Coincidental Meeting (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I meet Louis Tomlinson by complete coincidence. I'll let you figure out the rest.
*Note* Not your typical fanfic about a One Direction member.


52. 50. Saying Goodbye

The final days that I had to spend with Louis just flew by. I never thought time could really fly but trust me when I say that the time flew by. I swear I blinked and we were packing. Louis was packing for tour and I was packing for college. Louis was leaving three days before me and I was trying so hard to stay strong. I swore I would not cry when we said goodbye.

Louis was over at his apartment finishing up packing with Harry. I was sitting at my desk decorating envelopes. I had written Louis twenty little messages and were sticking them into envelopes. I would hide them in his suitcases and he would find them randomly while he was on tour. I thought it was a cute idea.

I number each of them so he would know the order in which he found them. I finished decorating the last envelope and slid in note number twenty. I hoped that these little notes would make Louis smile when he found them.

My phone began to ring and I got up from my desk. The caller ID said Louis so I answered quickly.

"Hello handsome," I said with a smile on my face.

"You coming over beautiful? I have something for you," Louis said into the phone and immediately I wanted to know what exactly he had to give me.

"Was just getting ready to leave," I said sliding on my shoes and grabbing the stack of envelopes, "Be there in fifteen."

"Love you babe."

"Love you," I hung up the phone and went on a search for my car keys. I was always misplacing them and I couldn't find them.

Searching all throughout the apartment, checking every surface, drawer, and pocket I could still not find my keys until I remembered that they probably were still in the car. I had been searching for my keys for ten minutes and there was no way humanly possible for me to get to Louis' apartment in five minutes. I sighed knowing that I was going to be late but once I told him why I knew he would understand.

Louis had witnessed me losing my keys just two days ago. I went on and on about how I couldn't find them and Louis just laughed at me and let me search. Worst part was that they were hooked onto my pants. I couldn't believe he let me think I had lost my keys for thirty minutes when they were right with me the entire time I searched. So, I knew that he would understand.

I got into my car and began to drive. My phone was hooked up to the stereo playing some Pandora. Wings by Little Mix was playing and I began to sing as I drove. I have a bad habit of singing and dancing while trying to drive so I imagine the people were having fun staring at me.

After seventeen minutes of being in the car I finally pulled up outside of Louis and Harry's apartment. A car was outside taking all of their stuff getting it ready for them to leave tomorrow.

"Hey Maria!" Harry yelled from the stairs in front of the apartment.

As I got out of the car I waved, "Hello Harry!"

Harry smiled and continued to talk to me, "So, I should say that you can't come in so Louis can actually finish packing. He has only gotten one suitcase done."

I shook my head and Harry laughed, "But because I like you I'll let you in."

He held the door open for me and I walked inside. I walked down the little hallway to the end to get to Louis' room. I knocked on the door even though I didn't have to and pushed it open.

Louis was laying on his bed with clothes and other various items thrown all over the room.

"Harry," he sighed, "I told you I would finish packing soon."

"Well, you need to finish packing but I'm not Harry," I said as he sat up on the bed. I walked over to him and sat down beside him. "What's wrong babe?"

"I don't want to go," he said taking my hand. "I don't want to leave you."

I pulled him close and kissed him slowly. I allowed our lips to meet and let them do all the talking for awhile.

"I don't want you to leave either," I kissed him again. "But, I don't want you to choose me over your music. You love singing and being 1/5 of One Direction. It'll be hard but don't worry, before you know it September will be here and we will together again."

Louis smiled, it wasn't as big as I was hoping for but it would do for now.

"Why do you have a bunch of envelopes?" Louis asked me finally noticing the stack I had set down on his dresser when I came in.

"They are for you, while you are on tour," I started explaining. "Twenty notes to remind you that I love you. I'm going to hide them randomly in your suitcase so you can find them randomly."

And with that his smile was the big, beautiful smile I was in love with. He pulled me and kissed me hard. Louis was an intoxication that I never wanted to end. Kisses that were too sweet to resist and a touch that left you wanting more.

