Coincidental Meeting (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I meet Louis Tomlinson by complete coincidence. I'll let you figure out the rest.
*Note* Not your typical fanfic about a One Direction member.


35. 35. Shopping With Perrie

Louis took me aside as soon as we left the restauant and ran his fingers through my hair.

"I love you," he whispered into my mouth between a kiss. "You don't have to go if you don't want to."

I kissed him and then brushed back his hair, "You can't always protect me and if Perrie wants to play dirty trust me, I evented the game. She won't win."

He smirked and kissed me again.

Zayn and Perrie were kissing goodbye too because you could hear Harry sighing loudly that he didn't have anyone to kiss at the moment. "Guys, we have to go."

Louis gave me a hug and I enjoyed every second of it. "Have fun boys," I said as they got into a car and left. I turned to look at Perrie who was on the phone with someone already. I didn't really care but I started walking away. I figured she was just trying to play nice in front of Zayn and now that he was gone she didn't have to pretend anymore. The restauant that we ate at was only a few blocks away from my apartment. I could go back there and waste away the day doing who knows what rather than shopping with Perrie.

"Wait, Maria! Wait!" I heard Perrie yelling at me and her heels clicking on the sidewalk behind me.

"What? Zayn, Louis and Harry are gone. You don't have to pretend anymore."

"Pretend?" she looked as if she didn't know what the word meant. "Maria, I wasn't pretending. I really want to become your friend. I misjudged you and I want to make it right."

I felt like any moment know someone would pop out and say "Gotcha!" but nothing happened.

"Maria, please. We don't have to go shopping if you don't want but we probably will be seeing a lot of each other so let's try and be civil."

I still had my doubts about Perrie but I figured what is the worst that could happen?

"Fine, where are we going?"

"There is a little shop around the block that always has the best clothes. Let's go check it out."

I walked by Perrie while she texted and gabbed about her life. I wasn't paying that much attention to her. I was just wondering how long we could possibly spend time together. The boys would be getting out of the stuido in two or three hours. Would I really be stuck with Perrie for that long.

My phone buzzed with a text from Louis.

Play nice :) see you soon

I wanted to laugh but I didn't want Perrie to ask me what was funny. I quickly sent a response.

Funny :) don't take too long in the studio

Louis and I were always texting each other when we weren't together and it made me feeled loved. I had never had a boyfriend that would really want to text me all the time.

Perrie turned the corner and asked me a question. I didn't hear her the first time or the second, it wasn't until she asked, "Maria are you listening to me?"

"Not really, being honest."

"Oh, I asked you something."


"Do you love Louis?"

I felt like she was digging for information.

"I have love for Louis, I'm not in love with him so I don't tell him that I love him yet if that's what you are asking."

"Oh," Perrie said before opening up a little shop's door.

"Wait, you like Shoe Master?"

"Yes, I love shoes. And the name was misleading, I thought it would only be shoes."
"But they have everything!"

Weird, Perrie and I had the same taste. We could be friends.

We went in and Perrie went straight for the dresses. I was addicted to shoes so I headed over to the new shoe selection they had. I could spend all day shopping for shoes.

The store was pretty much empty because Perrie and I were the only customers in there. The sales associate finally came out from the back room and looked startled to see us.

"Oh I'm sorry. I didn't hear you come in, do you need any help with anything?"

"I'm fine," I answered still looking through the shoes.

Perrie asked did she have anymore of a dress in her size so the woman went to go check. I loved this store because of how much they cared about their customers.

"Are you going to buy any shoes?"
"I probably will buy shoes. I have an addiction to shoes. Shouldn't have came here, I don't have money for shoes."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know."

"It's fine, I'll try to think that I don't have the money and shouldn't buy them."

The sales associate came out, "Last one miss."

"Thank you," Perrie was so polite. It was nice. She went into a fitting room to try on the dress. I continued to look at the shoes thinking that I really shouldn't buy any.

I heard the door open, followed by two girls laughing.

"Yeah, Louis and I are still together. He just is tired of me being in the media so he says we broke up."

I knew immediately that it was Eleanor. She was just so desperate for attention. I didn't want to turn around because I didn't want to start a fight in the middle of the store.

"Oh, he is just so sweet. You still have to introduce me to him, and ya know the rest of the boys."

Eleanor's friend has such a high pitched voice that it would make dogs run away. Her voice bothered me so much.

"Excuse me? Um hello!" Eleanor screamed around the store because the sales associate had gone back into the back room. She came out quickly.

