Quiet Girl Caught HIS Eye

Emily is the quiet girl in her class that has only one friend. But usually that girl is left alone by others...right? Well Not Emily she is constantly bullied about how skinny she is and how quiet she is. When 5 new guys come into school she is scared she will become the victom of 5 new people..... What will happen? Will she get bullied more? Will there be love? Read to find out.


2. New Kids.

"Emily wake up!" my mom yelled shaking me viciously. "i'm up" I laughed raising my hands above my head in surrender. "Breakfast is on the table... bye honey" she yelled halfway down the stairs. I walked to  my humongous closet(in case you didn't know my family is basically rich) picking out a purple tank-top and with a black skirt and purple leggings. I put my black toms on and walked out the door. "DEANNA" I shrieked walking towards the bus stop. "hai girl, please tell me you ate this morning." She said with concern as the bus pulled up "nope" I smiled hopping onto the bus. -skip boring bus ride-  "see you in bio" I said as we walked our separate ways. -At locker- I turned around hearing people looking at me, whispering, "what?" I asked quietly. "um nothing. Could you show us to the biology 11 classroom please?" "um sure that's where i'm going now, um come on." As we walked I had a small conversation with the 5 boys following me and found out the one wearing stripes is Louis. The curly haired one was Harry. The blonde one was Niall. The tannest one was Zayn. and the one with short brown hair was Liam. -classroom- I sat in the corner near the window and stared at the drizzling rain hitting lightly against the window. I heard someone sit next to me... weird. I looked over to see Louis staring at me, "hi" he said, "um hai" I softly said. "why are you so skinny?" he questioned worriedly. "I don't usually eat and I am not that skinny." I simply stated. "Want to have lunch with us today?" He asked happily. I laughed "is this a joke? are you trying to commit social suicide? Nobody likes me if you haven't noticed. "Oh. Well that doesn't matter' then he got down on one knee, "Emily will you do the honor of having lunch with us? please." I laughed "Ok, Ok I give up, yes."

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