Mission Kill

Megan is a 17 year old girl who lives in a country called Crigs. She is really good friends with the president. Megan knows how to hunt and protect her self but is she able to protect her family? Will the life of her sister and best friend be put in her hands? Will Megan risk everything to save her life or will she be prepared for the scary road ahead of her? What will it cost in the end if she is too late.


1. My Life

I am sick and tired of people asking me where my best friend is. just because I'm really good friends with the President of Crigs doesn't mean I'm his best friend. Does it? Never mind it just gets so annoying when that's all people say to you. Ugh!! why cant people shut up? sigh. " Megan, dinner is ready." i hear my mother say. " Be right there Mom." i say back. I head down stairs and my sister, Erin, is already eating dinner. " Erin you eat like a pig!" I say "Slow down." She sticks her tongue out at me. i grab a plate and wait for Dad to fish piling his plate. Then i put a biscuit, corn, and in a bowl chili. This is my favorite meal of all time. " I'm surprised your not eating with the President. i mean after all he is your best friend." says my dad. i clear my plate and just ignore my dads comment.

When I'm done with dinner I go up to my bedroom and I'm on my bed when I hear the usually stuff; people yelling at the guards who keep an eye on the city and look for wanted people or mischief. Crigs is in a fight with the President meaning they aren't liking the chooses hes making. I'm so tired and close my eyes and slowly fall asleep.

I wake up to the delicious smell of pancakes and bacon. I practically jump out of bed and throw on a blue summer dress and quickly brush my hair and run (more like jump) down the stairs. One reason I was happy was because i love bacon and pancakes and the other is today is Sunday which means today is the day I go hunting in the forest with my best friend Scarlet. I sit next to my little brother, Ryan and  race down my 2 pancakes, bacon, and orange juice and pack up to go hunting. I go up stairs and change out of dress into blue jeans, black leather jacket, and combat boots. i run a brush through my hair and tie it up in a pony tail. I grab my gun, bow and arrows. I run out the door and continuing to run to the big wooden doors of the town protecting the town from the forest that surrounds it. I wave to the guards and the open the wooden doors. I just love how I can hunt when ever I want. I love to hunt, my grandpa taught me how to hunt when I was very young.

I'm walking around quietly in the woods and I see a white rabbit eating a plant. I determine the wind and aim my arrow at the rabbit and shoot it right in the stomach. My bow is made of an Oak tree and my arrows are metal but painted dark brown like the color of my arrows, which the bow and the arrows were my dad's.

Ten minuets of being in the forest and I see my best friend, Scarlet in the forest. She has shot 2 rabbits and one bird. I wave and say " Hey Scarlet." and approach her carefully. When she notices me she puts down her arrow. Her bow is all wooden, but she doesn't have dark oak wood arrows like me, she has light bow and arrows. Scarlet is 17 years old, just like me, but she is like 2 inches taller than me. She has golden blonde hair that reaches the middle of her back. Scarlet has blue eyes and perfectly tanned skin. Unlike her  I have very light brown hair, brown eyes and pretty fair skin. Scarlet says " Hey Megan. I see you just got here." I blush because one I flush really easy and two when we normally met up I have more than one rabbit because i have been in the woods longer than ten minuets. " Yeah just ten minuets ago." I say feeling the blush fade from my cheeks. After that we hunt together in silence afraid to scare the game away.

After about 2 hours of hunting (I think, you can never tell in the woods.) I have 3 squirrels, 2 small birds, and 2 rabbits. Once I'm home my dad sees my game and smiles at me. I can see the delight in his eyes. I leave one of everything for my parents and head to a couple houses that like to buy rabbits and birds. Then I go to the deli store and sell my last bit of game. I walk home with a smile on my face the whole way. I made a lot more money than i expected. I'm so happy. Then I think, probably rabbit stew tonight.

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