Lead Me To Your Heart


4. Music Class

It started drizzling as my first class ended. My first class, math, was taught by Mrs. Claire, who is an old teacher that will yell at you if you talk and give you detention. A fun class. Eli and I walk to our second class, Mr. Fallon, an old man who is also strict and seats us in alphabetical order. The good part about the class is that Eli and I have really close last names: Aaron and Abeen, which means we get to sit next to each other. The bad part is that we can’t talk unless we get detention.

So after two bad teachers, I was hoping Mr. Tomlinson will be a nice teacher. When Eli and I walk together to our third class, technology for her and music for me, she stops at the 300s building. "Ok, so your class is the last room down this building and mine is right across on the other side. I meet you over here when class is done. Then we go to science." Eli says. I nod and Eli makes her way past me through the crowds to her next class. I turn right and walk down the hall way.

When I walk in the room, there is no teacher and the kids are just talking and hanging out. Some are sitting in desks and some are sitting on desks. I take a seat in by the window near the back. I look around the room. It wasn't really a music class room. Where are the instruments? Where is the teacher?

As I wonder, a boy with brown curly hair sits next to me. I look at him. He sits quietly, looking down. "I'm Lyka, nice to meet you," I say over the noise level in the room. The boy looks up and smiles, dimples showing.

"Harry Styles," He replies shaking my outstretched hand. "So, you know where the teacher is?" I ask. "No clue," Harry laughs. "So you new?" Harry asks. "Yep, I'm from America," I reply. "I could tell," Harry grins. I let out a light laugh. "Why'd you move here?" Harry asks. "Well, my father," I pause, thinking, "He was moved here for his job," "That's nice," Harry smiles.

Then the teacher walks through the door and to the front of the class room. He clears his throat and the class quiets down.

He was young, probably a year or two older than me. His chestnut brown hair was carefully and neatly swept to the side of his head. His grayish-blue eyes twinkling in the light, making shivers go through me when his eyes swept over me. He wore jeans that fit rather nicely and a grey sweatshirt with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows. On his feet he wore grey converse.

"Class, did anyone read the sign on the door?" Mr. Tomlinson asks with laugher in his voice. A few no's came from the class. The teacher just chuckles. "Okay, well, it was on the door, so whoever pushed the door open, that's why you will now have less time to practice performing for tomorrows solos." Mr. Tomlinson says coolly. The class looks around nervously.

"Okay, well let’s get going to the auditorium," Mr. Tomlinson leads the class out of the classroom. Harry and I follow at the end of the line.

As we walk through the school, Harry and I talk. "Don't you think the teacher is a bit young to be a you know, " Harry says. "A teacher?" I ask finishing his sentence. "Yeah," Harry says. “I guess," I shrug. Harry smiles at me. "So, do you know what these solos are coming up tomorrow?" I ask, changing the topic of Mr. Tomlinson.

"No, we'll find out though, I hope it’s not like playing an instrument though," Harry says. I laugh. "Harry, this is music class, if you can’t play an instrument, why did you sign up?" I ask grinning at him. "Because I play this," Harry says and rubs his throat with his hands.

"Singing isn't an instrument," I scoff and roll my eyes playfully. "Ok, whatever, what do you play?" Harry asks. "Well, I play guitar, piano and violin, so," I say smiling. "That's cool, so you're musically talented," Harry compliments. I smile widely as Harry chuckles. We enter the auditorium. It was huge, a stage in the front with the curtains drawled back so you could see back stage and all the instruments.

"So you sing,” I say as we make our way up the steps to the stage. “Yeah, kind of," Harry says. "I have always wanted a guy friend that sang!" I cry. Harry smiles. "So I'm your friend?" He asks. I swing my arm around his shoulders which a little hard considering the fact that I'm like eight inches shorter than him. "Why of course," I reply with a laugh.

Once we are on stage, we gather in a circle around Mr. Tomlinson. "Okay, so I will be grading you tomorrow on your musical skills tomorrow. The reason it is so soon is because I want to get to know all your true talents in the beginning." Mr. Tomlinson says smiling. He looks around him and his eyes meet mine. I froze in his eyes. And for a split second, I felt the world stop. The he moved on.

"So, you are allowed to play what ever instruments and sing or you could just sing. You are allowed to practice for the remaining time. Also, everyday from now on you are to come here for music class unless told other wise alright?" Mr. Tomlinson asks. "Yes!" The class says in unison. "Alright, you could work," he says and everyone disperses into different directions.

I pull Harry to the closest of the three pianos. I sit down and pat the seat next to me for Harry to sit. He does and I face him.

"So, what song are you doing?" I ask excitedly. "I think I will do the Stevie Wonder song, Isn't She Lovely," Harry replies with a smile. "That is an amazing song. Could you maybe give me a preview of your performance?" I ask. "Sure," Harry says and I place my fingers on the keys of the piano.

They feel soft and I smile. I learned this song for a piano recital last year.

I play the intro to the song and Harry smiles, recognizing the tune. He starts singing and I almost forget where I am. I just play the piano as bet as I could, remembering every single detail of the song while Harry belts out in the most amazing voice that lyrics.

As the song ends, I get softer and fade away. Harry just hums and watches my finger on the piano. When I was done, I could feel eyes on my back and I turn around.

Everyone in the class was looking at us amazed. Then they burst into applause. In the crowd was Mr. Tomlinson with a smile on his face.

When the clapping dies down and everyone returns to their practice, Mr. Tomlinson makes his way towards Harry and I. My hands still rest on the keys of the piano and Harry was just watching as the teacher walks closer.

Mr. Tomlinson stopped right in front of us and smiles. “You two were amazing,” He gushed. “I couldn’t believe the talent you both have. I want to see you both after school tomorrow in here, is that okay?” “Yes, of course we’ll be here,” Harry replies, answering for me. I smile and nod. “Great, okay, you two get ready to go, the bell will ring in a few seconds.” Mr. Tomlinson says and walks in the middle of the stage to announce to the class to get ready to go.

Harry and I just look at each other slowly and stare at each other amazing. “You sing so good,” I say at the same time he says, “You’re an amazing piano player,” We both laugh and get up and grab our backpacks.


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