I'll Always Keep You Safe

Niall Horan, the suicidle, gay, schizophrenic, boy with major trust issues has just enrolled in a new high school. The only person he feels he can trust is Justin Bieber. Who he has never really met but when Niall's schizoprenia acts up he always sees an imaginary Justin that he can trust. But what will happen when Niall gets tickets to go see the real Justin Bieber? Will Justin laugh at Niall for being in love with him? Or will he feel the same way?


1. 1, meeting you

"hello..." Niall breath heavily to the other boy he saw Across from him in line to get his locker fixed. Niall pushed his messy blonde hair out of his face and behind his ear. He thought that since he was at a new high school for grade 12 he mine as well get to know some other people
"hey, your lock broken too?" the other boy asked him, Niall nodded slowly, he wasn't a very social person.
"I don't see why so many people's locks are broken" the other boy said, Niall laughed a little bit, but he was still shy
"my name is Niall.... What's yours?" he asked 
"Liam," the other boy said, his brown hair sliding down his face. Niall put his hands in his pockets and blinded his bright blue eyes, Liam smiled 
"I like your shirt" Niall said to Liam who was wearing a red and blue plaid shirt, Liam laughed
"thank you, sorry but I don't really like your shirt" Liam said, Niall looked down at his purple Justin Bieber 
"you don't? Oh my gosh Justin Bieber is the greatest" Niall said 
"I just don't like him! I think he's stuck up and spoiled, sorry there Niall" Liam said, the blonde sighed 
"well, I love Justin Bieber" he said, Liam smirked
"are you gay?" he laughed, Niall's eyes widened, he was gay but he couldn't come out to anyone, including himself, he hid it from himself by dating girls but he didn't want to, but he refused to come out to anyone that breaths. 
"umm, no" Niall said trying to sound as calm as he could, the brunette laughed 
"I was just wondering, you did just say you loved a guy" Liam said, Niall was trying really hard to hide his blush, Niall did love Justin and if Niall got the chance to he would fuck his brains out. Niall could admit one thing to himself and that was that he wanted Justin in him and kissing all over his body. But he would not be talking about that to some guy he just met. 
"not like that!" Niall laughed, but he was hiding the fact that he really DID love Justin. Suddenly, Liam was at the front of the line and getting a new lock and after that he waited for Niall to get his. They walked around the school to try and find there lockers, which were beside each other, and get there locks all worked out 
"you know Niall, your a pretty cool guy" Liam said, Niall smiled 
"thanks, you are too" Niall said, Liam waved good bye after that and went home 
"see you the first day of school!" Niall said, he smiled knowing that he had a friend that he could talk to, and maybe Liam was a friend forever. 


Later that night Niall went home and tried to have a good night sleep, sadly there was one thing stopping him from having a nice sleep.


Niall found out he was schizo about 2 years ago, it started with him waking up screaming, at something that he though was there but it wasn't. Then he barely knew if he was in reality or if it was just his brain being stupid. His mother took him to the doctors and he got help, now he can control it. But if he's tired or sad, or having a fucked up day, he has trouble controlling his schizophrenia. after his mom found out he was schizo, she basically stopped caring for him. Every night she would tell him he was worthless. And every morning she would tell him he was a waist of space. And in result, every night Niall would cut, and every morning Niall would cut. The blonde also had some trust issues. It started at his first school, he told his best friend he was gay and his best friend, wait make that his ONLY friend told everyone in the school Niall was gay. At another one of Niall's many school's, his girl friend was cheating on him with another guy and then she spread a rumor that it was because Niall had Aids. At another one of his schools, Niall had another girlfriend who cheated on him and he found out she was cheating on him with his other best friend. All and all, Niall had a crappy child hood. Niall can only trust a handful of people and his mother is certainly not on that list. The only person on that list right now is Justin Bieber and Niall hasn't even met the guy. Niall tried to sleep, usually he gets about 3-4 hours, his Justin Bieber posters usually help him. In those 3-4 hours he may have a dream about Justin, or two. It makes him happy. Dream Justin he can trust, so maybe real Justin he can trust too. Tonight, Niall was extremely tired. He hated that he had to start in a completely new school for grade 12. He just wanted to graduate and go to collage. Since he was tired and a little pissed off, he couldn't control his schizophrenia. He felt like there was someone standing by his bed, watching him sleep. Niall turned over and put the cold blanket over his head. Suddenly, he felt someone tap him on the shoulder. He turned around to see Justin Bieber laying in his bed beside him. Niall sighed, knowing that this half-naked-Justin was just his schizophrenia acting up
"hey babe" Justin said, wrapping his arms around Niall. Niall choose to ignore him but Justin kept kissing his neck softly. Niall finally gave into Justin and turned to him, looking Justin deep in the eyes. 
"hey, Justin? Can I ask you something?" Niall asked, Justin nodded, slowly interlocking there legs together 
"sure, what is it?" Justin asked breathing on Niall's nose as he softly ran his hands threw Niall's hair. Niall stayed silent, realizing that Justin has never felt this real to him.
"well, come on Niall talk to me" he said, that's when Niall stopped and stared at Justin, shocked. None of Niall's 'imaginations' ever called him Niall, just 'babe' or 'sweet heart' and none of his imaginations felt as real as Justin did. 
"are you real? Or just my schizophrenia being an idiot" Niall asked, now worried he had been ignoring the real Justin Bieber even thought that was very unlikely 
"sorry Ni, I'm not real, I'm all up in here" Justin said and placed his hand on Niall's head, Niall sighed
"I was afraid you would say that..." Niall said sadly. Justin moved his arms around Niall's waist and hugged him tightly, stroking his hips
"oh Niall, it's ok. Really, just because I'm not real doesn't mean the real me doesn't think the same about you" Justin said, Niall laughed
"are you kidding? If Justin really saw me he'd laugh at me and call me a pussy" Niall said, imaginary Justin moved his hands under Niall's shirt and stroked his bare hips
"no, babe. If real Justin met you, I bet he would love you and take care of you" Justin said, Niall laughed under his breath and Justin kissed him on the lips. 
"and don't worry, I'll always keep you safe" he said 
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