Left Me In The Dark...How could you?!

Niall and his childhood best friend Lilly had been friends forever until, Lilly moved to the US when she was 15.Niall was heart broken,Lilly bring his crush and he thought he loved her.Soon Niall had not totally forgotten about LIlly,but she was at the back of his mind.At the age of 16 NIall goes on the X-Factor.Meen while Lilly became a singer on YouTube and she thought it would be a chance to on the X-Factor.When she is sitting back stage pracitcing her song and her guitar,Lilly saw Niall and his mum talking.Seeing him back stage brings back happy momeries of them as children.Lilly had thought about talking to him but does say anything.Niall had caught a glimes of her on stage performing an making it thouh but was to scared she wouldnt remember him or even care about him anymore.When Niall becaome apart of One Direction and Lilly goes on to be a solo artist.alonng the way now 17 Lilly had a LIttle sister Leah,Leah was turning 15 and was a big fan of One Direction.For her sisters 15 birthday Lilly had gotta her concert tickets to one of their concerts.They sat in the front row and had a great view of the boys.Liam had been walking on the stage high fiving some fans and saw Lilly,He had remembered her from all the stories Niall had told about her.Liam began to think Nialls birthday is in two days,Liam wanted Lilly and Niall to meet up again.At the end of the show Liam jumped down to the seats and went passed the guards and over to Lilly and Leah.So how they got to go back stage.Niall right away remembered Lilly and frooze...

Lilly remembered why she had moved from Ireland.It wasnt from anything about her mum and dad,She wanted to leave the pain Niall had caused her.At 13 Niall and Lilly were at a school party and Lilly was all alone when Niall had left her their when the power went out.She had been left in the dark all alone...Niall her best friend lefted her,Why?Was all Lilly thought about asking Niall.Many other horrible thing had happened to Lilly when Niall lefted her in the school gym.She chooses to let it go for now,but when Niall bronhs everything back up,what will happen?


3. Author's Note

Hey guys!So I just wanted to tell you guys you can go read some of my other stories I have out.'One Way Or Another' on wattpad by ZiallForEverxoxox ,'We Was Adopted By One Direction' on OneDirectionFanFiction.com ,But me and the co-author are still thinking about if we should keep writing it ,and I will be making imagines on tumblr.So you can go follow me if you want to ZiallerForEverxoxoxoxox.tumblr.com ,on I have a twitter where I follow everyone back and tweet stupid shit, @Niallkingofswag ,so go follow me if you want bye!!
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