This is me.

Winter has always had a hard life. From running away from home, to the emotional abuse, to failing school. Just when things seem to go even further downhill, the new kid in town decides to take interest in her. Everyone knows the kind of trouble she gets into, so why do he want her? Will this start something new? Can she finally turn her life around?


4. Back to school, again.

The entire day, Sunday, was spent sitting on the couch watching tv. Around noon, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam all went over to Harry's house. And, not that I was eavesdropping since the walls were paper thin, they began to talk about school. Soon, I Heard Niall's voice over all of the others, "So I saw Winter coming out of the salon today..." 

"That reminds me, I like your hair, Niall," said who I assumed to be Zayn. The boys laughed and Niall got serious. 

"No, I'm serious! I saw her! She looked... Completely different, but it was her!" Insisted Niall. 

"Whatever you say, you little leprechaun" said Harry with a joking tone. 

Niall sighed and said no more. The boys fell quiet and I heard Liam mumble an excuse too quiet to hear, then I heard the door open. He must have left. Soon it opened and closed again. Two more times, until Harry was left alone. I heard him sigh before shuffling of getting up off the couch and going into another room. 

I sighed as well and got up to lay my outfit for tomorrow. A sparkly pink miniskirt with a baby blue top paired with black strappy pumps. I decided to fishtail my hair to the side and put on some bronze eyeshadow and plain lipgloss. After I was satisfied, I went back into the living room an began to clean. My OCD didn't let me stop until the place was completely spotless, everything on the counter exactly two inches apart, everything in the bathroom one. I laid on the couch and thought about Harry. I closed my eyes and before I knew it, my alarm clock was going off in the other room. I got up and checked the time as I shut it off. I must've stayed up later than I expected if I managed to sleep through the night. 

I put on the outfit I had laid out the night before and did my hair exactly as planned, my makeup too. I looked perfect. I ate some breakfast before grabbing my bag an heading out the door. I mentally prepared myself for what would happen as I stepped out into the school parking lot. What happened was completely unexpected. 

Everyone stopped doing what they were doing and turned towards me. I paused for a second, then continued to walk towards the school with my head lowered. I heard people whispering my name but I kept walking. I raised my head and couldn't see Harry or any of the boys, so I rushed to my locker and got my textbook for first period. The halls were unusually quiet, and bare. I think everyone's still in the parking lot, discussing the change and explaining what they saw to the people who just showed up. Eventually, I heard the voices of the boys in the hall. 

"Do you think it's true?" Asked Liam. 

"Why would she want to change like that, though? It doesn't make sense..." Said Louis. 

"Maybe she got tired of being the school slut" laughed Zayn. 

Harry got defensive, " Hey. You don't know anything about her, stop talking like you do. Maybe she just wanted to change."

"Oh please, you're just saying that cuz you like her," snapped Zayn. 

"Me liking her has nothing to do with the fact that she might just be trying to be a better person." Said Harry. 

Ive heard enough. I walked out with my head lowered and tried not to make it seem like I was listening in when I reached the doorway, I looked up and met their eyes. Zayn looked upset, Harry indifferent, Liam embarrassed, Louis shocked and Niall ha that I told you so look on his face. I blushed and opened my mouth like I was gonna say something, but nothing came out. I saw Harry smile and check me out, which made me blush even harder.  

He turned to his boys, walking backwards towards me, and said, "Lets just find out." He took my hand and began to walk down the hall. He moved to wrap his arm around my waist as he pulled me into a supply closet. The only thing that crossed my mind was, what if he wants to hook up? Would I let him? Do I want to? He pushed me up against the wall and stared into my eyes. He tipped his head in so that our foreheads were touching. His eyes fluttered closed ten snapped open, their shocking green color mixing in with mine. He bit his lip and pulled my body closer with the one hand he still had around my waist. He leaned in close enough that I could feel his hot breath on my face. Then he whispers into my ear, "Why?"

I looked at him, and knew I had to tell the truth. I whispered in his ear, "You..." 

He pressed his cheek against mine and I felt him smile. I knew that he liked me, and he obviously knew that I liked him... So why hasn't he kissed me yet? He pulled away, keeping one hand on the wall and the other on my waist. I tried standing up, but he pushed me back against the wall, apparently not done with me yet. I giggled and he did a sexy half smile. Then, just to ruin the moment, the warning bell rang, letting us know we only had four minutes to get to class without being tardy. 

He looked at me again, then leaned in. I closed my eyes and waited for it. I heard a chuckle so I opened my eyes a little, and his were right in front of me. I could feel his nose brush against mine and I knew he was going to kiss me. He closed his eyes, so I did the same. Finally, after what seemed like ages, I felt his lips brush against mine, sending tingles throughout my body.  I reached my hand forward to put it on his arm, but then he pulled away. Our lips never made full contact, so that's not technically a kiss. 

