Quiet Girl Caught HIS Eye

Emily is the quiet girl in her class that has only one friend. But usually that girl is left alone by others...right? Well Not Emily she is constantly bullied about how skinny she is and how quiet she is. When 5 new guys come into school she is scared she will become the victom of 5 new people..... What will happen? Will she get bullied more? Will there be love? Read to find out.


1. Introduction.

Hai! My name is Emily. I have medium length dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes. You know that one girl in your class that is quiet and has one true best-friend? Well thats me, my best-friends name is Deanna and she is a sweet, kind, caring person. Believe it or not I have never had a boyfriend and I am in 11th grade. I am constantly being bullied by almost everybody at school. I am super skinny, so I am usually called anorexic, but I don't see myself as skinny I see myself as fat... Well that is it for now... you will learn more into the story.

A/N: So I hope you like the introduction.... I will try updating everyday, but no promises. Hope you keep reading. Love ya, (030) Lol... funny... HaHa

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