Coincidental Meeting (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I meet Louis Tomlinson by complete coincidence. I'll let you figure out the rest.
*Note* Not your typical fanfic about a One Direction member.


15. 15. Cooking With Louis

I was shocked when Harry opened the door for me, "Come on quick. We don't have a lot of time."

Louis came around and told Harry, "Hey that's my job." and then he took my hand and we walked inside of Liam's apartment.

"Okay listen everyone," Harry started giving instructions, "I have bought everything we need to make tacos."

Niall and Louis immediately looked at me and burst into hysterics.

"What is so funny?" Harry asked. I felt bad because he had missed the entire conversation and now Niall and Louis were laughing too hard to tell him what exactly was funny.

Before I could even explain Harry goes on to say, "I like tacos, plus it's simple but effective. Also, isn't Maria some sort of Hispanic heritage?"

"I'm Mexican."

"Yay! I was right!" Harry seemed way too excited about this. "Now they'll be even better because she will know how to make them."

I shook my head and went into the kitchen to start. All the boys proceeded to follow me.

I figured I should give instructions because after all I am assuming I am the expert of the situation. "Niall, how about you go set the table. Something simple.."

Harry interjected immediately, "Hey. I'm running this show. Kidding, I think we should do a white table cloth and some candle light?"

"Beautiful," Louis and I said in unison. Louis slowly leaned in and kissed me.  I placed my hand on his cheek and I was not about to stop kissing him but Niall cleared his throat.

"Okay," Harry started again. "Niall and I will go set the table go ahead and start cooking love birds."
As Harry and Niall left Louis started talking. "You know, you truly are amazing."

"Thank you, I can't disagree but I can say I know for a fact you are more amazing than I am."

I started the hamburger in the pan because I knew it would take the longest. "While the hamburger cooks we should start shredding lettuce and tomatoes."

Louis nodded and tried to start shredding the lettuce. "No silly like this." I showed him the proper way and all he could do was stand behind me and kiss my neck. "You should stop, we suppose to be cooking."

"Okay then," he huffed and I could tell he just wanted to kiss me. So I turned around and pulled him close.

"Louis Tomlinson, you make it impossible not to want to kiss you," I said as I ran my hands to the back of his neck. I allowed our lips to meet and I began biting his lip. Louis pushed me against the counter and I smiled but continued to kiss him. Then Harry ruined the moment by coming in.

"Oh, wow. Lots of cooking going on in here I see."

I could feel my face getting redder because I was getting tired of always having good moments ruined by the boys. It was probably for the best though.

Harry stayed in the kitchen for the rest of the time we cooked. He was pacing around the kitchen nervously.

"Harry why are you pacing?" I finally asked after twenty minutes of being annoyed by him.

"I don't know." he stopped and looked at me. "Can I have a taco?"

"If you will sit down I will make you a taco." I finished my sentence as Niall walked in.

"Hey I finished setting the table, do I get a taco?"

"Yes Niall. Everything is almost finished."

"You're amazing. I'm so lucky," Louis said as he moved closer to kiss me. I let him kiss me even though I was busy with the knife finishing shredding the lettuce.

"We'll be back in few to get our tacos," Niall said implying to Harry he needed to come with him. Harry got up and gave Louis a look that pretty much said Don't try it again.

"I'm sorry we aren't having that much alone time, babe." Louis said. I could see in his eyes he thought we would have the kitchen to ourselves.

"It's fine. I love cooking and just being with you is enough." I gave him another quick kiss.

We finished preparing everything else and I was happy to be done. Partly because I just wanted to be alone with Louis and the other part because I was hungry.

Niall ran in, "THEY'RE ON THEIR WAY!"

I started preparing the tortillas. I warmed them then put meat on them. After they were filled Louis put them on a tray that Niall would carry out. We finished in about ten minutes. Afterwards we had to put all the toppings onto another tray for Harry to carry out. Louis quickly grabbed the drinks.

"Wait, who is going to seat them?" Niall asked confused.

Next thing I know all three boys were looking at me with pleading eyes. "All you have to do is meet them at the door and bring them to the dining room." Niall said as if it was nothing.

I didn't want to get the same reaction from Danielle that I had received from Perrie. But, it was hard to say no to the three of them. "Fine," I huffed.

We all saw when Liam pulled up in front of the apartment. He was wearing gray trousers and a white button down with a gray vest. I watched as he opened the door and Danielle got out, she looked confused. I feel like Liam said they were going to dinner but made it seem like it would be fancy. She was afterall wearing a fancy, black dress and heels. He kissed her quickly but she seemed annoyed.

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