Mission Kill

Megan is a 17 year old girl who lives in a country called Crigs. She is really good friends with the president. Megan knows how to hunt and protect her self but is she able to protect her family? Will the life of her sister and best friend be put in her hands? Will Megan risk everything to save her life or will she be prepared for the scary road ahead of her? What will it cost in the end if she is too late.


4. Awakening



I am now freaking out. I have no idea where my brother and mom are. I can barely remember anything. The last thing I remember is my dad screaming “No.” Wait, I remember bombing and my brother and Mom  running out of the house. Then suddenly in all comes back.  Bisa, the capital of Crigs, had airplanes flying over, and they were dropping the bombs. My main questions would be, why, and if another country had took our country’s planes and used them to bomb us. Once I get out of the hospital I have to talk to the president. He’s my friend so I hope he’ll tell me the answer to all my questions. I just realized that a bomb dropped and my brother and Mom were right there. I felt my body freeze, I couldn't move an inch. Scarlet, who has been there the whole time, noticed my tense body and asked me “Megan, what’s wrong?”  I gathered some strength and turned my head so I could look her in the eyes. “Scarlet,” I said “my mom and brother aren't here. They were right next to the bomb when it hit the ground.” Scarlet’s face went cold, she looked down and lost my eye contact. Then she looked up “ Megan, I know this is hard for you, but I know you can put two and two together. What do you think happened to your mom and Ryan?” I didn't have to think about what happened to them, because Scarlet was right, I can put two and two together. The trouble is, I can’t even admit it to myself. I knew Scarlet was not very happy about having to answer my question. It was uncomfortable for her and I. I turned my head and looked at my dad who I know was listening to the conversation Scarlet and I had just had. Dad’s eyes were watery and I felt my eyes start to flood with tears. No, I thought, I’m going to stay strong. To Dad I said, “ Dad, we can live through this. I know we can. We are a family and we need to stay strong.” Then I said through tears “ I love you Dad.” I gave him a big hug while I said it and then I gave Scarlet one too. She truly is the most amazing best friend ever. 

I wake to find my self in my house, in my own bed. I look at my self in the mirror and I see that most of my cuts and bruises are gone. I smile and run a brush through my hair. I grab some shorts, my shirt that says I love haters, and lace up my black converse. I run down stairs and see Erin who also looks better. When Erin sees me she smiles and comes and gives my a big hug. I hug her back. Even though my sister gets on my nerves I love her and is glad she’s O.K  Now’s the time when you really learn to love the things and people you have, because once they’re gone, they’re gone, they don’t come back. 

I see my dad and run over to him and give a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then I say, " Dad I'll make breakfast cause let's face it, you stink." Dad then says, " Well can't argue with that." with a smile. We both laugh and then I start to make breakfast. I plan to make eggs, bacon, and buttermilk biscuits. I'm gonna have to start to get used to this because Dad really does suck at make any food. He burnt chicken nuggets in the microwave! I will always love my dad though and of course my sister, but I will never forget the loneliness in the house that day and the how soundless the house sounded, the joy that used to feel this house is gone. Looks like I have to get used to that too. 

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