Coincidental Meeting (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I meet Louis Tomlinson by complete coincidence. I'll let you figure out the rest.
*Note* Not your typical fanfic about a One Direction member.


39. 39. Everyone Knows

I arrived at the restaurant within a few minutes. It usually seemed like a longer drive but I guess there just wasn't much traffic out today.

As I put my car into park I checked my phone. Still nothing. I climbed out of the car and saw Harry and Liam pulling into a space just a few away from me. Harry was wearing aviators but I could tell it was him but his bushy, curly hair.

They both climbed out and Harry was mid-sentence, "like oh well." It was all I managed to catch. Then Liam waved at me and Harry turned around. "Maria!" he yelled.

"Hey," I said as I started walking over toward them. "Have you two seen Louis?"

They exchanged a weird grin at each other and shook their heads before saying, "No," in unison.

"I haven't seen him since last night," Harry said.

It was rather strange that they hadn't seen or heard from Louis. Then I remembered the grin, they knew something they just didn't want to tell me.

"I can tell you are lying Harry."

"Am I?" he said as he finally pulled off his aviators. "Let's go inside though, I'm starving. Also, don't want Liam to get into trouble with Brianna for being late."

Liam pushed him before we started walking toward the front of the restaurant. Harry caught himself and nudged Liam's arm. I just chose to ignore the two idiots behind me. As we approached the front of the restaurant I saw Emily and Brianna.

"I don't get how you two tolerate these two," I said before pointing at them. I turned around and they were giving their girlfriends the biggest "I'm innocent" smile ever. I shook my head.

"Have you heard from Louis?" Emily asked me.

"Not today, oh well. Let's go eat," I said trying to ignore the fact that everyone knew something that I didn't.

As we were seated at a corner booth like Harry had asked the hostess I felt like the biggest fifth wheel ever. I kept checking my phone, and not just for something from Louis. Anything would have been better than sitting here being a fifth wheel.

I felt someone tap my shoulder and it was Liam. He was the only one sitting directly beside me.

"Hmm," I murmured while continuing to pretend to do something on my phone.

"You okay?" he asked sounding like he truly cared.

"Oh yeah sorry. Just texting my mom about something."

Liam looked like he didn't believe me but didn't protest my answer at all. Our waitress showed up and asked for everyone's drink order. I was the last one to give my order and my phone started buzzing. I looked down and it was a restricted call. I pressed ignore.

I hated getting restricted calls. Half of the time they were stupid, immature people trying to play a game. The other half of the time it was just the phone network messing up and it was my dad. Either way I didn't want to deal with any of that today.

I texted Louis.

I haven't heard from you all day, I miss you.

As I was hitting send our waitress came back to take our food order. Brianna wasn't ready so we sent her away. I looked over at Liam trying to help her decide what she wanted. Harry was holding Emily's hand on the table and they were laughing at something. I loved seeing my friends be happy. Also, it helped so much seeing them happy with people that seemed to truly care about them.

My phone started buzzing. Three text messages and I was thinking, "Who is text bombing me?"


I got caught up with my mum

Dinner tonight?

I laughed out loud and everyone looked at me.

"What?" I said as I typed Okay that works.

"Oh nothing," Harry said trying to sound sly.

"I know you guys know something."

"Do we?" Emily said almost mimicking how Harry had sounded earlier.

I just shook my head and checked my phone. I looked up to see Harry whispering in Emily's ear something and she just smiled. They were too cute with each other.

Brianna was talking to Liam about her going back to school.

"Babe, I completely understand. We'll make this work though."

He sounded so sincere and like he really wanted everything to work out between them. I wish I had been there when Emily and Harry were talking about it so I could have seen his reaction. Now my only hope was that Louis would react the same way.

"I asked Emily to come on tour with us but she thinks because she is a Chemistry major it'll be too hard. But she'll be at our September performance," Harry said proudly.

"Yeah babe, you can go with Emily to come see us. It'll be good to see you after all that time."

Harry and Liam were the perfect boyfriends for them. I felt so out of place though because I was definitely the fifth wheel. Being third wheel was weird, but a fifth wheel was insanely weird.

My phone started buzzing again and I couldn't remember the last time I was so popular. It was my mom this time so I excused myself from the table.

After ten minutes of talking to my mother I remembered why I had moved out of the house with her. I returned to the table feeling slightly angry.

"I have to go, that was my mom and she wants to catch up. Sorry guys. I'll see you later."

A boldface lie to them but they accepted it and said goodbye.

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