Coincidental Meeting (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I meet Louis Tomlinson by complete coincidence. I'll let you figure out the rest.
*Note* Not your typical fanfic about a One Direction member.


38. 38. I Forgot

Today was Louis and mine three month anniversary and I was wondering what I could expect for today. He hadn't said anything about us having plans so I figured he would either show up or call me and ask me to come over. Either way it was only three months so it wouldn't be that be of a deal if we didn't do anything. I would just like to see him.

Louis and the rest of the boys had been really busy preparing for their tour and recording new music for yet another album. I was so proud of Louis' success as I was to the rest of the boys. They worked so hard for their music and it showed that people really did still care about the music.

I walked outside to check the mail mainly because I knew bills were due and I needed to pay them. I grabbed the thick stack of envelopes out of the mailbox and started flipping through them as I walked inside. My phone started ringing and it was Emily.

"Hey Emily," I said throwing the junk envelopes on the ground.

"We got our triple!" She yelled through the phone and I heard Brianna screaming in the background.

"What?" I said holding the phone away from my ear trying to turn the volume down so it wouldn't damage my hearing.

"The triple? For the dorm next year. Come on we go back to college in two weeks! Please don't tell me that you forgot about college already?"

I paused and bit my lip. Sad thing is, I had completely forgot that I was suppose to be going back to college in two weeks.

"Um..." I said looking down and sure enough I had the same envelope in my hand that Emily and Brianna had already opened from Res Life about the triple we had applied for.

I heard Brianna yell in the background, "Maria! You are going back to college! We need you!"

"Yeah, please tell me that this is just a joke and you didn't forget," Emily said sounding worried.

"Well I told you guys I might not be going back next semester. I nearly failed out last year. I think I'm going to take a year off."

I heard the shuffle which meant Emily was handing the phone over to Brianna.

"Maria, you are going. I don't care. I know you already got your loan and you said you applied for more so you could get your books and all. So guess what you are going. We will be able to help you. We all have physics together and plus Emily and I have already taken Biology. Trust me, you will raise your GPA."

I knew better than to try and argue with Brianna. She was one match that I couldn't out argue. She could be very persuasive when she wanted to be.

"Okay but now I have to tell Louis."

"Louis and the rest of the boys are about to go on tour. It'll all be okay. I still have to tell Liam," Brianna said.

"Has Emily told Harry?" I asked.

I heard her scream a yes in the background.

"Since when is Emily actually ahead of the game?" I joked with Brianna.

"Ha, yeah well we are heading to lunch. Want to join?" she asked.

I agreed to go to lunch since I hadn't heard anything from Louis all day. I walked into my room and was trying to figure out what I wanted to wear. My phone buzzed and it was a text.

Liam and Harry are coming to lunch with us, ask Louis does he want to go too :)

Brianna was always the planner for some reason. I imagined Brianna was going to tell Liam about us going back to college at lunch so I could also tell Louis.

Texting would be easier but calling would be faster. I punched in Louis' number and hit send.

It rang and rang and finally I got his voicemail. That was strange.

"Hey, so I guess you are MIA for the day. I'll be at lunch with Liam and Brianna, and Emily and Harry. Text me if you want to come too."

I left the voicemail and started to change. I just found all of this really weird that I hadn't heard from Louis. But, I finished getting ready then headed out the door.

I got in my car and started to drive to meet them for lunch.

I was hoping that Louis would text or call.

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