Coincidental Meeting (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I meet Louis Tomlinson by complete coincidence. I'll let you figure out the rest.
*Note* Not your typical fanfic about a One Direction member.


20. 20. Telling Louis

I was very confused by this. "Wait, you're outside of my door? Right now?" I said walking over to the door and opening it slowly.

There stood Louis slowly sliding his phone into his pocket. He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me while kissing the top of my head. I was trying so hard not to cry.

"I couldn't wait any longer. I know you need me right now. Whether to listen or just be here. I'll do either," Louis spoke in a very soft tone, "I'm here now."

That did it right there, I broke down. I never let people see me cry unless I knew they'd be in my life for awhile and even then I was still skeptical about letting them see me cry. Louis walked me over to the couch and sat me down. I curled up in his arms and let him hold me.

Eventually I knew I had to tell him but just having him holding me was wonderful. I never wanted to lose this moment and I didn't know how he would react. Finally, I let everything out. I told him everything, from my father to everything I had to do. I told him about my depression and my cutting. By the end of everything Louis was holding me tighter and next thing I noticed a single tear fall from his eye.

"Why are you crying?" I asked him through my own tears.

"Maria," he started, "I care so much about you. Why didn't you tell me that this happened earlier?"

I shrugged and he knew there was more so I told him. "I was scared you would leave. I don't like to be left. I guess I'd rather leave than be left." 

Then he did the best thing, grabbed my face and starting looking in my eyes. "You are beautiful, everything I've been looking for," then he kissed me slowly. "I'm not saying this is love yet, but I'd like to believe one day it could be. I'd like to know that I make you happy Maria." He kissed me again but he lingered on my lips, but I didn't mind. "I never want to see you cry."

Louis wiped away my tears and kissed my forehead, my nose, and down the side of my face.

"Maria, I want to make you mine. I don't want to worry about what people want to say. I want to keep you safe from everything and anything you could imagine that wants to hurt you."

All I can manage to say was, "Louis you are amazing."

Then I buried my face in his chest and just laid right there. I could hear Louis' heart beat and I liked the rhythm, it was steady, soft. Louis laid with me for hours kissing me every few minutes, holding my hand, and running his fingers through my hair.

No one had ever done everything right like Louis was doing. He kept reminding me he was going to be here no matter what. I lost count of how long we were laying there. I was starting to doze off when his phone went off.

I guess this would have to end sometime or another. Louis looked at it and hit ignore to the call, then proceeded to turn his phone off and set it on the table.

"You didn't have to do that Louis."

"I know I didn't but nothing is more important that being here for you right now."

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