Evelyn is an 18 year old girl who unexpectedly meets Harry Styles and he introduces her to the rest of the band. She is going through a rough time with her family and her ex. Harry is there for her when nobody else is and shes afraid she might be falling for him.


2. Awakening to trouble

I woke up the next morning in a white room... A hotel room? The pillows were extremely fluffy. I sat up and felt a giant throbbing pain in my head. A boy with curly brown hair and soft green eyes leaned over me "are you feeling alright?" He asked. He had a sexy British accent and a deep concerning voice. "I-I think so" i managed. "Do you know your name?" He asked softly. "Evelyn" i said confidently. "Evelyn what?" He asked a small smile playing on his lips. "Evelyn Chambers" I replied instantly. A full smile spread across his lips. I looked T his facial features. He was perfection... And familiar... Where had i seen him before. "Nice to meet you. I'm Harry" he said gently. "Where am i? What happened?" I asked looking around. He chuckled. "Well.. um, You tripped and fell. It was pretty ugly.. You passed out. I was the only person on the street and I ran to you and brought you to the hotel I'm staying in. You stayed in my room.You were passed out all night. The you woke up and we are talking" he said smiling at the last part. I nodded. "Where did you sleep?" I asked a little defensively. He chuckled "not with you if that's what you're wondering love. I slept in the room next door." He said shaking his fluffy hair. It looked so soft... That didn't explain why he looked familiar. "Why do you look so familiar?" I asked squinting. "Probably because I'm in a band. One Direction" he said chuckling. He was so cute. A soon as he said band it instantly clicked. "Harry Styles" i said giggling. He nodded. "Is there someone you need to call?" He asked. The concern back on his face. "My mom." I said reaching in my pocket for my phone. I called her. "Evelyn! I was so worried! Where have you been?" She asked. I sighed and explained what happened. "Come home as soon as you can" she said. I agreed and hung up. "I need to go home." I said Harry nodded. Just then another boy walked in "is sleeping beauty awake yet?" He asked. He was scorchingly sexy. He had a dark complexion with the biggest brown eyes i had ever seen in my life. His hair was styled to perfection. He was the stereo type look for a dark mysterious bad boy. I almost stopped breathing. "Yes" Harry said warmly. "Great. I'm Zayn. It's very nice to meet you...?" He trailed off. "Evelyn" i said shyly. He nodded "pretty name" he said winking. Harry tensed beside me. Weird. Zayn had a British accent also.. But it was a different kind.. It sounded heavier. Then a blonde boy with innocent blue eyes walked in. "I'm Niall" he said smiling. "Evelyn" i said smiling. "Nice to meet you" Niall said picking up a bag of chips. Next a boy with blueish green eyes and brown hair walked in. "Harold... Have you seen Kevin?" He asked. Harry laughed. "No man. Sorry" "I'm Louis. Pleased to meet you. Harry over her wouldn't shut up about how beautiful you are.. He wasn't lying" "I'm Evelyn" i said laughing "Louis shut up!" Harry said covering Louis' mouth. Then a boy with short brown hair and warm brown eyes walked in. He was wearing a plaid shirt. "I'm Liam" he said shaking my hand. He seemed very.. Mature.. Compare to the rest of them who were at this point wrestling on the floor. "Evelyn." I said smiling. "I need to go home. Now." I said getting up. "I will drive you" Harry said stand up. I nodded. We got in the car and it was silent at first other than me giving him directions. "You Didn't talk to The lads much." He said "I didn't have time. I needed to leave." I said "Do you really think I'm Beautiful?" I asked in a small voice. We were a block away from my house by now. Harry pulled over and stopped the car. I looked at him questioningly. "Do i think you're beautiful? Is that a serious question? Yes. You are so beautiful. One of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen. When i saw you fall on the street, i was almost excited because it gave me a chance to meet you." He said. He leaned close to me "you are beautiful" he whispered. Then he kissed me.. Boom. Fireworks. Just like how they say they feel in the movies. I kissed him back. Turning our heads this way and that to deepen the kiss. We kissed hungrily his mouth molded to mind perfectly. I had never had a kiss like this before. Not with anyone. The kiss began to soften then finally we pulled away. He smiled "that... Was amazing" he said breathlessly. I smiled and looked out the window. I froze. Brad was standing two feet away from the car and had seen everything. "Lock the doors" i whispered. But it was too late. Brad flung the passenger side door open and pulled me out by the arm. "What the hell is this!?" He screamed at me gesturing toward Harry. "Brad.. I-I'm sorry.. I never meant to..." I trailed off. Harry got out of the car. "Evelyn, whats going on?" He asked concerned. "NEVER MEANT TO WHAT!?" Brad screamed. "Hurt you" i whispered feeling the tears spill out of my eyes and stream down my face. "Don't lie to me you whore!" Brad yelled taking a step toward me. Harry's eyes narrowed in fury. "Don't speak to her that way" he said defensively. "I will do whatever i please. I will speak to MY PROPERTY however i please." He said grabbing me by the hair. He pulled and pulled. I felt the tears as they kept coming and wouldn't stop. "Please" i whispered. "Please what?" He snarled "I'm sorry" i whispered "sorry isnt good enough" he said. "Let go of her! What is wrong with you?!" Harry yelled pleading. "I'm not finished with her" Brad said. He turned me around and smashed his lips into mine. He pulled away and then threw me to the ground. I started to crawl away but then he started to kick me. That was the las straw for Harry. All of a sudden Brad was on the ground and Harry was on top of him punching hi repeatedly. "Stop!" I yelled. I pulled Harry by the arm and Harry turned to look at me. "Stop" i whispered through my tears. Harry nodded. "Evelyn. Are you alright?" Harry asked. "I think so...." I said right before i passed out.
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