Coincidental Meeting (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I meet Louis Tomlinson by complete coincidence. I'll let you figure out the rest.
*Note* Not your typical fanfic about a One Direction member.


18. 18. My Story

I always had loved my dad more than my mom for some reason. Probably because I just had that special bond with my dad that seemed unbreakable. We did everything together and whenever anything was wrong I wanted to talk to him. It wasn't always that easy to spend time together, maybe that's why I was fonder of my dad. I don't know.

July 7, 2000

"Daddy can I go with you?"

"Yes," he responded immediately.

"No!" my mother shouted across the lawn.

My brothers and I were playing soccer outside before I noticed my father was about to leave. I always got to go with my dad. It was Tuesday night so there wasn't much he could be going out to do.

"Mama, please. I wanna go!" I pouted.

"No." Then she started arguing with my dad about how she was leaving for work soon and he did not need to be leaving anyway. They were out of earshot so I couldn't exactly hear them.

"Quit being a baby," my older brother Kyle yelled at me.

I honestly believe that my dad was the only one who actually liked me. Then mama and he came back over to me.

"Mama's right baby. You should stay here. You need to eat dinner."

I was mad but I knew the only reason I couldn't go is because my mother was being unfair. Instead my dad told me he would take our dog. I was very mad at the fact the dog was getting to go but I wasn't.

This wasn't fair to me. I just want to go with my dad. My mom knew that I loved him more. I know she didn't like it but she couldn't break the bond, no one could.

My dad left and we went inside. Mom made me eat dinner even though I was mad at her. She told me not to argue with her or I wouldn't eat. I just wanted to laugh in her face because my dad would make me something when he got back if I didn't eat what she fixed, but I ate anyway.

My mom was getting frustrated at around nine p.m. when she had to leave for work, I hated that she worked at night, because my dad was still not home. Not only that but my dad had her wallet with her driver's license and everything else it in.

She called my brother into the living room where I was about to sleep on the sofa.

"He should be home soon." I heard her say, "If not call me at work and I'll come home. If anything happens call Jodi or Debbie."

I could hear it in my mom's voice that she was scared. It was surprising that we didn't go to Jodi's or Debbie's house but it was late and mom was in a hurry. Andy went onto bed and I laid on the sofa. All I wanted was for my dad to get home. I watched the clock go past ten. Passed eleven. It was after midnight  I kept hearing cars pass by and I would always jump up thinking it would be my dad but it still wasn't.

12:50..the red numbers glowed back at me and I was determined to stay away until my dad was home. I was getting tired but I forced myself to stay awake.

12:53 a time that will never leave my brain. I heard the car pull into the driveway. I even checked out the kitchen window to make sure it was someone pulling into our driveway. Then I noticed, neither of these men were my father. They looked pretty scary, then again I was six, anyone coming to my door this late at night would be scary. 

I couldn't exactly make out what they were saying but they were approaching the porch--now they were on the porch. Then I heard a knock and one of the deepest voices I had ever heard. "Hello?" 

I immediately ran back to my brother's room. I was afraid the men were going to come inside the trailer so I knew my big brothers would protect me. 

"Andy. Wake up. Wake up." I tried being quiet and loud at the same time but he just rolled over and told me to leave him alone. Okay, so I failed at waking up Andy. I should try waking up Kyle.

"Kyle people are at the door. Go see!" I tried screaming but I was scared so it came out more like a whisper. 

"Shut up and go to sleep!" he yelled at me and I was completely scared. 

This moment I realized I had to grow up and go take care of things because obviously these two idiots were being useless. 

I walked slowly down the hallway to the backdoor. From outside I could hear the two men talking. "Someone is home. You can hear them."

I froze, they heard me, that means they might have left if I hadn't decided to make some noise. Instantly, I thought they were going to try and break into our trailer. I rushed and opened the back door.

"What do you want?" I yelled at them. 

I stood there while they explained to me that they were police officers and they needed to talk to my mother. I explained she was at work. They exchanged a weird look and asked where my dad was. I looked down and said, "He isn't back yet. But he's coming!" I felt like they had bad news for me. 

"Who's watching you?"

"My older brother, Andy."

