Coincidental Meeting (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I meet Louis Tomlinson by complete coincidence. I'll let you figure out the rest.
*Note* Not your typical fanfic about a One Direction member.


37. 37. Playful Day

All the boys had the day off and I was excited to see what Louis had planned for the day. Neither of us were really planners so most of the time I just couldn't wait to see that he could come up. I knew Brianna and Liam were going on a date but Liam was planning a surprise so he was the only one who knew the plans for their date. Brianna was all excited and I loved that her and Liam were going steady. Harry and Emily were still together, by the way. They seemed really comfortable around each other. They were such a simple couple. The best entertainment you could get was Emily and Harry playing Pokémon against each other. Emily almost always won and Harry's reactions to losing were the best.

I loved that all the boys were so playful, especially Louis. Louis and I could turn anything into a joke or a game.

Emily stayed the night with Harry so were we all sitting at the table eating breakfast together. Emily was munching on bacon while Louis and I were cooking eggs together. Well more like Louis was pretending to help me but I was doing all the work. Harry was reading the paper like an old man. Harry was an odd one.

There was a knock on the door and Harry got up to see who it was.

"Well look who's here."

Zayn and Perrie walked into the kitchen, we all said a collective hi. It was almost noon so they were probably wondering why we were just now making breakfast.

"Okay everyone," Zayn started saying in his thick accent, "We are having a couple's day."

We all looked up and were confused.

"A what?" Louis asked.

"A couple's day. We going to have a fun filled day with our friends that are couples."

We all laughed because Zayn sounded like a woman.

"How much Cosmo have you been reading there Zayn?" I asked him with a smirk on my face.

I swear he blushed, "Well it was Perrie's idea. I'm just putting the plan into motion."

"Okay, so what does this day include?" Harry asked.

"Well, a water balloon fight," Zayn said acting a bit sketchy.

The idea was perfect because it was the middle of July and almost ninety degrees outside so it sounded like the best possible plan for the day.

Louis and I looked at each other, "We're in!"

Harry looked at Emily looking for confirmation of whether he could say they would go or not.

"Sounds fun," Emily said.

"Let's go then!" Harry screamed.

We all took seperate cars to Zayn's house and I texted Brianna so she wouldn't be worried when Liam tried dropping her off at the apartment for Emily to take her home and nobody being there. It wasn't too long of a drive until we reached Zayn's house.

It was a rather large house but then again Zayn had the money to get whatever he wanted. We walked around the house and Zayn had something similar to an obstacle course set up in the back yard.

"Alright, each couple is a team," Zayn started in his thick accent. "Everyone will have one water gun and a bucket of water balloons. Also, two white flags to admit defeat. When another team admits defeat you collect a white flag and the team gets two minutes to regroup."

Around this time Niall came out of the house wearing a referee jersey and eating an apple.

"Niall here is our referee and will make sure everyone abides by the rules. The team with the most white flags after an hour wins. Okay?"

This sounded amazing and I was exciting. This game would be war against everyone. I could tell Louis was extremely excited because he was practically jumping up and down with joy already.

"Okay, so each team has ten minutes to discuss their plans," Niall started to say in his thick Irish accent. "Maria and Louis you are team red," he said as he handed us red jerseys and our two white flags. "Harry and Emily you are team yellow," he handed them their jerseys and their flags. "So that makes Zayn and Perrie team blue I guess," he laughed at his own joke as they got their jerseys and flags. "Okay everyone go to the area marked by your color, they are each seperated by ten yards. Strategy will be key, may the odds ever be in your favor."
We all started laughing as we walked to our designated color zones. You could tell by everyone's smiles that they were excited to be interacting with each other and possibly winning a game in the meantime.

Once Louis and I reached the red zone we decided it would be best to attack Zayn and Perrie first.

"Perrie will want to surrender first because she is pretty girly and I think once she get drenched it'll only take a few moments before she waves her white flag." I started telling Louis the plan.

"I completely agree. Emily and Harry probably be harder to take out."

Louis' face was full of concentration and I knew he was just as determined to win as I was.

"Just let me know if you want to surrender, okay babe?" Louis asked before kissing me slowly.

"I won't, I can take a hit. It's you we have to worry about."

We laughed and Niall started talking into a megaphone so we could all hear.

"Time to start the games. On the whistle blow you can start moving on stay put to defend your position. Good luck and let the games begin!"

There was a high-pitched whistle and we were off. You could hear everyone laughing because the game had not gotten serious yet.

Louis and I went through an obstacle to get closer to Zayn and Perrie but they were in sight in no time. We double checked to make sure that we couldn't see Harry or Emily around. I had the water gun and Louis had all the balloons. I gave him a signal to fire away. I began spraying the water gun at Perrie, and had a thought that this was revenge for her being mean to me at the beginning of this new found friendship.

Perrie screamed because she wasn't expecting it and Zayn jumped up. Louis began throwing balloons at Zayn before Zayn could even register that he should probably fire the water gun in our general direction.

It wasn't long before they were waving a white flag and we were collecting. Perrie and Zayn were soaked with water and Louis and I were hardly touched by water.
This was turning into a very interesting game. I knew it would be a lot of fun but I never imagined that a water war could be this fun. Louis and I took a moment to regroup by heading back to our designated red zone.

"That was pretty easy," Louis said grabbing more balloons.