He reached around to open the door then took my hand and walked out, me in tow. People now flooded the halls, giving Harry and I strange looks. He ignored them, so I tried to, too. This was gonna be a hard day. 

I sat through first period history without any rude comments being made, but when I walked into second period math, Aaron was there. Remembering how he and I hooked up a week ago, I quickly sat down in the desk nearest me, but he wanted to be closer. He came and sat in the seat right beside mine. He tried talking to me, but I ignored him. The lack of attention he was getting set him off, so he began calling me names. Nasty names. Then came the threats... When the bell rang, I rushed out of the room and found Harry. 

He welcomed me with a huge hug that nearly suffocated me. I felt the tears form in my eyes, the familiar sting threatening humiliation. Harry pulled away, and the smile faded on his face faded quickly. 

"What's wrong, love?" He asked, eyes full of concern. 

I just shook my head and smiled. "Nothing," I responded. 

He kissed my forehead then whispered, "Don't lie to me..."

I bit my lip and looked around before saying, "Come to my apartment tonight and ill tell you.."

He nodded, gave me one final hug, then walked me to third period. He lingered before letting go of my hand; goodbye written in his eyes. Third period algebra went by slowly. I kept checking the clock, but it hardly seemed to move. When the bell finally rang, I ignored all of the strange looks as I pretty much ran to Harry's locker. He smiled at me and moved a strand of hair that had come out of my braid behind my ear. He looked puzzled, a crinkle forming in between his eyebrows. 

"What?" I asked. 

He just shook his head then played with my braid. "This!" He said. 

Now I looked confused. He laughed before pulling the elastic out of the end. He undid the braid and let my hair flow around my shoulders. "There," he said, "much better."  I blushed and pushed my bangs out of the way. He bit his lip and played with a strand of my newfound locks. He smiled and said, "You look so beautiful..." Then turned to walk away, leaving me in mystery at what else he was going to say. 

I was already late for fourth period gym when I walked through the door, but the teacher wasn't there, so nobody had to know. I quickly changed before running out into the gym to stretch. We're playing soccer today. 

A new pair of Nike's walked in front of me, the fell. I quickly looked up to see the face behind the laugh that filled the gym. 


How had I never noticed he was in this class?  I turned to see who tripped him: Louis! Wow. I must be pretty oblivious to everything around me if I hadn't noticed these two in my class. I wonder what other surprises the day would bring?

After fourth period was lunch. I don't eat lunch, so I went to go sit by Harry and the boys. They did most of the talking so I just sat, listened, and laughed (when appropriate).

Then came the question nobody had asked yet: "are you two dating?" It came out of Zayn's mouth and Harry almost choked on his Pepsi. I just looked down at my hands. I couldn't describe what was going on here! Were we dating? If not, what was that stunt he pulled with the supply closet?

Harry wiped his mouth and swallowed his pop before looking at me and asking, "I dunno, are we?"

I looked up into his painfully green eyes and shrugged before saying, "Do you want to be?" After the question I but my lip, waiting for his response. 

He just laughed and stood up. Before I knew what he was doing, he stood up on the table and began a speech:

"Ladies and gentlemen, I know I'm new to this school and don't know a great amount of you, but I would like your attention for a short while."

Louis covered his face with his hands and Zayn just had an expression on his face that said, "who is this guy?" I laughed as Liam got up and dumped his tray. Niall just sat with a look of amusement on his face. 

"A lot of you know Winter Nicole," he continued, "And I'm pretty sure you all know the reputation she has. 'Sleeping around with guys', 'popping pills', and 'attempting suicide'. Do you really know if that's all true? Have any of you bothered to get to know her to find out WHY she's like that? No. None of you. You just continue to bully her and lead her to do more of these things." He put all of the things I'm known for in quotations with his fingers then continued to say with a wink, " Well I, Harry Edward Styles, am going to take a chance. I'm going to get to know her, and if you pick on her any more, you'll have to deal with Zayn!"

Zayn looked up like "WTF dude!" 

Harry looked down and gave Zayn a cheesy grin as if to apologize. Then he looked down at me. 

"Winter," he continued, "would you do me the honor of being my date to homecoming?" 

I blushed and looked at all of the faces staring at me, waiting for an answer. 

I nodded as Harry reached out his hand for me to join him up on the table. I took it and wobbled my way up in my heels. He locked his fingers in between mine and gently squeezed it, as if he was letting me know this was okay. 

He looked at me long and hard before bringing me in to a big hug. I heard scoffs and whispers as people returned to their lunches. 

Niall helped me off the table while Harry jumped down and grabbed me around the waist, picked me up, and spun me around. I laughed and clung to his shoulders. When he set me down, he gave me a kiss on the cheek that ignited my bones. 

For the first time, I was looking forward to the dance. 

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