back to what I was doing and watched as he performed.It was so good!I saw Niall walk off the stage with a big smile,probablly one of the bigest smiles,on his face.After about 15 minutes I was up in 5 minutes.I got my things and handed them to my mum,she smiled and wished me luck as I walked up to the stage.Simon was staring at me the whole time,It scared the crap out of me.When I finished people started clapping and so did the judges.I was happy knowing I'd be going on in the compation.

Soon after Niall and 4 other boys where put into a band,One of the boys called them One Direction.And I guess they all liked it.Though out the whole compation I never spoke to Niall or even saw him much.When the finally came I placed 4th and One Directoin placed 3rd.After the show I still did my YouTube channel and did covers on some of the best songs.I didn't keep tabs on the whole One Direction thing.But my sister did,And it was very annoying at times."Lilly!!Oh my god!Lilly get down here now!"Leah called from down stairs.I walked out of my room and down the stairs,"What do you want?"I asked when I saw Leah in the living room holding something in her hands."Oh my god!I got One Direction concert tickets!"She screamed and fell on the couch.I took a second to think,Oh my god.She found the ticket!Crap,that was gonna be her birthday gift from me."Oh,Um Leah.I got you those for your birthday and I didn't want you to find them."I said walking over to the couch adn sitting next to her.

"What do you mean?You spent that much money on me?!Oh my god you're the best sister ever!"She gave me a big hug,I chuckled and hugged her back."I know."We walked into the kitchen to get some lunch,When the news turned on.The lady started talking,"The famous boy band One Direction,had gotten into a little trouble with the police.The oldest member Louis Tomlinson and the only Irish one Niall Horan,Where cuaght drunk outside of their hotel at 4 in the morning.But lucky for them their body guard had told the officer he would take the boys in and make sure it wuld never happen again.Now to all you fans lets hope it doesn't because they might not be so lucky next time."Leah ran over to the tv and quickly turned it off.She turned back and looked at me,I shrugged and walkeed back to the kitchen.She got off the couch and walked into the kitchen.

I opened the fridge and grabbed all the ingrence for a cake.When I had all the stuff I started to put together."Hey sis,What did you do when we lived in Ireland?Like did you know Niall?I mean we lived in the same block.I wanna know!"Leah asked/whinned helping me by turning the stove on."I didn't know him,And I went to school like your doing tomorrow!"I laughed putting the pan in to oven.She pouted and got her bag to start her homework."So,you didn't know Niall?And this girl he always talks about isn't you?The way he described her kinda sounded like you.Just sayin'"

"Can you shut up and do you're work?Just sayin'"I said sitting down at the table with Leah,"Fine!"We did her homework and frosted the cake together,But things gotta little out of hand.And but that I mean,we where both covered in frosting as well as the cake."You go take a bath to get cleaned up and I'll clean the kitchen."I told Leah and she ran upstairs adn soon I heard the shower start.I went into the living room and turned the tv back on to see what was on.An interview with One Direction,I thought about telling Leah but I didn't her to run out of the bath to see some teens in skinny jeans.Like my joke?...No....Okay...It started with all the boys saying their names.So let me get this straight,Harry is the one with a mop of curls on his head,Liam has a buzz cut,Louis has a kinda girly voice,Zayn has a quiff,and Niall is the only Irish.Okay I got this."So,Niall we have heard some stories about this girl you where friends with back home.What's so imporant about her?"The interviewer asked out of nowhere."Oooh" Some of the other boys said pushing Niall a little.I saw that he was blushing a little."Oh,There was a girl I was close friends with until she moved.I really liked her but I never told her and I saw her at the X-Factor onece or twice but didn't think it was her.I found out it was her and she now does a YouTube channel and I wanted to talk to her but I don't know how.Or even if she remembers me.I would like to have told her how I felt about her before she moved but I didn't have to time too.So now I kinda want to."

"And do you remember her name?"The lady asked again."Yes I do,Her name is Lilly"Oh my tits!He's crazy!"And would you mind telling us her last last name?We could help find her if you want us too."He better not tell them."Anderson,Lilly Anderson.And I don't think you could she moved somewhere in the US,and I don't know where."Son of a tits!I'm gonna have to kill him!"FUCK!"I shouted walking into the kitchen with the tv still on.I started to clean up some of the mess and listen to the interview."Okay Niall thank you,So if Lilly's watching she could contact us by email ad we could see if we could set up a date for her and Niall"I walked into the living room and shut the tv off.Soon I was done cleaning and went to my room to change."Lilly!I watched the interview on the laptop!You lair!YOU LOVED HIM AND HE LOVED YOU TOO!!!"Leah ran in my room screaming and yelling.I turned around on in my bra and panties."If you don't get out I'll flash you!"I promised I will."No!Your telling me EVERYTHING about Nialler,Right now!"She sat on my bed and just sat there waiting.

"Listen,I don't wanna talk about it.I just want to get pass the past,He did horrible things tha I can't forgive him for.And I dont care if he liked or still does like me.He can suck it!"I pulled my shirt over my head,then pulled my pants up."Now get dressed we're going to the mall"I walked out of my room and down stairs waiting for Leah.
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