Love is forever (sequel to just say yes)

It a sequel to just say yes please read that one first or u will be confused. It's about MaryKate Ana Harry's wedding and their young daughter Darcy styles. Like comment favorite I love u all read on.


9. pregnant

Harry's POV
i could tell she was torn apart. its been 60 days and she hasn't said anything. i walked over to her and kissed her passionately. "are u ok baby!" i said and rubbed her back slowly. "I'm fine.' she said and i touched her stomach. she was due on the 21st. i looked at the calendar and its the 21st. "harry?' she asked with a painful tone. "yes love?" i replied "i think darcys coming!" she said and we got in the car and drove to the hospital. they rushed her back and i followed holding the car seat and her outfit. she went through 27 hours of labor and i held her hand the entire time. finally darcy was born. she had thick curly hair and already had a full head of hair. i was the first person to hold the baby. she was adorable and looked like her mother. the doctor took the baby and cleaned her up. me and marykate took this time to sleep. we sleep the entire day and the doctor brought in darcy. i dressed darcy and handed her to marykate. she smiled and stroked the babys cheek. "u look tired do u want to sleep katie cat?" she nodded her head so i took the baby and held her close kissing her cheek sofftly. I held her tightly and talked to Darcy "mommy and me love u baby!" I said as I rocked her back and forth. MaryKate couldn't sleep so I handed her the baby again and she held her tightly and said "I love u Darcy!" She kissed her cheek and out her to sleep then fell asleep herself with the baby on her chest. I laid on the other bed and slept.

*2 weeks later*
We left the hospital with Darcy and MaryKate was completely recovered. We got home and Darcy was already getting big as soon as we got to the flat everyone ran up to us to see the baby. MaryKate smiled and we passed around the baby so everyone could hold her. Eleanor looked at Louis and said "I wanna baby Louis pleaaaaaassssseeeeeee!" He looked at her with a smile "ok baby will have some fun later" MaryKate made a gagging noise and Liam laughed. Sydney held the baby and made a pouty face to Liam. Liam smiled and held the baby letting Darcy pull his curly hair. Louis held her and he made funny faces which made her smile. Megan held the baby and looked at niall and winked. He smiled and gestured for her to hand him the baby. She did and he nodded his head in return. She smiled and zayn looked at the baby like it was the devil so I took the baby and we went into the bedroom to make her comfortable and fell asleep as soon as we changed.
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