Quiet Girl Caught HIS Eye

Emily is the quiet girl in her class that has only one friend. But usually that girl is left alone by others...right? Well Not Emily she is constantly bullied about how skinny she is and how quiet she is. When 5 new guys come into school she is scared she will become the victom of 5 new people..... What will happen? Will she get bullied more? Will there be love? Read to find out.


5. I like you.

Louis P.O.V

When I dropped off Emily she invited me in to hang out. I was extremely happy, I mean who wouldn't... She is so beautiful. "What do you wanna watch??...Louis... hello??" She caught me staring and blushed a little. "Sorry, what was that??" I questioned happily, what do you wanna watch??" I looked down at the choices that lay in front of me (The water boy, the 3 stooges, 21 jump street, and Mr.deeds) "the 3 stooges?" I answered. "Okie-dokie" She said as she put the movie in. We finished the movie, which we were laughing at the whole time and she asked "What movie now?" She asked, I looked up and looked straight into her eyes, gosh were they beautiful. "Louis" she questioned as I looked away a bit embarrassed "Um Mr.deeds". Halfway through the movie she got sleepy and rested her head on my shoulder. Okay, Thats it I have to tell her... NOW!!! "Emily, Can I tell you something?" " Yeah Lou, anything." She said worried."Well... I like you a lot and would really like it if you would be my girlfriend." I blurted. She wrapped her arms around me and said "I like you a lot to and would love to be your girlfriend." And with that I smashed my lips into hers and could feel her lips form a smile on mine, which made me smile on hers. We continued to watch the movie but like 2 minutes later we were wrapped in each others arms and she was peacefully sleeping beside me.

A/N: Sorry for the wait but I got in trouble yesterday and was sent to my room and my computer was taken away. (O3O)

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