Coincidental Meeting (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I meet Louis Tomlinson by complete coincidence. I'll let you figure out the rest.
*Note* Not your typical fanfic about a One Direction member.


5. 5. The Date

Louis seemed to be the perfect guy. He opened the car door for me and refused to drive anywhere until I buckled up. Louis was just unbelievable. I still was in shock I was going out with him.

We rode around the car and he was singing along to the radio with his amazing voice. I was wondering where he could be possibly be taking me.

"Where are we going?"

He laughed and I felt my stomach go crazy with butterflies because he was just so beautiful.

"You have to wait. Remember, I'm trying to see if you can have fun?"

I can't help but smile. He is beautiful. Louis Tomlinson is beautiful.

Everything from his jaw line to his eyes. Then everything from his smile to his facial hair. Beauty takes a great hold on Louis Tomlinson.

Being just inches away from him made me nervous. I don't get nervous around guys but something about Louis Tomlinson--ignore the fact that he is famous--but I was very nervous. I honestly don't believe I have ever met a guy so beautiful. I saw his arm flexing from the corner of my eye and I averted my eyes back to the road.

"So, you nervous?" he asked jokingly, I hope.

I swallowed hard before answering, "A little," I paused and thought of the lamest joke possible, "Being in a car with a complete stranger going to God only knows where is usually how I spend my nights but I've gotten accustomed to thought of being nervous. Now I just think 'hey if I die at least I was adventurous.'"

He started laughing and his laugh made me laugh.

"Now I like a girl who can joke, well I hope that was a joke."

I saw him turning toward me and I couldn't help but smile as my heart started racing. I just shook my head and we continued to drive.

His iPod was on shuffle and I enjoyed most of the music then Little Things came on and I immediately just wanted to start singing. I started thinking about him laughing at me for my voice so I just slowly hummed along.

"You can sing. I'd like to hear."

"Maybe for the second date. You can't get that lucky on the first."

I saw him wink then he continued to say, "Don't tease me babe."

I wanted to sing along with the chorus because it was one of my favorite One Direction songs.

"You can't go to bed without a cup of tea,

And maybe that's the reason you talk in your sleep,

And all these conversations are the secrets that I keep

Though it makes no sense to me."

This moment when he was singing directly toward me, yes, this was the moment I realized Louis was truly amazing.

"We have arrived at our Date Destination. You may now unbuckle your seat belt and exit the vehicle."

I started smiling and did as I was technically told to do but before I could grab the handle to open the door Louis was right there holding it open for me. I could felt like the happiest and luckiest person in the world right now.

I started up at the dark building, closed and it even looked slightly abandoned. This is the moment when the thought 'This is the opening scene of a horror movie' goes through your mind.

Louis sensed my slight hesitation and grabbed my hand, "Babe. I promise. You'll be fine."

I smiled and said, "I trust you."

We entered through a side door and I felt like we were breaking and entering but I figured it was definitely worth it.

Louis flipped on the lights and I realized it was a giant play park for kids. This place had a ball pin and tunnels that you could run around and just have fun.

I just started laughing. I couldn't stop. This was too hilarious.

"Wasn't the response I was thinking of but I'll take it. Laughing is good."

"It's just, this is just so amazing. I never would have guessed this. Louis, you are amazing."

I saw him blush and then before I could say anything else he poked my shoulder and yelled, "YOU'RE IT!" and took off through the tunnels.

I stood there long enough to get over my mini laugh attack I was having then took off after him.

Thirty minutes of chasing each other around, screaming, and laughing Louis was 'it' and I needed to think of the best place to avoid him.

I took off and jumped in the ball pin. This is something I had never done, even as a child, and I just laid in the ball pin.

Best date by far. Not only was I having the most fun I probably ever would have but I was with an amazing guy. Again, not only was he famous but he was just so Louis. He isn't afraid to be himself, which is super silly, and I loved this so much.

I felt like I had been in the ball pin too long. It got quiet, too quiet. I wanted to peek and see if I saw him but what if he was searching--had to stay hidden.

I took a slow, deep breath waiting on Louis when right as I was about to exhale I saw him jumping over top of me. The facial expression itself was nearly the cutest, weirdest thing I had ever seen. He landed in the ball pin and was right next to me when he said, "I should probably exercise more. You are wearing me out."

I tried to look serious and not laugh but then he said, "Wait. That sounded dirty. Oh well."

After this statement I couldn't help but laugh until my ribs were hurting terribly. I honestly never thought I could be this happy at any given point in time but with Louis the impossible felt possible.

I felt him grab my hand and pull me closer to him. I was just staring into his beautiful blue eyes that were to die for. My hair had fallen down mid-way through running around and now was just hanging everywhere in a wild mess. With his free hand he pushed my hair behind my ear. I knew now he could hear my heart beating like crazy because I could hear it in my ears and I felt my face heating up.

Our hands fit perfectly together as he lifted my hand up and kissed over my knuckles. I bit my lip because this was so perfect.

Finally he spoke, "I knew you could have fun." The words made a chill run up the back of my spine and before I knew it his left hand was on my hip, the right on the side of my face. "Tell me, can I kiss you?"

All I could do was nod slowly as he pulled me close--lips pressing against mine. The shock that went through my body was just like you hear it is suppose to feel like when you kiss your one true love.

I could feel the whole kiss throughout my whole body--even without my entire body being on his I felt like it was. His lips were moving perfectly with mine and I didn't want this to end.

When he did pull away I kept my eyes closed for a few more seconds reliving the moment.

I could hear him start humming what sounded like Irresistible and my body felt weak. I slowly opened my eyes because I wanted to stare into his. Then Louis sang to me for a second time. 

"It makes your lips so kissable,

And your kiss unmissable,

Your fingertips so touchable,

And your eyes irresistible."

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