Coincidental Meeting (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I meet Louis Tomlinson by complete coincidence. I'll let you figure out the rest.
*Note* Not your typical fanfic about a One Direction member.


10. 10. The Morning

The sun came pouring in through the window around seven a.m. and Louis was still sleeping. He breathing was slow and his heart beat steady. I enjoyed this moment waking up with Louis. I thought about going and making him breakfast but I really didn't know what he liked. I think pancakes would be a safe bet for something to make.

I sat up slowly trying not to wake him but of course he started opening his eyes and pulled me back. He said, "No. Not yet," and I couldn't help but laugh. I kissed him.

"I was going to make you pancakes."

He laughed, "I love pancakes. How did you know?"

"Because I love them."

"Come here first."

I went back up and started kissing him hard. I missed him while he was sleeping. His kisses were like a drug, it is all I wanted. I climbed ontop of him, straddling his still half naked body.

I started singing to him.

I find your lips so kissable.

I slowly kissed him.

And you kiss unmissable.

I gave him another kiss.

Your fingertips so touchable.

I linked our hands together.

And your eyes irresistible.

I stared into his eyes and right as I was about to kiss him again the door swung open. I turned around and saw Liam standing there. "Oh. Hello. Louis, we have an interview in less than a hour. Did you forget?"

I quickly got off Louis feeling a bit ashamed. Louis sat up and said, "Sorry mate. I thought it was tomorrow. I'll get ready right now. Mind giving us some privacy?"

"I kinda do." Liam walked over and extended his hand, "I'm sorry. Louis can be rather rude sometimes. I'm Liam and you are?"

I shook his hand and then said "I'm Maria. Little known secret, I know who you are."

He winked and said, "Louis, be ready to leave in twenty minutes. I have to go help Harry get ready. Nice to meet you Maria. I mean it Louis. Twenty minutes."

Harry peeks in the door, "Are you two decent?"

"Yes Harry. It is safe for you to come in."

"Good. Did you have fun last night Louis?" Harry asked winking at me.

Louis threw a pillow at him, "We didn't do anything."
Liam seemed to be getting annoyed. "Will you just get out of bed and get ready?" He then turned to me and asked, "Are you coming with us to the interview?"

I looked shocked and did not know what to say so I just looked at Louis.

"Do you want to come?" he asked me as he got up and walked to the closet.

"I can come. The question is do you want me to come?"

Liam and Harry started laughing and then Harry said, "Better give her the right answer man." This only made Liam laugh harder.

Then Liam finally got himself together and said, "We will let you two work it out. You now have ten minutes Louis."

Harry and Liam finally left. Louis then turned around and said, "I want you to come because I want to be with you right after but you do not have to come."

"I will come if you want me to Louis. I don't want to go unless you want me to."

"Please come." he said as he started changing.

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