Coincidental Meeting (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I meet Louis Tomlinson by complete coincidence. I'll let you figure out the rest.
*Note* Not your typical fanfic about a One Direction member.


1. 1. Rainy Day

It was cold, rainy and I could not take it anymore. I decided to go into this little bar just to sit down and get warm. I found a small table in the back and sat down. A waitress came over asking for my drink order and I order a hot chocolate immediately because I was nearly frozen.

I began reading through my Twitter timeline when I read a tweet from @Louis_Tomlinson that said, "Love doesn't always last...." I was confused so I googled Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. I found an article written this morning that said, "One Direction member Louis Tomlinson splits with girlfriend Eleanor Calder."

I was surprised and slightly happy for a moment. Hurt that Louis was probably in pain too but happy that Louis Tomlinson was now single. I never liked him with Eleanor but I accepted it because he claimed to be happy.

I finally received my hot chocolate and felt a rush of warmth run through my body. I was happy that I was slowly warming up now. The bar was rather quiet for a Friday afternoon but then again no one probably wanted to walk in the cold rain to get here. Two girls sat at the bar and a man in a jean jacket and beanie sat in the other corner. I could barely see this man but I occasionally saw him look up for a few seconds.

The way the man in the jean jacket looked gave me chills. I could slightly see his blue-green eyes when he would look up every few minutes. I felt really creepy considering I kept staring at him but the few glances I received from him were to die for. The stranger in the corner was killing me with his eyes. I swear he even smiled at me for a second. This seemed like a section straight out of a steamy romance novel when two strangers meet and get together.

I realized I should probably stop staring at him so much before he comes up and actually says something to me. I finished my hot chocolate and headed to the register to pay. Once at the register I realized I had left my wallet at the table. As I slowly started to turn around and get it the stranger from the corner was right behind me.

I could feel my face getting red once I realized the stranger I had been making eyes at for the past half hour was Louis Tomlinson himself. "You left this back there," he said in his thick British accent. I couldn't think of anything to say except, "Thank you." He raised a brow and obviously looked confused. I turned back around and handed the cashier my card.

She smiled and yelled, "OHMYGOD! You are Louis Tomlinson from One Direction!" Louis smiled and said, "Why yes, yes I am." I laughed at his joke because I always say stuff like this. I typically act like a smart ass most of the time. Louis handed her his card and said, "I'm paying for her too love."

I turned around slightly confused and said, "Thank you again." I looked down at my phone and realized if I did not leave soon I would be late for work. I said to Louis, "It was nice meeting you. Thank you for paying. Goodbye."

I started back out into the cold and I heard the waitress gabbing about how much she loved One Direction and how much she was "in love" with Louis himself.

I laughed and put in my headphones. I started walking fast because I was too angry with myself for not actually talking to Louis Tomlinson! I had the perfect opportunity and I gave it up. Oh well, life isn't always fair you know.

Suddenly I got a strange feeling like someone was following me. I turned around and saw Louis Tomlinson and he said, "About time you stop. I wanted to see if you were free later tonight."

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