Coincidental Meeting (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I meet Louis Tomlinson by complete coincidence. I'll let you figure out the rest.
*Note* Not your typical fanfic about a One Direction member.


12. 12. Backfire

The interview lasted for only a few more questions then the boys were coming backstage now. I was happy that Louis talked about me in an interview and now I wanted nothing more than to just be with him and tell him that I have true feelings for him. I couldn't help but be overjoyed by the fact that Louis had the courage to admit he had feelings for everyone else.

Louis immediately walked over and hugged me. I also liked the fact he didn't always want a kiss or more, sometimes just a hug would suffice. 

Harry, Niall, and Liam were laughing about something that must have happened after the interview while they came backstage while Zayn walked over to kiss Perrie. After their kiss I could hear part of the conversation.

"She probably doesn't even like Louis," she attempted to whisper to Zayn.

"Babe, I know you were close to Eleanor but Louis and her decided to part ways. We have to respect that."

"But with her! Seriously!"

At this point Louis let me go and looked over there. I could see he was bothered that Zayn and Perrie were obviously talking about us, pretty much behind his back. Liam came over and took my hand and said he wanted to show me something. Before I knew it I was outside the building. I guess he didn't want me to see Louis get mad. Within the next two minutes Louis was outside with me.

Louis' face was red and he seemed annoyed. I didn't wanna ask was he okay but that was one thing that truly bothered me. Being asked if I was okay was about the only thing I never wanted to be asked.

"I'm sorry," he eventually said. "I don't like how Perrie thinks I should be with who gets along with her." He stopped and sat down on the ground. I went and sat beside him, taking his hand.

"It's like I can't make my own decisions. I'm the oldest in the group and she wants to talk to me like I'm five. It's mad really."

"What happened in there?"
"I just told her to mind her business  I didn't like her when Zayn first started dating her but I accepted the fact that my mate was with someone who made him happy."

He stopped and stared off into the distance. This was one situation I did not know how to handle. Harry eventually came out to talk to Louis. He sat down beside him and hit him with his elbow.

"Don't pay her any mind," Harry spoke in his deep voice, "She just doesn't like change."

"I know. And I know her and Eleanor were friends but still. Am I not allowed to make my own decisions?"
I felt completely useless in this conversation and I thought it would be better to give to boys some privacy. As I went to stand up Louis pulled me back, "No. Don't think this is your fault."

"I didn't. Just figured you would want some privacy to talk about this."

"I want you to stay." Harry nodded in agreement so I cuddled back up to Louis.

"Don't worry love, all the girls end up getting along great in the end," Harry said to me. I was happy that he was on my side.

The door from the backside of the studio opened and Zayn came out. I was shocked, I thought the next to come out would be Niall or Liam but it was Zayn.

"I want to apologize about that Maria," he said with his thick accent.

"It's fine." is all I could manage because I did not want to get mad.

"No it's not," Louis said. "Zayn, Perrie should be apologizing."
"I think she will, but she is stubborn. Give her a few weeks to adjust. And who knows if you'll even be together in a few weeks." Zayn said and Louis tensed up beneath me. "I'm sorry man. It's the truth. You just met a few days ago. Again, I am sorry to you both." Zayn finished and walked back inside.

I sat there against Louis and realized that Zayn was right. There was no way in telling if me and Louis would even be together for another week.

Louis played with my hair and said, "Don't listen to him. I want this to last."

Harry started humming The Wedding March and I heard Louis hit him.

"Just trying to be funny."

"Well you're not." Louis said and we all started laughing.

Niall came out while we were laughing and said, "Oh am I missing a party? Oh well. We going to go grab lunch. You going to come?"

Harry jumped up and said, "Let's go."

I slowly stood up and Louis was right behind me. He held my hand and held me close. I loved that he was a bit protective of me. Everything about Louis just got better.

He kissed my ear and whispered, "I like you. We will do something special one day this week. Just us two. I promise it'll be really special."

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