Lead Me To Your Heart


3. School

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I groaned in pain as I heaved myself up from the ground; which I fell asleep on. I turned the alarm clock off and flopped down on my small bed. It was the first day of school. I moaned as my cheek seared with pain from the previous night. As memories started flooding into my head, tears started to seep out of my eyes.

After about ten minutes of tears, I realized I was going to be late for my first day of school. I sat up and took a glance at the clock that was sitting on my table by my bed. I t read it was 6:18. School starts at seven thirty which gives me enough time to take a shower and get to school on time.

I walk over to my bathroom, which is right next to my room. Before I entered, I heard a groan of pain coming from my father's room. No, mot my father, John's room. From where I was standing I could see a few empty bottles of beers lying on the floor. He was drunk and there's no doubt about it.

Out of fear, I rushed into my bathroom and closed the door. I flipped the light switch on and was horrified at the sight in the mirror. In it stood a teenager with blond hair and blood hot eyes. The cheeks were practically flaming red from the slaps. Me.

I just stare at the mirror. I sigh, turn the water as hot as it could go and strip down. I hop into the shower once it was steaming hot. I stand in the water for a moment, letting the searing hot water burn my back. It felt good.

When I was done with my shower, I turned the water off and hopped out. I wrap a towel from the cupboard around me tightly and walk into my room to pick out an outfit. I glance at my clock again and see it is almost 6:30. I hurry and pick out an outfit.

I look outside and see the cloudy weather. It's probably going to rain today. I choose a pair of skinny jeans that were ripped down the legs and a black tank top. Over the tank top, I put on a royal blue jean jacket. I throw on my black vans and walk briskly to my bathroom and brush out my knotted hair. Once it was smooth, I pulled it back into a side fishtail side braid.

I quickly brush my teeth and look at my face. A red mark was across my cheek. I couldn't go to school looking like this; there would be too many questions. I apply concealer and a tiny bit of mascara, then I scurry to my room to grab my belongings. It was 6:38. I grab my phone from its charger on the side table by my bed and shoved it in my back pocket. I slung my Jansport backpack over my shoulder and ran out of my room. I went to the front door, walking through the kitchen, and grabbing an apple on the way out.

I open the door as quietly as I could and stepped outside into the chilly outside weather. I heard my dad groan and closed the door. I made my way down the stairs of the apartment building and when I reached the floor, I turned left heading towards the school, eating the apple quickly.

While walking to school, I caught up with some teenagers that I guessed go to the same school as me. I heard them whispering to each other about a new teacher starting this year. I stop eavesdropping on their conversation when I see the school up ahead.

The school was huge, the office centered in the very front and entrance gates right to the left of them. I head through the gates and walk up to stand in line to receive my schedule. I stand behind a girl, who looks about the same age as me. Her light brown wavy hair cascaded down her back; reaching the middle of her back. She was standing alone, humming to the music she was listening to through her hot pink earphones.

As she hums, she sways back and forth, catching my eye. She smiles and I smile back kindly. She takes her earphones out and turns to face me. "I've never seen you around here before, are you new?" She says in a strong accent. "Yeah, I moved about two weeks ago," I say. I realize that several eyes turn my way when I speak. What did I do?

"Did you move from America?" the girl asks excitedly. Then I realized that I must have an accent to them. I let out a small laugh and smile, "Yeah, Chicago, Illinois actually." "Oh my god, I've always wanted to visit America. I'm Eli, short for Elisabeth." Eli smiles. "I'm Lyka," I say.

I notice the line we were standing in has moved up and I usher Eli forward. Until I reached the front of the line, Eli and I got to know each other a lot better. I learned she has two brothers; one in college and one two years younger than her. I also learned she lives right across the street from where I live.

Eli got her schedule, saying her full name to a middle age lady with blonde hair who was behind the table helping students receive their schedule. "It's nice to see you again this year, Eli," the lady says smiling as she digs through the box full of schedules. "You too, Mrs. Artry," Eli replies as the lady pulls out a white slip of paper. Mrs. Artry handed the paper to Eli and smiled kindly. "I'll see you later Eli," Mrs. Artry says as Eli moves off to side and waits at the edge of the table for me.

I approach Mrs. Artry and smile. "Name?" she asks. "Lyka Aaron," I reply. Mrs.Artry shuffles through the papers. "Are you new to the school Lyka because I can’t seem to find your papers," Mrs. Artry asked reshuffling through the schedules. "Yes, I moved in about two weeks ago and my father signed me in for school a week ago," I reply quickly.

Mrs.Artry nods and grins. "I remember, I put your schedule over here so I could have someone show you around the campus and help you out today," Mrs. Artry says reaching for a black basket that only holds a few papers. She finally finds mine and then her eyes shift over to Eli.

"Eli, do you mid showing Lyka around school today?" Mrs.Artry asked. "Of course, I was just going to ask if I could," Eli replied with a smile. I thank Mrs.Artry when she hands me my schedule and walk over to Eli, who moved over to stand under a tree. When I approach her, her eyes scan her paper. She smiles.

"I got all the classes I wanted this year. Ugh, I can’t believe that we’re seniors! Anyways, let’s see your schedule," Eli laughs. I hand her my schedule and she scans it over, grinning as she does.

"Good news," Eli says. "What?" I ask looking over her shoulder at the two schedules in her hands. "We have all our classes together accept for one." Eli replies excitedly. "Oh my god, really! Which class is it?" I ask looking closely at my schedule and hers.

"Well, its music and I have technology, but I don't know who the teacher is." Eli replies with a shrug and hands my paper to me. I look at the teacher's name that was listed right across from the class. It read:

Mr. Tomlinson



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