Evelyn is an 18 year old girl who unexpectedly meets Harry Styles and he introduces her to the rest of the band. She is going through a rough time with her family and her ex. Harry is there for her when nobody else is and shes afraid she might be falling for him.


3. Her face

Harry's point of view
"Evelyn?!" I shouted I bent down so that I could hold her. She was bleeding from multiple places. Mainly her sides and places on her face. There was a big gash in the middle of her head and blood was streaming out. I didnt know what to do. I began to panick. I let out a sob. Just then Brad lunged for me. He was on too of me now. He punched me over and over. He was strong.. But I was stronger. I threw him off of me and grabbed him by the shirt "get out of here" i said. I threw him on the ground and he scurried away. I looked at Evelyn.. Her pale face.. Her dark hair was matted and tangled. I picked her up and took her to the hospital. "What happened?" The nurse asked taking Evelyn to a room. "She was attacked by someone" i barely managed through my tears. I barely knew her and she already meant so much to me. "She has two broken ribs and it looks like one has punctured something inside and she might have some internal bleeding.. Lets get a doctor to look at her... Are you an immediate family memeber sir?" The nurse asked. "Well. No but-" she cut me off. "You have to wait out here" she said walking away. There was no way i was going to the waiting room. I wouldn't leave her. Not like this. Once the nurse had gone down the hallway i snuck back into the room Evelyn was staying in. Her beautiful face was twisted in pain... She was still unconscious. I moved a piece of hair out of her face. She was so beautiful. My fingertips were tingly and warm from the brief feeling of her skin on mine. I had a connection with her that i had never felt before. The doctor came in later. "What have we here?" He asked looking at Evelyn. "What happened?" He asked. The doctor was a handsome man in his thirties. He had blonde hair and greenish brown eyes. "She was attacked" i said quietly. "By the same guy who gave you a beating?" The doctor askedy. I nodded. "I gave him the beating" i said quietly the doctor nodded. "You look pretty roughed up." The doctor said. "Can we not focus on me. Focus on her" i said a little irritated. The doctor nodded. An hour later he told me she needed surgery for something with her rib. They took her. It felt like an eternity before she came Back. But she did. That was the important part. I gently kissed her forehead and her eyes fluttered open. "Harry?" She mumbled. "Im here" I said softly. She looked at me and smiled. "Thank you" she whispered.
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