Love is forever (sequel to just say yes)

It a sequel to just say yes please read that one first or u will be confused. It's about MaryKate Ana Harry's wedding and their young daughter Darcy styles. Like comment favorite I love u all read on.


2. Wedding day

Harry's POV
I woke up and MaryKate was still asleep. I kissed her forehead and put my arm around her. I began to sing a little fall of rain softly in her ear. I kissed her on the lips and she woke up "Wow sleeping beauty! My kiss woke u up from your deep sleep!" I said and smiled from ear to ear "then u must be Prince Charming!" She said and smiled back. I carried her out of the bed and we got on our way for the wedding. She got in her limo and I got in mine. There was my best man himself siting right next to me. "Ello Louis!" I said and he smiled "ready to be hitched!" Louis said smiling. I knew he was planning on marrying el soon. He handed me a copy of the newest 1d magazine. He front cover said "Harry's new wife relieves death threats on her twitter page!" I looked shocked at the cover. I hadent been on twitter in 2 years now. I went on and looked at MaryKate sharys profile. Louis put his hand on my shoulder as I read the first tweet. I read it aloud "from Harry's_awesome109 your so dead shary Harry's mine u whore. You've probably slept with the whole band. What a slut! Harry can get someone way better than your ugly ass!" Louis snatched my phone and logged onto his profile and wrote a comment on the post he read it aloud as he typed. "@harrys_awesome109 back off no need to be jealous that harry loves her and not u! He is in love and your jealous back off!" He sent the message and I logged back onto my account and went to the message. There was a response to Louis I read it aloud "Louis tomlinsons probably standing up for her cause she had sex with him. No need to get jealous of Harry's wife Louis she'll still sleep with u! She's such an attention seeking whore what a slut." I put a comment below hers "@harrys_awesome109 was that nessasary don't be jealous I LOVE her and I will NEVER love u! Your rude and u need to realize that it's rude to talk to people like that and if your gonna say that to m best friend and my WIFE then I guess I'll report u to the police for verbal abuse!!!!!!" Louis took out his phone and commented to the same girl "STFU IM REPORTING U FOR VERBAL ABUSE!!!!!" He read it as he typed. I texted Paul about the twitter thing and I immediately got a reply "I'm calling the cops right now your welcome harry :)" we arrived at the wedding place and I got on my tux. I waited at the end of the aisle until she came down the way. Her dress fit her perfect and she was adorable. I was stunned. The paster began the vows " I do!" I said and looked into her amazing bright blue eyes. "I do" she said and we kissed. We went home and went straight to bed. I would talk to her about the hate in the morning.
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