This is me.

Winter has always had a hard life. From running away from home, to the emotional abuse, to failing school. Just when things seem to go even further downhill, the new kid in town decides to take interest in her. Everyone knows the kind of trouble she gets into, so why do he want her? Will this start something new? Can she finally turn her life around?


3. He'd be proud

So after a long and agonizing day of nothing but shopping, Britt and I returned to my apartment where we thankfully avoided Harry. We set down our many bags from Wet Seal, Vanity, Deb's, and even Hot Topic, then plopped on the couch. I looked over to my bed where floral prints, vibrant colors, and soft fabrics met into a jumble. 
I looked back at Britt and sighed. She said, "Bitch, why you be sighing so loud? Our day isn't over yet!" 
I groaned and said, "What else needs done?!" 
She looked over and grinned evilly at me, "you, my friend, are getting a haircut. Now."
We walked around town until she could find the corniest little salon that reeked of acrylic nails and hairspray. Britt went and talked to the salon person and then led me over to a chair where she proceeded to put a stupid cape on me. She washed my hair then took me back to the chair where she cut off two inches, letting it sit just below my ribs. I was satisfied with how it looked, but Brittney wasn't. 
"Just one last thing please? Make it blond!" 
I began to protest, but Brittney said, "just shut up. She doesn't know what's good for her." She ended the sentence with a wink in my direction. 
After the chemicals needed to make my hair a dark blond were mixed, she began to cover my hair with it, making the entire shop reek. I sat under the hair dryer for twenty minutes before she finally pulled the foil out of my hair and washed it all out. I couldn't really see how light it was when it was wet, but as it began to dry, I saw how light it really was. 
The face I saw at the end of the process looked foreign to me. My eyes looked bluer, my skin tanner, and my cheeks rosier. It made me seem more feminine in a way, less tough. I knew then that I wouldn't miss my black hair. 
Britt walked over to me, placed her hands on my shoulders, and said, "Now look at you, you beautiful bitch."
I smiled and said, "Thanks, you crazy slut."
We laughed as we went up to the counter to pay the bill. As we left, I bumped into a small man with blond-tipped hair. I stuttered an apology before I got a good look at his face. 
"Niall?" I asked. 
He looked up, starry eyed and nodded. His roots were brown, making his crystal blue eyes stand out. I thought he was a natural blond? Oh well, I guess everything is not what it seems. 
He waved silently then moved deeper into the salon. Brittney caught my eye and ushered me out the door. 
On the way Back home, Britt updated me on "Girl 101", a class I never imagined I'd need to take. She told me how to act, what to say, how to look, and things that needed to change about me. 
"The hardest thing you're gonna have to do is cut the weed. You need to stop if you want to be with Harry, he doesn't like stoners," she said with a playful nudge. 
I nodded in agreement, it needed to go. I wanted Harry, and I needed to quit. It wasn't doing me any good, anyway. When we got home, I flushed my stash and threw the paraphernalia in the trash, even my lighter. 
If Harry knew the sacrifices I'm making to be with him, he'd be proud. 

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