Coincidental Meeting (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I meet Louis Tomlinson by complete coincidence. I'll let you figure out the rest.
*Note* Not your typical fanfic about a One Direction member.


25. 25. The Fame

Louis and I started walking down the street. It was a cool day, around 50 degrees or so. Louis held my hand as we walked and kept me close. Louis made it very obvious that we were together and I liked that. Every time we had to stop at a crosswalk he would kiss my forehead then my lips. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

Some fans ran up to us when we were about a block away. I didn't know how he handled it because I wouldn't know what to do if three random girls started running up to me screaming my name.

All you could hear was, "OH MY GOD! LOUIS! OH GOD! LOUIS! LOUIS LOUIS!"

To me it was quite annoying but Louis smiled through it and I assumed he was just really use to it by now. The girls were probably no older than fifteen or sixteen. One of them had a camera out and was filming their entire encounter with Louis. Of course Louis didn't mind so I guess I didn't mind either. Louis let go of my hand to sign the girls' stuff and one of them asked, "Louis is that your girlfriend? Who is she? When did you guys meet?"

Louis being Louis simply replied, "You ask such great questions, are you secretly a TV reporter?"

The girl blushed and said, "No. I am just your biggest fan ever!"

I wanted to laugh because everyone always says that but can everyone truly be the biggest fan and how would you even measure that?

"Well to answer your questions yes this is my girlfriend," he kissed me slowly in front of the girls and I could feel their hate radiating off of them, "We met a few weeks ago. We have to run but it was nice to meet all of you lovely ladies."

Louis took my hand again and we started walking. We were barely out of hearing range when Louis said, "Sorry about that babe."

"Not your fault. Just about every girl dreams about running into you on the street."

He smirked and pulled me close, "Babe I promise I don't look at those girls the way I look at you."

We shared a slow, soft kiss until we heard the saw a camera flash. A different group of girls were taking pictures of Louis and I kissing on the street. To me, an ordinary girl, this was strange and quite creepy, but to Louis, of One Direction, I imagined he was use to it all.

We continued to walk deciding it would be bad to keep stopping and kissing. Once we arrived to the diner we sat down in a booth close to the back so no one from the outside could see us. Louis held my hand as we sat across from each other. The waitress came up to take a drink order, "What can I get you two to drink this mornin'?"

"Can I have milk please?" Louis asked looking up at her. She nearly jumped back and I guess she knew who he was as well as the girls on the street.

"Oh God. You're one of those boys from One Direction. My daughter is obsessed with ya'll."

I sat there feeling completely left out but it didn't bother me, I knew I would have to get use to it if I wanted to be with Louis.

"Yes, I'm Louis. I'm just trying to have a good day off with my girlfriend," he said motioning to me, "I'd appreciate it if this could be a calm breakfast. No commotion please." Louis was very polite about the whole matter and it surprised me.

"Oh yes yes sweetheart. Just if you could sign something for my daughter, it would just mean the world to her and me."

Louis sighed and signed a napkin to her daughter. The waitress giggled like a school-aged girl and walked away without even acknowledging my presence.

"Excuse me miss?"
She turned back around excited that Louis was still trying to talk to her.

"You forgot to take my girlfriend's drink order."

She looked at me disgusted and I couldn't figure out why. I had done nothing wrong. I was just going to wait for her to come back with Louis' drink to say something. Louis called her back all by himself.

"And what do you want?" she said in a very sassy tone. I was just going to ignore it when Louis said, "I would appreciate it if you would treat her with the same amount of respect you would a normal customer, or even the same as you did with me just now."

"Can I just have some coffee please? Sugar and cream as well please."

She walked off and I kicked Louis underneath the table.

"Ow, that hurt. Why did you do that?"

"I probably shouldn't get anything to eat now because you just made her incredibly mad at me. Worst part is I didn't do anything."

"Except be gorgeous enough to make her jealous," he said with a big smile.

"Ha ha, very funny."

The waitress came back with Louis' milk and my coffee. "Now, what would the lovely couple like to eat?"

I ordered first because Louis didn't want to chance her walking off again. "I would like the french toast special please."

