Mission Kill

Megan is a 17 year old girl who lives in a country called Crigs. She is really good friends with the president. Megan knows how to hunt and protect her self but is she able to protect her family? Will the life of her sister and best friend be put in her hands? Will Megan risk everything to save her life or will she be prepared for the scary road ahead of her? What will it cost in the end if she is too late.


2. Grandfather Flashback

I am on my way to school when i hear someone say behind me " Hey Megan. Hows your Grandpa?" I turn around to see one of my very old friends who i used to hang out with when i was little, old enough to think my Grandpa was alive. " He died last year." I say. I feel my eyes starting to water because i remember it all so clearly, Him, hunting, the joy of having him around. I try to push the memory away but its useless, i remember him and the day he first took me hunting, and the whole story about his death.


........ It was a cold day. I knew my Grandpa Joe was coming to out house. I was so excited my grandpa was coming cause my grandpa is my favorite person in the whole world. I was 6 years old when her first took me hunting. Grandpa pulled up in front of our house. I ran out of the house and gave him a huge hug. He hugged me back, Then Grandpa went to the back of the car and opened up the trunk and pulled out a bow and some arrows. The bow and arrow I have now. Grandpa said " These were your dad's. Its about time you learned to hunt." I was so excited. He put a big leather coat over my t-shirt and smiled at me. I look carefully at the jacket and see it was a, scratched and a little tore, black leather jacket with dark brown lightly faded pockets and black buttons. After looking at it i figured out that it was a hunting jacket. The one my dad used when he hunted. It was a lot big so it looked like a dress on me, but we rolled the sleeves up and it worked out O.K. After that Grandpa and I headed into the forest with my dads old bow and arrows.

After hunting for my first time i shot one rabbit. Grandpa set up targets for me to hit on a tree and within one try i got a bulls-eye every time. Grandpa said to Dad when we got home " Jeff, shes a born natural." I then smiled at Dad and showed him my rabbit, he smiled back, eyes watering a little. Then quietly but audible and with a smile on his face  Dad said, " Rabbit stew tonight!"

After the first day of hunting Grandpa stayed for a month at our house to help me hunt, then he had to go. I showed my dad how well i could shoot and he was very impressed. I was told I should start to sell some of my game to help support the family and my little sister Erin is a lot to handle, after all she is one years old.

When I was 16, last year, I came home from hunting and today was a good hunting day because there were so many animals in the forest this time of year. I had 2 birds, 3 rabbits, 1 small fox, and 1 deer. My shoulders were aching from carrying that stuff (well more like dragged the stuff in my hunting bag). My mom was washing dishes and then i was aware that my sister was crying in her room. Mom rinsed off her hands and sat down beside me at the table. Then Mom said " Megan, I just want to say right now that it's O.K to cry. Your Grandpa Joe died at noon. You need to start packing because we are going to stay with Grandma Nancy for a while to support her." I cried, of course, because i am closest to my grandpa and he is my favorite person ever. Mom tried to comfort me, but she didn't help any. ..........


I've tried to forget all about my grandpa ever since his death, and I've been doing really well, but all I remember is the good times i had with him and the times we hung out which makes me miss him even more. Almost everyone knew my grandpa because one 1) he is really nice and two 2) he was in like every people centered groups/clubs there were. Life went on after my grandpas death, and I figured out he died of being murdered by no one knows who. Life will continue to go on but after the first couple weeks people kept asking me, " So hows your grandpa?" and that would send me into tears all over again. Soon people learned never to say or speak of the word Grandpa around me.

When my old friend asked me how my dead grandpa was, i could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks. I slowly walked home after I told him he was dead and broke down when I shut the door to my house. I skipped school that day and my mom comforted me all day. We hung out  and watched T.V. It took me 2 days to pull myself together then i finally was ready to go to school again. I REALLY miss my grandpa.

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