Louis laid back indicating he wanted me to get on top of him so I did and I began kissing him harder. Everything else seemed to disappear, all the worry of our relationship, all the craziness going on in our lives, everything in that moment was perfect.

"Louis!" Harry yelled as he entered the room. "Um, you need to finish packing. Maria, don't make me kick you out," Harry sighed as he left the room.

"Guess we're in trouble," Louis winked at me.

I kissed him one last time before making him get up and finish packing. I took the suitcase he had already packed out into the hallway and began hiding notes inside. I decided five in each of his four suitcases would be good. So I hid five random numbers inside this suitcase and walked back inside the room.

"You almost done?" I asked seeing that the room didn't look that big of a mess anymore.

"Yeah," he said pulling me into his arms. "I wish you could come with me."

"Me too, me too."

"I finished another suitcase," Louis said and headed into the bathroom to start getting his stuff from out of there.

I quickly grabbed five more envelopes and put them randomly throughout the suitcase. I was zipping the last pocket up when I head the bathroom door opening.

"Have I mentioned how you are the sweetest girlfriend ever?" he asked me looking down at the floor where I was sitting.

"Not today," I laughed and began helping him pack up his stuff.

I figured it was the least I could do and maybe it would get done faster.

Louis was leaving in the morning so tonight would be our last night together until the tour brought him two hours away from my college in September. The only good thing about that was it was close to my birthday, the weekend before to be exact. I was extremely happy because it would be like getting Louis for my birthday. Which I didn't mind at all, because well he was amazing.

After a hour of me helping Louis we had finished packing everything of Louis' up and I had hid all my envelopes in his suitcases.

"I love you," I said once we were finished.

We laid down on the bed, he kept his arms tight around me while we laying. I wish the world could just stop and this moment would last forever. The more I thought about it the more I knew I didn't know what in the world I was going to do once I was back at school.

"Hey! Good job you finished packing!" Harry yelled while entering the room. "I ordered some Mexican food from the restaurant down the street. I'm going to pick it up, you guys want to come too?"

We shook our heads continued to lay there. I didn't want to pass up a single minute that I could spend with Louis.

"Are you going to come to the airport with us tomorrow?" Louis asked me.

"I don't know if I'll be able to handle that," I mumbled.

"Please. Harry has already said goodbye to Emily and Liam is saying goodbye to Brianna tonight. Perrie is going with us for the first show so Zayn doesn't have to say goodbye yet. And who knows what in the world is going on with Niall and Amanda," Louis was rambling which was insanely cute. "I want to say goodbye to you at the airport, please Maria."

I thought about it for a minute, rubbing my thumb across his knuckles as we held hands.

"I don't know Louis," I was trying not to cry, "I don't think I can do it."

"Wait!" Louis looked like a mad man right now. "You can come to first show with us! Then fly back for school!"

His smile was so lovely, and all the excitement he had was just priceless.

"Would the boys mind?" I asked not knowing if this was a good idea.

"Well, Perrie is coming so it doesn't matter."

Louis grabbed his phone and proceeded to call Liam telling him the plan. Liam understood that Louis wasn't ready to say goodbye just yet. Liam agreed and said he would make the arrangements for us.

Harry walked into the apartment a few minutes after Louis had hung up on Liam.

"Haz! Guess what?" Louis was so excited and I loved it.

"What Lou?" Harry asked while setting the food down on the coffee table.

"Maria is coming with us to our first performance!" Louis yelled.

"What! That's great!"

I was glad that the other boys wouldn't mind me tagging along for another day. I would get to see Louis perform and spend another day with him. This was perfect.

Louis, Harry, and I sat in the living room eating Mexican food and talking. We talked about everything and I got a personal inside view to Harry and Emily's relationship. They seemed so happy together and it was nice to know that they really were that happy with each other. The night continued while we sat down and watched Django Unchained, which I will say it a very good movie.

