Coincidental Meeting (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I meet Louis Tomlinson by complete coincidence. I'll let you figure out the rest.
*Note* Not your typical fanfic about a One Direction member.


46. 46. Teaming Up

2:25 P.M.

Louis and I were holding hands walking onto the field where Niall and Amanda were talking. Amanda was wearing a 3/4 sleeve white and red baseball tee, light-wash jean shorts, and sandals. I guess she would be going barefoot while we were playing. Niall was in his usually overstretched white tank, camo shorts, and white Nikes that looked brand new. I hope he knew that they wouldn't be white for long.

"Niall, stop, stop, Niall, seriously," she was saying in a playful tone as he was tickling her sides.

I looked at Louis and then we yelled, "HEY!"

The couple jumped a little bit probably because they thought they were alone.

"Hey guys, Amanda this is Maria. Louis' girlfriend, and well you've met Louis."

We all smiled and started small talk about simple things when I heard Perrie yelling, "Hey guys!"

Perrie was wearing pink running shorts, a white tank top, and bright, pink running shoes. Zayn was wearing a black tee with some faded writing, black shorts, and black shoes. Perrie looked super excited to be here and Zayn looked his usual chill self. It was like he couldn't care less about it but he then cracked a small smile.

Niall introduced Amanda to Perrie and Zayn.

"So guys," Perrie said in a corny voice, "I'll probably be bad, so I apologize in advance."

"You'll be fine babe," Zayn said kissing her cheek.

Around this time Harry and Emily were walking up.

"Hello allllll," Harry said extremely slow. "Who's ready to play some football?"

Harry had a red bandana holding his hair off his face. He had on a red football jersey, black sweatpants, and red running shoes. He was holding Emily's hand who was wearing a yellow jersey, I assumed it was one of Harry's, grey sweatpants, and her bright running shoes.

"We're waiting on Liam and Brianna to show up," I started to say, "Ha, look there they are."

We all looked over to right corner of the field and we saw them. Liam was running and Brianna was on his back. I couldn't tell from where I was standing if Brianna was enjoying this or not, but I figured not. Liam was wearing a white football jersey and black sweatpants.

Once they reached us Brianna jumped off his back and she did not look happy. "That was not fun," she said looking at all of us. Immediately everyone started laughing and I wasn't sure if it was at her comment to Liam or how she was dressed. Everyone was expecting to play football but I may have neglected to mention that Brianna was going to be a cheerleader to our game.

Brianna was wearing a white, short-sleeve button-up shirt with a black skirt. No doubt in my mind that Liam and her were attempting to match. They looked cute together though. Brianna had also tied her hair into pigtails and was overdoing this cheerleader thing just a bit.

"What?" Brianna said in a tone that was suggesting we stop laughing.

"Why are you in a skirt? You can't play football like that," Harry said seeming the most confused.

"Princesses play football too Harry," Louis said in a sarcastic tone.

"I'm not playing Harry. I can barely walk without tripping. You expect me to kick around a ball, ha. I think not," Brianna said in a matter of fact kind of tone.

"But Harry, I've seen plenty of girls play in skirts. Kind of hot," Niall said I guess forgetting Amanda was standing right there.

Everyone looked at Niall and started laughing. I even face palmed myself thinking, "What in the world Niall?"

"Niall, are those camo shorts?" Brianna said with wide eyes.

"Um, ya they are," Niall said with his Irish accent coming through thick.

"Those should not exist. Like no, no. Someone back me up here. Maria, please," Brianna looked at me.

I couldn't contain my laughter but I managed to get out what I had to say. "I've been thinking that the entire time Brianna! Sorry Niall but even you can't pull those off. Please burn them after this."

We all started laughing at the camo shorts even Niall joined in.

"I thought they were cool though, guess I was wrong," he laughed. "Oh and everyone else this is Amanda."

Now everyone knew Amanda, and from the looks of everything everyone seemed to like her.

"Guess now I can say I don't really want to play either?" Amanda said shyly, like she was afraid we would all hate her.

"That's fine, now the teams will be even," Harry pointed out.

"You sure love?" Niall asked Amanda and she nodded.

"C'mon Amanda. You can help me play cheerleader," Brianna said as they walked over to the bench that was on the side of the field.

"Okay lads, and girls," Niall said looking from Louis to Liam. "Team Captains, Louis and I."

Everyone looked at Louis who looked shocked. "Okay, let's pick then. I'll let the little leprechaun go first."

"Alright Tommo, I pick Maria," he said.

"Whoa, you can't have my girlfriend!" Louis said sounding a little disappointed.

"Too late, pick Louis," he said as I walked over to stand next to Niall.

"Fine, I pick Liam."

"Harry," Niall said.

"Oh we're playing this game now huh?" Louis said sounding extra sassy. "Fine, I'm building a super team anyway." He paused looked at the remaining people to chose from. "Ah, Emily. Come join the team that is going to win!"

We were all laughing at the obvious tension that was going on.

"Alright, I guess we have to split up the last couple. I'll go with Zayn, sorry Perrie," Niall said sounding truly apologetic.

"Come her love," Louis said. "How dare you turn away this little fireball of competitiveness? With her, we are sure to win!" I knew Louis was just trying to make everyone feel welcome and like they were the greatest footballer in the world. I loved him for that.

We each went to separate ends of the field forming a small huddle to make a plan. I was thinking the teams were about equal.

Louis and Niall were both pretty good from what I have heard from other people. Liam was a decent player but had an advantage because his girlfriend wasn't on the opposing team. Then we have Harry, well let's face it the poor boy isn't the best at football. Even that one coach said he was horrible, but he still had spirit and determination. I had no clue how Zayn would be on the field. So he could either be a huge surprise or a huge laugh. Knowing Emily she would try but she wouldn't really care about the outcome, so she'd just be like whatever the entire game. Finally, we have Perrie who looked so competitive and hyper. I figured she would help improve the other team a lot so I would have to look out for her. Oh yeah, you have me. Well, not trying to sound cocky but I'm Mexican. It's in my DNA so I knew I would tear up the field. I couldn't wait for this game to begin.

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