"I'll have the same."

The waitress walked away acting completely stuck up and as soon as she was out of hearing range Louis said, "Should have waited to give her that signature." He winked at me and smiled.

As we sat there eating we started discussing everything from music to our families.

"How many brothers and sisters do you have?"

"I have four. Two are in Mexico and the other two are Marines. One has already finished his four years and lives at home with my mom and the other is stationed in California."

"Wow. Interesting. I have four sisters, well five if you include my dad's daughter."

I could tell his dad was just as tough of a subject to talk about as mine. I grabbed his hand and he smiled. He leaned across the table to kiss me.

"I love kissing you, like even though I want more a kiss is just as satisfying babe," Louis said nonchalant like. "Anyway, favorite band? Besides One Direction of course."

I laughed and said, "One Direction is great but I don't really have a favorite. Favorite all time band though would definitely be The Beatles. They paved the way for so many artists today so they have the most respect. Plus, classy music right there."

"Can we get married right now?" Louis sounded completely serious.

"Too early for that, but why you ask?"

"I've never met a girl who can say that about The Beatles. It's so similar to what I would say about The Beatles. You're amazing."

"Thank you," I said. I was more than excited that Louis and I had similar taste in music. "So, I need to ask you something. It's serious now."

"Ask away," Louis said trying not to laugh because Louis and serious really did not belong in the same sentence.

"So, Brianna's birthday is next week and we always do something big for her birthday. As you could tell, my friends and I do love One Direction. Do you think you could convince the boys to sing one song for her? Like all of you together. It's fine if not, just an idea."

"Well, let's go find out!"

We paid and were quickly walking back to my apartment to get Louis' car.


Louis had called all the boys and said they needed to have a meeting really soon at Louis and Harry's apartment. Within ten minutes of us arriving there the rest of the boys were there.

Harry was a bit mad that he had been woken up but I hoped it wouldn't influence his decision to be a negative response. He rolled onto the couch once he came out of the bedroom. He was only in boxers and Louis through a blanket over him.

"I'm hot Louis," he groaned.

"I don't care. Maria doesn't want to see that!" Louis yelled at him and I just wanted to laugh but didn't know if it would be the best idea.

Next Niall showed up with Liam. They had McDonald's in their hands and I felt bad because they were probably mid-breakfast.

"Hey Maria!" Niall always seemed so excited whenever I saw him. "Louis, man what's this about?"

"We just have to talk some plans. I need Zayn to be here first."

Liam looked at him with a confused look. "Zayn should be her shortly. I hope."

We waited another three minutes and Zayn was there. "Hey boys, Maria. Sorry it took so long, had to take Perrie home."

Harry shook his head and said, "Let's get this show on the road then. Louis?"

"So, Niall and Zayn didn't have the opportunity to meet Maria's friends the other day. But, they are Brianna and Emily. Brianna's birthday is coming up. I think we should throw a One Direction party for her."

Harry and Liam seemed the most interested by this news, they shared a look like "Oh we get to see them again."

"Sounds great!" Niall said.

"Harry?" Louis asked.

"I'm in. Sounds like a good time."

"I'm in too!" Liam sounded about as excited as Niall did.

Zayn was the only one left and I knew that it wouldn't be the same without Zayn so I just prayed he would say yes.

"Alright boys, let's throw a party!" Zayn seemed really excited.

"I don't want it to be that big though," Louis started, "Seeing as Maria says she can be shy sometimes. So plus one for everyone."

"Alright!" all of the boys started throwing in suggestions and ideas. They were so excited to be helping plan Brianna's birthday party. I was really happy too. I was happy that they seemed to really want to do this.

In the end we decided that Louis and I would pick up Brianna and Emily and tell them we were going to dinner. While we were picking them up Niall, Harry, Liam, and Zayn would be decorating Liam's apartment. Also, they would be fixing some food for everyone to eat. Niall volunteered to get the cake made at a bakery he just went to the other day. He said, "Their cakes are the best!" We had to trust Niall, he did eat the most out of all of us. Everything would be great. I was so happy that I could give my friend a great party.

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