After the movie we said goodnight and headed to bed. We had to be awake at four to get to the airport by six to catch the flight. It was already midnight so Harry insisted we call it a night.

Louis and I walked into his room, which felt too empty, and cuddled up on the bed. Louis played with my hair while I drew little hearts on his stomach with my finger. It didn't take long for the both of us to fall asleep.

We woke up to Harry yelling at us, "If you don't get up we're going to be late!"

Louis and I had forgot to set an alarm and both our phones were on silent. It was four-thirty and we had ten minutes to get ready. I threw on some sweatpants, a band tee, and black converses. I rushed into the bathroom to brush my teeth while Louis continued to get ready. He put on some jeans, a black shirt, and white converses.

It wasn't long until he was standing right behind me brushing his teeth too. When I finished I quickly kissed his cheek, "Better hurry!"

I grabbed my bag and waited for Louis. In a few minuted he was grabbing his bag and my hand. We walked out the apartment and got inside the black SUV that was taking us to the airport.

We started the drive but stopped to pick up Liam at his apartment. It took about fifteen minutes for us to load up Liam's luggage and get everyone situated. Then we were off.

The drive to the airport was about half an hour and it was filled with Louis, Harry, and Liam making jokes about everything. I swear these boys were the best friends anyone could have. They could turn any situation into a funny one.

Once at the airport I realized how big the fandom of One Direction truly was. Directioners were everywhere trying to get a glimpse of the boys before they left. I wondered how they found out where they were at all times. Plus, I had to hand it to these girls, they were truly dedicated. Being as it was five in the morning and they were here.

We saw Niall, Zayn, and Perrie standing there signing posters, CDs, and who knows what else for the fans. Perrie was mid-picture with someone when we arrived. Louis held my hand tight but we walked over to the screaming girls and he took a few pictures with them. Harry and Liam were right behind us making their way down the long line of girls. Louis signed a few more things and took a few more pictures before apologizing to the girls. He pulled me close and we began to walk inside the airport.

Niall, Liam, and Harry were still out taking pictures but Perrie and Zayn were walking inside now.

"Hey guys," Zayn said.

We stood there waiting for the rest of the boys to come inside which took about another ten minutes.

"I love our fans!" Niall said as we began walking through the airport.

We got to security and began going through the long process of getting through. It was 5:45 when we all had made it through security. We all went to sit down but of course there was more fans that would be on the same flight.

A few girls came up to Louis and asked for a picture. He smiled and took the pictures. The rest of the boys also had fans surrounding them.

Finally it was six and they were going to begin boarding the plane. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. It was just how I got before a flight. Lucky for me adrenalin kicked in and all the nerves were pushed to the side. I was sitting beside Louis though and I believe that helped a lot too. I held his hand as we took off.

We were all on our way to New York City for the first show of the new tour. I had been to New York City a few times but I knew this would be an entire new experience. Today the boys were meeting with a magazine to do a story so I had the day to spend with Perrie.

"We'll be fine love," Perrie said as she kissed Zayn goodbye.

"I love you, and I promise we won't stay out shopping too long!" I said before kissing Louis goodbye.

Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Harry all left in a black SUV to do the magazine interview and a photo shoot. Their managers had said it would be about a three hour deal so Perrie and I headed out into the city.

Perrie and I talked to each other about how we planned on making our relationships work. Perrie seemed to know a lot more about it since her and Zayn had been dating longer. She told me not to believe rumors. She said, "People will try and do anything to make your relationship have problems. You have to ignore all of it."

Around one Perrie and I met up with the boys to eat lunch at a restaurant that looked too fancy for words. I felt under-dressed but then I looked around and saw that none of the boys or Perrie were really dressed for the occasion.

Lunch, well any meal, with all the boys was full of laughs. Everyone would be in awe at how much Niall would eat. Niall also complained because he wanted a beer with his meal. He was not of legal age in the states and he really hated it. Louis was the only one who could legally drink but he chose not to at lunch.

