Mission Kill

Megan is a 17 year old girl who lives in a country called Crigs. She is really good friends with the president. Megan knows how to hunt and protect her self but is she able to protect her family? Will the life of her sister and best friend be put in her hands? Will Megan risk everything to save her life or will she be prepared for the scary road ahead of her? What will it cost in the end if she is too late.


3. The Mornings Burst

I wake up the sound of something hitting the ground, hard, and the a loud burst. I run down stairs and see my mom, brother, and sister hugging each other under a table. I rush under the table when I hear yet another loud burst. I ask my mom "Mom, whats going on? Whats happening?" She says her voice sounding timid and full of worry " I don't know. We heard the burst and your dad ran outside with the gun." I run outside ignoring my moms yelling voice. I find my dad just as a burst hits. The impact knocks me to the ground and I assume I'm dead. Then I hear my dads voice shouting " Megan! Are you O.K? Megan answer me. Please." I open my mouth and say " Dad I'm fine. Whats going on? Whats happening?"  I am now sitting up and looking into Dads tear-filled eyes. " Well Megan I'm glad you are O.K. We are getting bombed. I believe other people were saying that us and 5 other cities are getting bombed by the President of Crigs. I believe its because some of us have turned against the President and he wants to teach us a lesson and-" He gets cut off by a screaming brother and a yelling Mom telling Ryan to get back in the house. Ryan's yelling " No! My friends in danger." Now me and Dad are yelling at Ryan but he doesn't listen. God knows I love my brother, and I'm so shocked about what happens next.

I wake up in a hospitable and I see my dad, sister, and my best friend Scarlet. Scarlet is right by my bedside while my dad and my sister are in the beds to the right of me. Scarlet says " Hey sunshine. How do u feel?" " Sore and jacked up." I say. This makes her smile showing off her perfectly white teeth. " Well you definitely sound like your self." Scarlet says to me. I cant help but smile. I quickly stop smiling and say " Ow!" This is stupid! It hurts to smile! I frown. How jacked up am I? I hear my dad say " Hey sweetheart. About time you woke up." He looks pretty messed up but probably not as bad as me. He has a couple tube in his skin, and he is bruised all over. Dads voice sounds pretty dry and he has a couple scratches here and there. I see my sister and she looks way better than my dad. Erin looks very tired and sore. She also has a couple bruises and I can tell she is very scared. The fear is swimming around in her eyes. I say " Your funny Dad. I'm more jacked up than both of you, so i have every right to sleep. And Erin I think you need to sleep O.K girlie. I'm O.K and you will be too." She gives me and nod and lies down while saying " I love you Megan and Dad. I'm glad you guys are O.K." I say to her " I am too. I love you too Erin. Sleep tight." I turn to Dad and say " I think you should also  go to bed. You look like you need it." He says " Megan I love you and I love you so much. You guys are the world to me." After he says that he lies down and hes practically is already is asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. My eyes are kind of watering from what my Dad said. I turn to Scarlet and hug her, even if the pain is almost unbearable. Shes worth every bit of my pain. I start crying and she pulls away. She says " I'm so glad your O.K." Now her eyes are watering. I wipe my eyes. " How did you not get hurt?" I ask Scarlet noticing she doesn't have one scratch on her. " Well first of all I wasn't outside and I went into a very secure place, under my very sturdy table." Scarlet answers. I know her table is very sturdy because, well I kinda built it. Of course I did it with help, my dads help, but I mostly did it. Her dad asked for a very sturdy table so thats what I gave him. Well I gave him a super sturdy table. I , no joke, put my blood, sweat, and tears into that table. I worked day and night on it. In the end I was very proud of it.

Then it hits me all at once, my mom and brother aren't here.

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