Coincidental Meeting (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I meet Louis Tomlinson by complete coincidence. I'll let you figure out the rest.
*Note* Not your typical fanfic about a One Direction member.


26. 26. Brianna's Birthday Party

"I don't want to be third, or fourth, wheel on a date for you and Louis for my birthday!" Brianna yelled at me.

"I promise you right now it won't even be like that. It's all about you Brianna."

Finally after about a hour she finally agreed that she would go to dinner with us. I didn't even let Emily in on the secret because I wanted her to be equally surprised. I told Brianna to be ready at seven.

April 11

Louis and I showed up at Emily and Brianna's apartment at exactly 12 to sing Happy Birthday to Brianna. I gave her a sign I had drew that said Happy Birthday Brianna and an owl necklace. Louis gave her a hug and said he'd give her his present tonight. She looked at him confused but didn't ask questions. We told her to be ready at seven so we could go to dinner.

Louis and I spent the day being lazy around my apartment. We started getting ready around six because I was beginning to notice that Louis took a little longer to get ready. I took a shower so I could let my hair dry without having to blow dry it then started getting ready while Louis took his shower. I wanted to dress nice but I didn't want to outshine the birthday girl so I settled on a plain white shirt, purple jeans, and black converses. I was putting my hair up into a ponytail when Louis walked in with black jeans, a white button down, and white toms. Also, he had on purple suspenders that made him look incredible.

"We really need to stop looking like we plan this," he said as he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck.

"Maybe you should stop trying to copy my style."

"I think you are copying mine."

"Ha, I was wearing colorful pants before you were famous babe."

"Oh I see how it is," he said before picking me up and throwing me onto the bed.

"Louis!" I screamed.

He kissed up my neck to my lips and I enjoyed every minute of it.

"We need to get going," he said. I really enjoyed when Louis teased me but it was getting to be more difficult to stop.

I texted Brianna We leaving now, be there in ten.

I loved that we lived so close to each other. When we pulled up we saw Emily waiting outside. Emily was wearing white shorts with a purple shirt that had Zayn's face on it. Louis and I started laughing because we knew this would only increase Zayn's ego even more. Brianna walked out wearing a strapless pink dress with black polka dots with black wedges.

"You look beautiful Brianna!" I told her as her and Emily got into the car.

"Wait, Louis is driving?" Brianna asked.

"Yes," Louis and I said at the same time.

"No. No. No. No. No." Brianna kept saying no.

Emily explained why, "She knows about the music videos Louis."

"Do you want me to drive Brianna?"

"Yes!" She screamed.

So Louis and I switched seats so I could drive so Brianna wouldn't freak out. Luckily I knew the way to Liam's apartment. We got there at around seven thirty-five.

"Thought we were going to dinner?" Brianna sounded annoyed.

"We are," Louis started, "But you guys gotta come inside. Harry wants to say happy birthday to Brianna."

Emily gave Brianna a look like she was trying to say "You are so lucky right now."

We all walked inside of the apartment. Louis quickly disappeared and I could tell Brianna was getting annoyed. "I'm getting hungry Maria. Can we go? I don't care if Harry says happy birthday to me." Yupp, she was annoyed.

A spotlight started shining on Liam and I heard Brianna gasp. He walked up to Brianna with the boys in the background humming a low steady chord. Liam took Brianna's hand and kissed it before whispering, "Happy Birthday beautiful." I honestly thought that Brianna was about to pass out but lucky enough she continued to stay on her feet.

Liam walked back to stand in the middle of the boys. Louis and Harry were on his left and Niall and Zayn on his right. They started singing Happy Birthday to Brianna. She had the biggest smile I had ever seen on her face.

After they finished singing the most basic song to sing to someone on their birthday music started in the background. It was the instrumental of "Kiss You". Emily and Brianna screamed when they heard it. They sang the entire song to her, all of them walking up to her for their solos.

After Kiss You they each gave Brianna a hug, Liam even went the extra mile to give her a kiss on the cheek. We all went into the living room to start the real party. Niall had brought one of his friends along. Liam and Harry hadn't brought anyone along. I looked around assuming that Zayn would have brought along Perrie even though we didn't get along but I was very happy when she wasn't here.