"First concert of the tour is tonight boys," Liam started. "Are we all excited?"

"Hell yeah!" Niall screamed and we got a few looks from the other people in the restaurant.

Again we all laughed at Niall.

"It's going to be great because Perrie and Maria are here," Zayn said before giving Perrie a quick kiss.

"Yeah, I know," Louis agreed with Zayn.

We continued with lunch and talking about a bunch of nonsense. All of us stayed in the restaurant until about four pm and the boys needed to go do a sound check so once again I was left with Perrie.

I didn't mind hanging out with Perrie and I was so glad she had tagged along or else I would be spending a lot of time by myself. Perrie took me into Foot Locker which I tried warning her was a bad idea because I was obsessed with shoes. But we proceeded into the store and we attacked by Mixers.

Fans were a really scary things. All the girls were taking pictures with Perrie and getting her autograph but then one came up to me and asked, "You're Maria right? You date Louis?"

I was completely taken back by this. This girl, fifteen or sixteen, knew who I was. Yes it was only because I was dating Louis but still it was a pretty good feeling.

"I'm Hope. Can I have a picture?"
It was quite strange to think that someone would want a picture with me but I agreed anyway. Then other girls began asking for pictures with me too and one even asked for an autograph. It was really weird to think about this because I was nobody famous. I just so happened to be dating someone famous.

Perrie and I left the store and walked back to the hotel with all our bags from shopping.

"Did you have fun?" she asked me once we were back in the room.

"I did, thanks for all the advice too."

"You're welcome. And if you need someone to talk to while the boys are on tour, then you call me."

"Thanks," I said while giving Perrie a hug. It was great knowing that I had her as a friend, even though she hated me at the beginning I was happy to say that I could call Perrie Edwards my friend.

Perrie and I lounged around the hotel room singing and dancing waiting for the car to come pick us up for the show. We sang some One Direction songs and even some Little Mix songs. It was a great time we had.

An hour before the car was suppose to arrive we began getting ready. Perrie settled on wearing a floral shirt, mainly consisting of whites, blues, and light pinks, tight black jeans, and floral flats. She looked amazing. I decided to wear my new TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms) shirt that was black with white writing on it along with red skinny jeans. Then I had on black converses that had red laces.

Perrie took a quick picture of us before leaving to upload to Instagram.

We arrived at the show a little early to say 'Good luck' to the boys. We went back stage and saw them acting like the idiots they were.

"Hey boys," I said making them all turn around quickly.

Louis walked over to me and kissed me, "I've missed you."

"I missed you too," I said with a smile on my face. "Just wanted to say good luck tonight."

"Thanks beautiful," he said and we all heard management calling them to go get changed.

Perrie and I went to find our seats even though we knew we wouldn't be sitting much of the concert. It was the most amazing thing watching the arena fill up with hundreds of people screaming for One Direction.

And with that the concert began.

The set list went something like this.

Up All Night

I Would

They Don't Know About Us

More Than This

Loved You First

One Thing

C'mon C'mon

Change My Mind

One Way Or Another

Last First Kiss


Twitter Questions and tonight they were some good questions. I laughed when the boys did a human pyramid and when Harry and Liam had a handstand competition.

Back For You

Summer Love

Over Again

Little Things - Zayn and Louis made special shout-outs to Perrie and I before the song began

Teenage Dirtbag

Rock Me

She's Not Afraid

Kiss You

Live While We're Young

The final song was What Makes You Beautiful and Niall began talking right before they sang.

"We just want to say a massive thank you to all the fans. Also, again this one is going out to Zayn and Louis' lovely girlfriends who are here in the arena with us tonight, Perrie and Maria. So let's give it up for them!"

The crowd went crazy and the song began.

As the song ended all the boys thanked the audience for being one amazing crowd and ran off stage. I continued to sit where I had the entire concert with Perrie.

"They really are something," I heard myself say.

"Yes they are."