"I'm sorry I was checking on something. Can I help you?"

"Um, yeah," Eleanor's friend said. "We need dresses for the club."

"Well all of our dress selection is over there," she pointed to the far side of the store, "Let me know if we don't have your size and I'll check the back."

They were being so rude and I was not liking it. I knocked on the dressing room door where Perrie was changing, "Can you hurry up?" I asked hoping she heard me because I was pretty much whispering.

"Oh my God. Are you serious?" I heard Eleanor say.

"What?" her friend asked.

"What are you doing here?"

I knew she was talking to me. I knew she was going to provoke a fight. I chose to ignore her and I asked Perrie again to hurry up.

"I asked you a question," she said walking toward me her friend not too far behind her.

"Eleanor, now is not the place. Nor the time. Go shopping with your friend and let's act like we don't know each other. Or I can explain to your friend here who I am and who you aren't." I knew I should have just stopped but I wanted to be a smart ass about it all.

Perrie came out of the dressing room wearing what she was wearing to begin with.

"Eleanor you don't even like this store!" I could tell that Perrie was upset.

"Let's go Kasey!" Eleanor said.

"Wait, who are you?" she said looking at me.

"Nevermind her let's go."

Perrie was red in the face, "Were you following us? That's low!"

"You said you'd never be friends with her! Now look at you! Shopping with her! She is the reason Louis left me! You know that right!"

"Wait, wait, wait! You just told me that you and Louis were still together!" the girl names Kasey interjected.

"They aren't! Louis left Eleanor a long time ago! He is in love with Maria now Eleanor! Get over it!" Perrie still sounded nice when she was yelling.

"Ladies!" the sales associate looked at us and we all looked at her. "I do not want this in my business! I want to ask you to leave please."

"I'm sorry," Perrie and I said to her as we started walking toward the door.

"Perrie you are the worst friend ever!" Eleanor and Kasey were still standing in the door. They looked over at the sales associate who pointed toward the door. They slowly lingered out behind us.

"You such a whore Maria!"

I could stand to be called a lot of different names and I do mean a lot. I will not ever stand to be called a whore, especially when I know that I am not. I went to turn around but Perrie held out her arm.

"She's not worth it."

"I know, I'm just going to scare her."

I walked toward Eleanor, she was taller than me so this might be a bit more challenging that I thought. I pushed her back and she nearly fell over.

"Let's get one thing straight right here and now. I am not a whore. Louis was clearly over you when he met me! You are so stuck in the past. I don't know why he broke up with you and personnally I do not care! Louis and I are together so quit acting pathetic and move on!"

Eleanor looked like she was about to cry and Kasey looked at her in disgust. But, for some unknown reason Eleanor wanted to try and one up me. She made a weak attempt to hit me, I caught her fist. She looked more shocked than anyone I have ever seen.

"Another thing, don't try to hit me. Ever. Again." I was getting mad and was trying to control myself. "I have a temper and you are not the one to test my temper. I can hurt you Eleanor. Remember that. Always remember that. Keep messing with you and it's going to be hard to keep my temper in check."

It took me a second to realize I was still holding her fist. I had a tight grip on her hand and she was tearing up a bit.

"Just let her go and we'll be on our way!" Kasey screamed and I thought she was more worried about Eleanor's safety than Eleanor was. I realeased her hand and turned around.

Perrie was trying not to laugh when I walked back up to her. I couldn't tell if Eleanor and Kasey were still standing back there but we kept walking.

"You are my new hero, Maria."

"Thanks, but I don't know why."

"That was amazing! Are you kidding me? I'm glad you put her in her place. I stopped being friends with her because she was becoming a pain in my ass."

"She seems to be a pain in everyone's ass."

Perrie laughed and we walked back to her car which was parked near where we had lunch.

"Thanks for coming out today, even though we ran into trouble."

"It's fine, you didn't know she'd be there. Maybe we can hang out again soon."

"I'd like that," she smiled. "Do you want to tell Louis about this or we can keep it a secret? Whatever you want."

"I'll tell him, better he know. I don't like secrets."

She nodded and agreeed. We said goodbye and she left in her car. Perrie offered me a ride home but I wanted to walk back to the store and apologize to the sales associate. Before I was there my phone buzzed. Louis.

Leaving the studio now, where you at beautiful?

I smiled.

Meet you at my apartment in twenty minutes :)

Now I had to think of how to tell Louis this story. First, I had to go apologize.

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