Quiet Girl Caught HIS Eye

Emily is the quiet girl in her class that has only one friend. But usually that girl is left alone by others...right? Well Not Emily she is constantly bullied about how skinny she is and how quiet she is. When 5 new guys come into school she is scared she will become the victom of 5 new people..... What will happen? Will she get bullied more? Will there be love? Read to find out.


4. Detention

As I was walking down the hallway, Niall was running towards me yelling my name. I stopped in my tracks and said "hi" once he caught up. "Hi, we got detention for the french fry spill." "oh god, how long?" I questioned sadly " 2 weeks, a bit harsh but whatever. Hey we should go together?" He answered. "Ok, and don't give her your phone, we can text... you're learning from the master. During detention Niall texted me: N- Hi :)  Me: Hai. Isn't this boring? N- Extremely I noticed Louis on his phone so I started a group chat with the three of us. Me- I can't believe you told on me for the french fry incident 

L- Sorry... that was Niall  N- Hay she wasn't supposed to know that!!! Me- You guys gee- Darn it's raining i'll be soaked when I get home.  L- i'll drive you.:)  With that the bell rang signalling we could go, we were gone pretty fast.


A/N: Sorry for the short chapter. Could you tell me if it is bad or good please...I will update faster from now on... I already have a new chapter ready but I cant update it just yet... got stuff to do... Love ya (O3O)

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