The arena took awhile to clear out, roughly an hour, so Perrie and I didn't bother trying to go backstage. We just simply waited until the area was over three-fourths empty before we made our way backstage.

Perrie and Zayn found each other almost instantly and I walked around looking for Louis. I found Harry and Niall sitting on the floor tweeting.

"Where's Louis?" I asked.

"Um, ha," Harry said pointing behind me.

There was Louis standing behind me with a dozen perfect, red roses. I gasped because they were beautiful.

"Something beautiful, for someone beautiful," he said as he leaned down to kiss me.

I accepted the kiss and pulled him close. I was going to miss all his sweet gestures entirely too much. I really was beginning to wonder if I could do the distance. 

I knew I had three hours left until the flight back home. I wanted as much time with Louis as possible. They would be having another show in NYC tomorrow night so they didn't have to rush to leave tonight or in the morning.

Louis and I went back to the hotel while the rest of the boys went out. I assumed that Zayn and Perrie would be spending the rest of the night together but I wasn't certain.

Louis and I just cuddled up on the sofa in the hotel room.

"I'm going to miss this," he said.

Then he kissed me, "and this."

He ran his fingers through my hair, "I will really miss this."

Next he kissed down my neck and back up to whisper in my ear, "and I don't know what I'm going to do without being able to do this."

I loved every kiss and every touch. I was wondering what I was going to do without all of this.

We laid together until the last possible minute when we had to get up so I could get to the airport. I know it may seem like it wasn't that much time that I spent with Louis but to me, it was everything I needed before we said our goodbyes.

Louis was silent the whole way to the airport and I just held his hand trying not to cry. I couldn't remember a time that I was this sad to leave someone. The truth of the matter is I had never been this sad not to be with someone for this long.

A whole month of Louis being adored by thousands of others girls is what laid in store. A whole month that I wouldn't get to see him face to face. A whole month that I wouldn't be able to kiss his lips. A whole month that I wouldn't feel complete.

To you, that may seem like it's not a long time. Thirty days can fly by is what you are probably thinking but trust me these thirty days wouldn't.

When you are truly in love with someone every minute you spend away from them feels like an entire day gone. All you want is them and even if you get into a little argument and don't speak for a few hours, you know that you'll always have them. I trusted Louis to be the best boyfriend ever but I had witnessed the girls that yelled that they loved him from distances.

Yes, I do believe you can love a celebrity for who they are but they didn't love Louis the way I loved him. I had experienced a true love that was worth more than these silly words. This love was real and full of passion. Yes, lust may be involved in this love but truly it was love and passion fueling our relationship.

As we arrived to the airport Louis stopped the driver from opening my door. He opened the door for me, taking my hand and helping me out. Louis took my bag and carried it as we walked in. Louis would have to leave me right before I took off through security.

I checked into my flight and walked back to Louis. His eyes were a little red and I didn't want to believe he was about to cry. I took his hand and we walked over toward security.

"I love you Maria. With all my heart," his voice was shaky but I knew what he said.

"I'm in love with you Louis," I said taking his hand and placing it over my heart. "This heart, it's yours. No one else can ever have this. Forever."

I bit my lip and tried blinking to avoid the tears. I refused to cry right now.
Louis pulled me in for a long hug and I felt it, a small teardrop hit my shoulder.

"Louis are you crying?" I asked still fighting away my tears.

"No," he mumbled.

I pulled away and didn't notice that tears were falling from my eyes too.

"I love you so much," I said with a very shaky voice.

"I want you forever and always," he said wiping away the tears from my eyes.

I looked up at the big clock in the airport and knew I needed to get through security.

"I love you, so much. Promise, you won't forget about me?" I asked.

"I swear it."

We kissed one last time, a long, slow kiss. I slowly took my bag away from Louis and walked toward security.

"I love you Maria. And no one else!" he yelled after me.

I wiped away the remaining of my tears and placed my bag on the conveyor belt that would scan it for security.

The only thing I have left to say is "Distance Can't Change Us".

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