"Yeah, wonder where Harry and Emily are."

"Let's check their zone."

We headed in the opposite direction as we did the last time. We wanted to win and needed to collect the other three flags out there. We approached the yellow zone and saw Emily and Harry kissing. Awkward to walk up on but great for the game. Good thing that both of them could easily be distracted and even better that they could be distracted by each other. Louis had the water gun now and I had the balloons.

"Attack!" Louis yelled spraying water everywhere. I launched two balloons at them and Harry took off to get the water gun. They were drenched in seconds. They continued putting up a fight before surrending and allowing us to get another white flag.

Louis hugged me while whispering, "I love you," in my ear and everything was perfect. I kissed him before we walked away allowing our opponents to gather themselves.

Louis and I had gathered four flags and only needed two more. One from Harry and Emily and one from Perrie and Zayn.

"Who do you think would be easier to take out completely?"

"Well, Zayn and Perrie but I think Harry and Emily are actually going to be on the move this time. I heard them whispering as we walked away."

We were both soaked and I just wanted to kiss Louis until we had to stop. Louis looked over at me as we filled up the water gun and gathered more balloons yet again. Then we heard laughter from the front of the yard.

Louis started walking that way and I followed close behind. I now had the water gun and Louis had the balloons again. We saw Zayn and Perrie attempting to set up a new zone for themselves. Perrie was placing balloons in a row I guess for easier fire. They were pretty close to the patio close to the porch. I could see Niall from where we were and he was eating a bowl of something. I swear that kid never stopped eating.

Louis mouthed, "Attack?"

"Not yet," I whispered back to him.

After all I wanted to maybe give Perrie and Zayn a chance before we completely humiliated them at their own game. This is when we saw Harry and Emily approaching from the right. The angle at which they were coming they couldn't see Perrie and Zayn. This was going to be perfect, taking both of the teams out in only a few moments.

I tapped Louis on the shoulder and pointed toward Harry and Emily. An evil grin ran across Louis' face and I knew he was thinking the same thing I was. The sun was beating down on us and it was getting hotter outside.

Then everything got set off balance when Liam and Brianna came around the house holding hands.
"Where is everyone?" Liam asked to Niall who nearly fell out of his chair when he heard him.

"Oh well, I can't tell you. They're out there though. Water wars."

I could tell their eyes were scanning around to try and find us. You could tell by the expression on Brianna's face that she did not want to be anywhere near this. Brianna was Jamaican and proud. Her hair, well it wasn't really hers so she couldn't get it wet. Emily and I knew that she would flip out and probably go on a killing spree if any water got near her at all.

I mouthed to Louis, "Keep the water away from Brianna."

Louis and I slowly stood up and Zayn and Perrie were slowly standing up too. I tried warning them not to set anything off that way but it was too late. Harry had heard the voices coming from the patio and had set off a balloon in Liam, Niall, and Brianna's direction. I prayed that it would hit one of the boys and not Brianna.

Of course nothing would go right. The balloon burst across Brianna's chest and she was soaked. Harry and Emily were emerging from the right into plain view of everyone. I looked over at Emily and Harry. Harry looked like he wanted to laugh but everyone knew by Brianna's expression that it probably wouldn't be a good idea.

Brianna was shaking with anger and Liam was saying, "Babe, it's okay. It's fine. We can fix it."

Then everyone heard Emily say, "You're on your own." She took off into the obstacle.

I looked at Louis and said, "We better run too."

We took off after Emily into a safer zone.

Louis yelled over his shoulder, "You might want to run before she kills you man!"


A few hours after we convinced Brianna not to kill Harry we all went inside Zayn's house to relax. Emily, Perrie, and I made sure that Brianna was okay. She was still angry at Harry but it was an honest mistake after all.

We had all dried off by now when Niall said he was going to leave. I felt bad for Niall because he didn't have a girlfriend but what could I do.

"So, Brianna do you forgive me?" Harry asked a few minutes after Niall left.

"I forgive you Harry but trust me. I will pay you back one day."

We all laughed and Louis said, "He'll be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life now."

The eight of us just sat around laughing at the most random stuff that we could think of. I was glad that we were all friends. Days like these were the days you wanted to live for. Nothing but fun that would fill the day.

Perrie was telling us about Little Mix's upcoming tour and how she was leaving in three days.

"I wanted to spend some time with all of you before I leave. It's hard," Perrie said while holding Zayn's hand tightly, "to leave but I know I have an amazing boyfriend I'll be coming home to. And now, even greater friends."

Perrie was looking at me and honestly I was glad that we had become friends. I didn't like drama at all and now that all the drama had been buried it seemed like maybe I could have a happiness worth keeping.

"I love you babe," Zayn said before kissed Perrie.

Liam, Harry, and Louis did a collected "Oooooo" in the background which only made the couple start laughing.

"Yeah, we'll be leaving for tour in August so I'll have something to keep me busy until I can come back to her beautiful face," Zayn said before kissing her again.
They were like a couple straight out of a movie and it was beautiful. Their relationship seemed perfect from the outside and maybe it really was but yeah. They seemed to be each other's soulmates and I was glad I could be witnessing it.

"Well guys, we'd love to stay and chat some more but we have plans," Louis said while pulling me up from the couch. I didn't know about our plans but maybe he just wanted some alone time with me.

"Yeah, we'll see you later."

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