Liam started some music in the room. Harry and Louis went to start dancing but I stayed with Emily and Brianna for a minute.

"So did you enjoy this?" I asked Brianna.

"Yes! Oh my God! Yes!" Brianna screamed. I was happy that I could make her birthday extra special.

I whispered, "You're welcome," before walking out to dance with Louis.

Zayn had left the room and I just assumed it was to call Perrie or he was just leaving in general. Next thing we heard Zayn yell, "Perrie seriously! She has to leave!"

Liam went to go check out what was going on but before he couldn't even get to the commotion we all realized who was here. She was walking into the living room. I looked and there was Zayn, Perrie, and Eleanor walking in. Niall got up and turned off the music because there was obvious hostility in the air.

"Why is she here?" Liam asked Zayn.

"I'm sorry everyone. Perrie, let's go. Eleanor come on. I'll take you home."

"I'm not leaving. The party just started right."

Louis left my side and walked up to Eleanor. "You need to leave." She wrapped her arms around Louis' neck and said, "Why babe?"

I was not about to have this. Not only was she ruining Brianna's night but mine as well. I started walking toward them and Harry tried to stop me. I guess he saw the angry look on my face. I could tell Brianna was getting upset. Harry was trying his best to hold me back because Louis had removed Eleanor's arms from him.

"Eleanor, just leave."

"I'll leave if you talk to me, in private."

"Fine, come on."

They left and went into the kitchen. I still was not about to have this. "Stop Maria. Please don't do anything stupid." Harry said to me. I tried to consider what to do. I was not about to let Eleanor ruin my friend's birthday.

"Perrie why did you bring her? If I would have known you were going to pull this shit I wouldn't have told you about tonight." Zayn was trying really hard not to yell at Perrie.

I couldn't make out everything that Louis and Eleanor were talking about but I did hear when Eleanor yelled, "YOU LEFT ME FOR HER? REALLY LOUIS?"

That was it, I wasn't going to stand here and let this be the reason Brianna's birthday was ruined.

Harry finally let me go and Brianna yelled, "Maria you don't have to!" but I kept going. Liam was right behind me.

"You want to argue with her then leave. Now. Both of you!" I yelled. I wanted to go hit Eleanor in the face but I stopped myself mainly because I knew if I tried to step any closer Liam would pull me back. Everyone was now standing behind me.

"Babe, I'm sorry."

"No Louis. Leave! Now!" Louis started backing away. He had never seen me this angry and honestly I never wanted him too but I did not want this party to be a disaster.

"She's right Louis. Leave. Eleanor you too." Liam sounded just as angry as I did.

Louis looked confused but said, "I'm sorry Brianna. I'm sorry Maria." He turned around and started to leave.

Eleanor came and stood directly in front of me, "He's mine. You might want to stay away."

I went to go hit her but Harry and Liam grabbed me and pulled me back. "Stop Maria. Be smart." Liam said to me. Eleanor turned around and left right behind Louis.

Zayn started talking next, "I'm sorry Brianna. Maria, I didn't know. Come on Perrie."

Perrie blew us all kisses as she left and Brianna muttered, "Bitch," under her breath and Niall started laughing. We all went back into the living room. I was determined I was bringing this party back to life. We started the music back up, louder. I started dancing with Brianna and Liam. Niall and his friend joined in. We were all laughing and just having a fun time.

Emily and Harry were talking on the couch. After about a hour after the blow up, Harry took Emily's hand and they left. Oh my, wonder what they were going to do. Guess I'd find out later.

Liam took Brianna's hand and twirled her around. She was laughing and smiling so much. I was so happy that at least my friends were having a good time. Liam and Brianna soon stopped dancing to go sit on the couch and talk.

I danced with Niall and his friend until my phone started ringing. Louis. I ignored it and then went into the kitchen. I was about to leave but I knew I had to figure out how I was going to get Brianna and Emily home now. Louis was our ride. Oh well. Liam will probably take us home.

I went back into the living room just to see Liam kissing Brianna. Well looks like I did a good job.

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