"How old is he?"

"He is eleven." 

Immediately one of them walked off and called someone. I was confused. They asked if they could come inside but I told them no. Lucky for me they respected that and continued to stand outside. One of them asked me to call my mother at work. I scrambled to find the number and called. I told my mom that there were two police officers here asking for her and my dad. 

She seemed so angry. She told me she would be home soon. I couldn't wait, this was one time I wanted my mom. I was getting pretty scared. 

Within half a hour my mom was back. She asked the officers to leave because she had nothing to do with whatever my father had done. I hadn't heard much of the grown up conversation. I remember her arguing with them. 

I remember one line very clearly.

"You will not take my children away from me!" she began to cry and I took her hand. I was getting mad at these two men for making my mom cry. 

"You left them alone at night. Child services is on their way."

I was so confused, why was this such a big deal? All I remember about the rest of the night is some random woman trying to tear me away from my mother. "NO!" I yelled and kicked and screamed. What was happening? Where was my dad? Many of my questions went unanswered that night.

July 9, 2000

I hadn't seen my mom or dad in two days. Why? I kept asking this woman who we were staying with. I didn't bother learning her name. I hadn't eaten in those two days, neither had my brothers. It was three in the afternoon when a police officer showed up and took us away from that awful house. 

Within a hour we were back with our mom. I had never felt more relieved because I thought I would never see my mom or dad again. I bet my dad was at home waiting for us. 

We got into my mom's car and started the journey home. I was scared because mom hadn't said anything except how she missed us so much and she would never let anything happen to us again. 

Kyle and I kept asking where daddy was and Andy just sat in the front seat and listened to mom. 

When we got home I noticed that the neighbors looked at us weirdly, like we were different. I mean we were different being Mexican descent on my father's side but did it really matter? These looks were so strange. 

My mother took us inside quickly and sat us all down. She explained that our father had been arrested. 

Arrested, when you are six means the ultimate worst. I knew my father wasn't a thief or a murdered so why in the world had he been arrested? I couldn't really process much. I just wanted to know when I would see him again.

The past three days had been horrible. All I wished and prayed for was to wake up and this all just be a dream.


The next few months I spent visiting my father behind a glass wall. Not exactly how I liked to see my father. We got a phone call maybe once a week but mom explained to us that it was hard for daddy to call us. We wrote letters instead. This would continue on until October 2, 2002. 

I remember we were sat down on October 1, 2002 and my mom tried to explain the situation to me. She explained everything thoroughly. My father had sold drugs and that meant he could no stay with us. He would not be coming back home anytime soon. They were deporting my father. 

Deport, even though it was only a six letter word it was not something I was familiar. My mother explained that because my father wasn't born in the United States that it meant if he did something bad they could make him leave. I was scared. My mother explained it would be ten years. Ten long years that I wouldn't be able to see my father unless we went to Mexico. Mexico may as well been on the other side of the world. I would be eighteen when my father would be able to return to the United States. I didn't know how to take all of this. 


For the next few years of my life I battled depression and it didn't help that my mother and I did not get along. Everything in my life was falling apart. I couldn't take this. I decided when I was eleven years old I couldn't take it anymore. This was a battle I couldn't win against myself. 

I started cutting myself. I did not know want my mother to know so I started on my hips, I was smart enough to know that my wrists would be too noticeable. The pain became a part of my everyday routine. I couldn't go a day without it. It's how I survived if you want to think about it like that. I cried myself to sleep every single night. I couldn't help but feel like the worst person in the world for what I was doing to myself. 

I was twelve when my father invited me to join "The Family Business." First, I should mention I use to call my dad every week. Then he got so bad that he only called when he had a job for me. I did exactly what got my father sent away. He made me believe that it would bring him back--that this was the key to him returning. How could I say no? The reason I was so sad was because I didn't have my dad. The only way I felt slightly better was through this. 

Even to this day my father likes to call me when he needs a little help with the business. I sold the drugs. I helped make the runs to different states to get the drugs. I pretty much smuggled them in if you want to think about that, even though they were already in the United States. 


Author's Note-

This chapter is completely fictitious! None of the events in this chapter have actually happened!

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