Quiet Girl Caught HIS Eye

Emily is the quiet girl in her class that has only one friend. But usually that girl is left alone by others...right? Well Not Emily she is constantly bullied about how skinny she is and how quiet she is. When 5 new guys come into school she is scared she will become the victom of 5 new people..... What will happen? Will she get bullied more? Will there be love? Read to find out.


3. Lunch

Me and Deanna walked into the cafeteria getting the usual stares and whispers, but we still went on and laughed even though I was hurting badly inside. I watch her stare at her 'group' as they were laughing uncontrollably."Go laugh" I sighed kid of disappointed that I was being left alone. "Thank you" she said starting to walk in their direction. I carefully shuffled through the cafeteria to an empty table and sat down. Gosh, I am a loner... Forever alone. "EMILY YOU PROMISED!!!" Louis yelled from across the cafeteria, slowly looking up I jumped at the sight of them already being here.... guess they ran. "Hi Emily" they all said in unison as they sat down, before I could say anything Harry jumped in "So I heard no one likes you and we would be commiting social suicide if we were seen with you?" "Y-yah you should start the bullying now before anyone sees you being nice to me". I noticed Liam looking fro me to the empty table, finally speaking about it "you aren't gonna eat?" as I was about to speak a handful of french fries was shoved into my mouth, then my mouth was moving in a chewing movement then water was poured into my mouth forcing me to swallow. "What he heck" I almost yelled. As he was about to do it again I moved my head to the side "Nice try, Bye" I said desperate to get out of the crime scene, The french fries spilled all over the floor.

A/N Sorry I havent updated for a while I was really busy with homework/studying and going to the mall. I hope you like the chapter. Love ya (O3O).. love that face

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